Liberate men with satin and corsets: fashion icon Galliano

John Galliano began to redefine the masculinity of the 21st century with a corset, sexy satin and vinyl trousers on Friday, to “liberate” the man’s clothing.

The new collection designed by the British designer for Maison Margiela at Paris Men’s Fashion Week not only blurs the boundaries between genders, but also blows them away with shiny pink ribbons and haute couture, rarely embarking on men. Fashion show.

Inspired by gender-free fashion boutiques, now in London and elsewhere, Galliano launches a podcast to explain how he plans to release men from men’s suits and streetwear.

Liberate men with satin and corsets: fashion icon Galliano

“I have been questioning myself, I have been trying to redefine the meaning of masculinity today,” he said. Designers urge men to learn how to feel grace and comfort.

After the drunken anti-Semitic eruption in 2011, the creators completely changed the elegance of Dior and Givenchy. He said that fine tailoring and cutting could be the key to changing the men’s wardrobe, bringing a more sexy and free feeling.Liberate men with satin and corsets: fashion icon Galliano

‘It’s easy to wear without clothes’
“This is changeable, just like wearing a liquid,” Galliano said. “It’s as easy as dressing. This is liberation.” He said that when he was imitating his model, his effect was shocking.

“All my girlfriends have experienced this, but for younger guys, the accessories I’m working on are a revelation. It’s very light. The feeling of the belt or crop has disappeared.”

Galliano, 57, has been the head of the brand for the famous Belgian maverick Martin Margiela since 2014. He said tailoring rules may be overthrown like social taboos. .Liberate men with satin and corsets: fashion icon Galliano

He said that his studio is surrounded by young people. “For them, gay marriage is a historic event. Ireland’s ban on abortion is history. It is a completely different mentality,” he told podcasts. “Memory… with John Galliano.”

Lazy satin suits are cut loosely, and there are no kimono jumpsuits worn and embroidered. Galliano’s mixed-sex curved David Bowie looks more futuristic in the Japanese atmosphere from the 1970s.Liberate men with satin and corsets: fashion icon Galliano

The designer said that people’s body language changes with the deviation of the clothes. “You think it’s very relaxing… it’s very smooth, but it’s still very smart. It’s still very fashionable. You don’t feel the belt, you don’t feel canvas or stiffness. It’s like wearing a T-shirt. That’s the feeling, “He later told the Women’s Daily.

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