Dita Von Teese’s Diet: This is how the sexiest woman in the world keeps her killer body

If you are still looking for ways to shape the summer of 2018, why not get inspiration from the sexiest women in the world? Dita Von Teese has shared how she got that crazy hourglass image (aside from the wholesale corsets) and this is something that can be used in your own life for some amazing results without hunger yourself!

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First, Dita is a perfect woman when it comes to #bodygoals. That’s because she is more interested in losing weight than she is. She told “hello!” Forget about what the beach body is prepared for, find what you can look forward to and admire different types of beautiful role models. Mag in 2015. “I’m a man who has never been a typical beach body,” she said, “do not look at Victoria’s Secret Girl, she admires” other idols – Rita Hayworth, Heddy Lamar … I watch these Beautiful woman, thinking ‘I can aspire to’. “Now you can aspire to and under the direction of Dita

Dita does not believe in diet, but has a set of “discipline” to stay healthy. She told Vogue in 2014 that she likes to start a new day with “a glass of water, preferably fresh lemon,” seven to nine hours after she sleeps. She also “pilates every morning”, you can bet that she looks very chic. “I’m wearing Pilates uniform, black trousers, black or white T-shirt, ballet flats, jackets and skirts and I always make a powder and matte red lipstick and always a bun.” Of course, “Ideally, I have to make love!” This is people’s advice, people!

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So what does she eat? Although Dita is not a vegetarian, she told Bon Appetit in 2015 that she likes “Vegan food before 6 pm so I can indulge myself as I like, I love good vegetarian restaurants, and I like to consume less animals Product, plus I’m more energized when I’m not eating meat. “She also tried to” completely vegan “at least three days a week. So what did she eat before six in the morning?

She told “hello!” Every morning I make my smoothie, which is 70% vegetable, 30% fruit, I mix it with water – this is my breakfast. MAG. “I’ll eat salad or vegetarian soup for lunchtime and dinner may be quinoa or brown rice.” Dita shares more thoughts with Bon Appetit, who said: “I always have several types of eggs like egg, avocado and millet I like baking bread on top of avocado, truffle or smoked sea salt. I like to boil eggs in broth or make small pieces with fried mushrooms and herbs. I like to make big kabocha Pumpkin or parsnip, and I always have arugula and cherry tomatoes so that I can make a simple salad, vinegar and olive oil and some pine nuts. “She also likes to season her food with delicious spicy mustard.

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So after 6 pm, when she wants more indulgent things? She told Bon Appetit: “My prank is good at eating Mexican tacos, drinking a Mesa beer, occasionally falling in love with In-N-Out hamburgers, or in the hotel room service hamburger at 3 am after the performance She also likes to drink a good drink, but does not like to drink sugary drinks.She said: “I like the well done dirty potato vodka. “I do not like too sweet drinks, and I do not like to drink my calories.

A sweet thing she loves? dessert! However, she does not need any old sugar bombs, and she does not need much to satisfy her cravings. “The taste of cinnamon floated out of the open kitchen,” she described to Grub Street in 2012. “We called the chef and asked what it was, the freshly baked Begg, and we Begging, two minutes later, a small chocolate with two fork with chocolate came, perfect, I was a dessert snob, it is true, I did not diet, I give up what is worth to give up on me Indulgence.Another “deserved” dessert was a chocolate chip cookie the next night.

She explained: “The subject fits me, they make me feel like I’m doing something right and keeping me free from eating.” “I just tried to stay sensible.” If we could eat like Dita, and And there’s an amazing body, then it’s wise enough for us! Thanks for your advice, Dita!

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