Streets are the basic place where fashion breathes. We pick its and bits of fashion somewhere and along the crossroads and zebra linings. Street style means a general trend followed in a particular area. You must have heard titles like New York Street Style, Milan Street Style, these tell the root level where fashion emerges from. 

Fashion does not always come from ramps. Its sometimes picked from grass levels and that makes it universal and diverse at the same time. It is a way to convey 

Here are top picks for street styling in fashion.

Boho Fashion

No street style is complete without the classic boho style fashion. The hanging threads, the long kimonos and braids is boho style. The boho fashion is depiction of the inner art in a personality. It is no fuss fashion and still is style.

Embrace the vibrant colors in a sea of fringes and tassels and give a classic street style inspiration. Vintage and retro styles including ripped jeans also contribute to boho fashion.

Athleisure Wear

Street styles are strongly influenced by sports fashion: athleisure wear. The trademark tracksuits and loungewear are the life of comfort and street style. Paired with white snickers, sportswear are seen on streets.

Premium athleisure wear with backpacks are also good to carry your essentials and look stylish. You can also use tracksuits at airports as well.

European Style

European style is all about neutral colors and minimal fashion. Well tailored dresses, good cuts and modest fashion is also very trendy. This style is about solid colors and no graphic designed or bright colored shirts. Adding plaids and patterns into your outfit with a good fit is also a street style you should add to your wardrobe.

Long boots and hats are also part of the European street style.

Chic Scarf Style

Scarves are the staple of outfits in every weather. Let it be a chilly snowy morning, a scarf does the job with fashion pretty well. Scarves come in different styles to wrap around your neck and give a style statement to your outfit. Scarves add layers to your outfit with a twist of texture. You can add a contrasting print to your outfit with a scarf.

Scarves are also modest staple to an outfit. They can also be used to cover heads and body.

Printed All-rounder

Prints are fun and experimental. They provide a vibrant canvas for you to paint your personality. Printed co-ords make a day fun without adding too much effort. They are minimal fashion done right. You can wear a printed co-ord to an office and a casual party too.

Prints are full of options including florals, characters and patterns. Printed co-ords also have a contrasting space to style a bag along. It is a yes in the latest fashion!

Here are the top trending street styles served. Get inspiration and sort your wardrobe confidently. Happy fashion girlies!

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