He will never miss the time! Human Ken Kennedy Rodrigo Alves presented his TINY waist and abdomen for a corset shopping in New York … Four ribs

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His quest for perfect statistics led him to have recently removed four ribs in the 60th surgery.

Rodrigo Alvez, the famous Ken Doll of humans, continues to fight for a more slender figure on the various wholesale sexy corsets in the Orchard Corset, New York.

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The 34-year-old television personality wearing a tight-fitting translucent pink lace blouse indulges in some sort of retail therapy while buying the perfect waistband.

Rodrigo seems to recover very quickly after the recent rib resection and when he came across a corset shop at the Great Apple Side’s Great Eat Side, the situation was clear.

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The orthopedic surgeon incorporates his enhanced figure in a tight blouse with a pair of floral design black skinny jeans.

In order to achieve the perfect framework, Rodrigo always tried to go a little further, and Rodrigo was seen as trying on an incredibly tight waist, but also cutting his stomach.

For his outing, Brazilians are well-groomed, perfect, sport-combed locks – the result of a recent hair transplant.

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His specialty is the addition of a glamorous make-up that is sleek and focused on the bronze cheekbones.

Then Rodrigo was taken to the store, holding a rose print jacket and a large scarf.

At Times Square a few days ago, Rodrigo revealed that he met a fan who “collapsed” after admitting he was inspired by her plastic surgery.

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Rodrigo told MailOnline: “I’m part of a new documentary filming. I feel overwhelmed when people see me.

“One lady said I was inspired by her. She has done three plastic surgery – liposuction, nose and chest work, which changed her life – it made me cry.

“I was crying for happiness, knowing that I could influence a person’s life in a positive way.

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In a recent interview with “This Morning,” Rodrigo revealed that his rib removal surgery was the 60th operation he had performed to hone his appearance.

He said: “I have to do this, so I do not have to change my Portland trackers because they are too tight and now they are all right, my tailor will be unemployed.

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“I always put my clothing on social media like Holly (Willoughby), and now I’m nearly 20 inches in waist circumference, so I’m very happy.

But Brazilians revealed to MailOnline that he could not bring his ribs to New York because they could not get through wholesale sexy corsets.

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