Every female wants to have a perfect hourglass body. For that, they undergo a number of procedures like working hard in gym, changing their diet plans, going for fat cutting surgeries and many more. But after doing so much, most of the women are not satisfied and don’t get their desired shape. Are you also one of them? Then there are a number of shapewears which are designed to shape your body in your desired way. If you are thinking to add one in your wardrobe then you can check out the best collection on feelingirl.


Best Waist Trainer for Women

Different types of shapewear

Body brief shapewear

It is the shapewear which looks much similar to your everyday panty and is designed with different compression panel form from medium to high. The compression of this shapewear remains same for front to back and helpd in shaping your buts as well as plays a partial role in shaping your thighs. If you are thinking to buy this shapewear shorts for women, then you have plenty of choices in terms of sizes and shapes.

Body brief shapewear

Long legs shapewear

These long leg shapewear run down to thighs and are mainly designed to control jiggling and bulging thighs. Moreover, it also helps in lifting your but as well as slimming your waistlines. You can wear these types of shapewear while doing your household activities as well as if you are thinking to wear while workout sessions then you are not going to face any problem. This is because it is mainly made with flexible and breathable fabric as well as available in different shapes and sizes.


Corset shapewear

These slimming tank tops are mainly worn in the mid-section of the body. It basically aims on the middle part of the body like stomach, waist, back, as well as sides. It works by pressing the excess fat of the area against the body, women using such shapewear have seen a dramatic change and improvement in their body. So, if you are also thinking for a quick and positive result then it can be an ideal choice.

Corset shapewear tank tops

Front zipper shapewear

The popularity of these types of shapewear is experiencing a great hype due to its adjustable straps as well as front zipper quality. Its adjustable straps allows you to adjust it comfortably accordingly and its front zipper make you to struggle wearing it. It is available in different shapes and sizes and you can buy it accordingly.

Front zipper shapewear

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