Dizzying heels? Of course not! This winter, comfortable and warm boots are super in vogue. Snow boots are not very chic, but they are the indispensable garment par excellence. They complete a fashion addicted wardrobe. As soon as the first cold weather sets in, street style enthusiasts from all over the world know that they will have to dust off their snow boots from their closet!

It is certainly one of the positive sides of winter: with the arrival of the cold months, we can wear snow boots, the sheepskin shoes that have literally conquered all fashion addicts, looking for a super comfortable and original shoe.

It must be said, however, that they are not the chic shoes par excellence. It must be admitted, however, that they keep the foot warm even below zero. This makes them perfect for a Sunday trip to the mountains, or for a walk around town when it’s -5 ° outside. Ok, so far so good. But how to try to make them a little more feminine?

The different models

There is really something for all tastes of snow boots! Here are a few:

– The classic, suede-colored and with a simple and sober look.

– Black boots with fur on the hem, really suitable for a very trendy winter look.

– The colorful models, which I recommend to those who love to play with different shades even during the cold months. Among the different snow boots I prefer the cobalt blue ones, as they go very well with classic denim jeans.

In short, you are really spoiled for choice. However, the essential characteristics have remained the same for all models: upper with rounded lines in leather, and internal wool fleece.

All celebrities have a pair of snow boots in their closet. So let’s take a cue from them to make them a little more glamorous!

Wear them with ripped jeans

Ripped jeans? Yes, as long as they have an internal patch underneath. In this way, rips will not visible and above all you will not feel a draft. You can create them too, if you are a lover of cutting and sewing!

Wear them with your ankle uncovered

If you are brave, wear them with the open ankle. Otherwise, wear the carrot-cut jeans tucked into snow boots. I belong to the convinced anti sock team, sorry!

Wear them with the maxi cardigan

Say yes to the maxi cardigan, to the tricot sweater, to the soft top piece, no matter what your measurements are. The important thing is that the bottom piece, jeans, trousers or better still leggings, is tight-fitting. Otherwise, the result is an unsightly and not very feminine bundle.

Wear them even in spring

Glitter Snow Boots
Glitter Snow Boots

True lovers of these comfortable boots do not give up on wearing them even with the first months of sunshine. Snow boots also go great with a pair of leggings. Choose the classic model, in suede color, or play with the brightest shades and create a captivating combination with your trousers. The fashion result is guaranteed!

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