We are already in the boots season and knee-high boots are ruling the fashion world this year. It is not only visually appealing but also add a prettier vibe to your look. Knee-high boots are very versatile, and you can pair it with any outfit in your wardrobe. From your dresses to skirts, tops and jeans. In short knee-high boots complete your whole look.

Pairing it with sweater dress is one of the popular street styles this year. And the best thing about sweater dress is that you can wear it however you prefer. With the endless texture, style, colors and patterns available you can accessorize it freely and wear it the way you want.  However, today we want to share some popular ways to rock this dress. That is with knee high boots. Especially in winter the coziest way is to pair a sweater dress with knee high boots. A simple sweater dress when paired with knee boots looks incredibly sexy. It visually elongates your legs and we feel they are both created for each other. Besides it is always cozy and comfortable for the fall and winter seasons.

You can wear various textures in a simple sweater dress. One that is smooth, sheer and light weight, another in thick knit diamond, square designs one that is figure hugging. It all depends on your choice. However, we recommend having a few types and styles so you can rock them all. You can go for the loose fitted slouchy one, with its easy to wear quality. Just cinch the waist with a chunky stylish belt, knee-high boots and an oversized bag.

For a lighter and less cool weather go for the sleek smooth dress. Team it with a faux fur coat or a cool jacket and a knee-high boot will add style to your look.

While you choose a neutral textured knit sweater in various patterns, you can also add some bright and contrasting colors if you like. A faux leather belt and throwing over a blazer and accessorizing it with animal print or plaid scarfs will make you look like a true fashionista. Don’t forget a stylish bag.

A warm thick sweater dress paired with leather jacket and over the knee boots is in vogue this season. The contrasting texture of various thickness looks fabulous.

A plain whiter turtleneck sweater dress paired with animal print knee-high boots makes your look more edgy and stylish.

Neutral colored knitted sweater dress when paired with thigh high suede brown boots and a retro style hat adds glamour and style to your look.

A mini length dress in a knee-high boot or patterned over the knee tights looks cute. Adding some animal print in the form of accessories just raises the level of your look.

Dressing up for formal occasion, you can choose a slinky fitted figure hugging one with a narrow belt and off the shoulder dress. Pair it with statement earring, sling and a knee-high boot with some killer heels. Especially if you choose a lighter whiter dress, red or black accessories will make you look glamourous.  

Playing with different colors and style like the one below.

Autumn Knit Sweater Dress
Autumn Knit Sweater Dress

We hope you have got the idea and we will be looking out for you on the streets. Happy dressing.

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