As the nights become longer and the majority of the vaccines rolled out, people are starting to go out more. After staying home most of the time, we cannot help but feel like debutantes itching for a big debut. If you have been dreaming of summer parties or lunch dates with friends, then you may already be on the lookout for the perfect summer outfits for a busy social calendar with fewer restrictions.

You may already have a few summer wardrobe staples but there are plenty more cute outfit ideas worth shopping right now. If you are looking to step up your style game, here are some statement pieces that will help you nail your first appearance with friends and family. Whether you are planning a rooftop picnic or a poolside escape, here are 5 summer outfits ideas to usher in a major style comeback.

Shirt & Shorts Combo

Pair an oversized shirt with bikes shorts. 

White Dress and Chunky Sandals

There is something incredibly stylish about matching your outfit options with black and white pieces. When it comes to contrasting effect, black and white is an obvious choice. You can take the contrast a step further by mixing a white, feminine dress with black chunky sandals.

 Short Set And Bikini

Summer is the time where you are going to be lounging around the pool in the backyard, by the beach or patio to enjoy the sun. If you are going to be wearing bikini, you would want a cover up to go with it. A button-down shirt and shorts will give you the I’m on vacation” feel.

Jeans And Scarf Top

Fashion is really unpredictable because trends keep coming and going out of style. One moment you are into maxi dresses and the next moment, they are already out of fashion and you have to keep them away in your closet. Then 10 years later, you will spot the same trend taking over your social media feeds. Take for example the scarf top that has been on almost all Tik Tok videos on different ways to style it. From using it as hair accessory to styling it as a top, scarves are one of the most fashionable styles this season.

Exaggerated Sleeves Dress

Some trends are more fleeting than others while some have more staying power like the puff sleeve trend. Puff sleeves made its debut in 2018 and fast forward to today, supersize sleeves are still just as popular. One of the chicest ways to wear this style is a puff-sleeve dress.

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