Are you preparing for your anniversary with your girlfriend? Or do you to get a good gift for her birthday? Or just surprise her unexpectedly with some jewelry for no reason besides to show your love? That’s so romantic! If you have already chosen what to present to your partner and you decided it must be some type of jewelry, you are already on the right path! So let’s jump in to talk about how to choose the right one she will dream about getting from you!

Firstly, if you picked that you will gift her jewelry, now you need to pick a type.

Here are some best options for you we definitely recommend:

Ring. Classic and the most romantic jewelry ever existed in the universe. But you should be careful if you chose to buy a ring and you’re not going to propose. More about rings further in this article.

Earrings. Might be the favorite type of jewelry for every girl. No matter her age. We will help to choose earrings a little bit later in this post.

Ear clips. In case your girlfriend doesn’t have an ear piercing.

Necklace. Probably the most beautiful gift ever.

Hair accessories. Very unique creative choice. There are so many variations. For example, it can be a little crown/diadem. Every girl is secretly dreams about owning at least one, as every woman is a true strong queen.

Bracelet. Must be the second most popular choice for a gift for a fiancée.

So how to choose earrings? First, of course, look at what kind of earrings your girlfriend prefers. What style, colors and length… It’s all important information to remember to get the right set for her.

For example, maybe she feels not comfortable with heavy earrings on and you gifted her long ones from a heavy material.

Also, keep in my mind, that some earrings with an eye-catching bright design have a tendency to stop being trendy in just a few years and might look quite old-fashioned after nearly 3 years. And when choosing such a design you can’t be sure if she will like it or not.

So picking more classic variants will safer decision. If you want bright ones, get earrings with colorful gems. Maybe you even know the favorite stone of your partner, that would be amazing.

One of the best options is a ring. The most romantic jewelry that is perfect for gifting to loved. But it has one problem. Most people associate it with proposing so if you don’t want to anyone, do opposite to how to choose the right earrings – don’t choose a simply classic ring, leave this for a proposition in a future if you has a marriage in your plans. Try to find something unique with interesting design.

Vibrant Shades Blue & White Topaz Ring Sterling Silver

If you want to show your love to only with jewelry but with words, you might like Bryan Anthonys jewelry brand. They have big selection of jewelry with meanings. You find what you was look for.


For every loving pet owner there is nothing better than a gift related to our beloved little family member. So, for example, if your partner is a cat owner or just a cat person in general , you might like this necklace:

One of the cutest options are promise rings. The romantic classic with not a classic design:

 Or modern matching promise set, by the way this design is very trendy this season.

Or you might like such a romantic ring set both for her and him. Only together these rings makes sense so everytime you will be wearing it you will be thinking about loved one with an identical ring.

You can show you have only serious intensions and your love will be forever with in your heart with symbols like a heart and infinity connected together.

Our favorite item is this necklace. It looks gorgeous. Every women is dreaming to get a necklace like that. Especially from a boyfriend. It’s a cheap version of diamond jewelry but actually it looks very rich and fancy. This heart gemstone will spice up even the most simple outfits with it’s beauty.

Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace Jewelry

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