Let us face it, who doesn’t love glowing skin. Glowing skin is a love affair every woman secretly desires. The glowing skin is loved by woman and is according to basic beauty standards. Glowing skin is healthy skin which sparks form a distance.

Every woman has her own formula of achieving glowing skin. For some it is good genetics, for some it a good skin care routine and for some its diet and sleep. Glowing skin is something many people try to achieve but are failing. The basic glowing skin standards are smooth skin, closed pores, remove blemishes and even coloration.

Are you also looking to get a glowing skin, here are some simple tricks you can follow.


If you wish to achieve glowing skin, make cleansers your best friend. It does deep into your skin and removes dirt, makeup remains and excess oils. It is essential to choose your cleanser wisely, you need to get a pH balanced, mild and gentle one.

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Create a cleansing routine by cleansing before bed and first thing in the morning. Use warm water to cleanse your skin for optimum results.


Hydration is the key to glowing skin. You can get a healthy skin by investing in a good moisturizer. It adds water to the skin and makes skin healthy. Experts suggest to use a moisturizer right after cleansing to lock the skin’s moisture.

Moisturizers like Cerave, Neutrogena and Vaseline are good ones for your skin.


The UV rays from the sun are harmful and can damage your skin. They can cause visible signs of aging and burning. Opting a good SPF before heading out and even indoors is vital. Choose a SPF that has broad spectrum, SPF 30 and above and according to your skin. Apply sunscreen to exposed parts such as hands, face and neck. Good sunscreens like Neutrogena and Supergoop are good ones.

Use balanced diet

A healthy diet shows on your skin and this is no lie. Include vitamin A, B, C and E in your diet for a clear and glowing skin. They protect your skin from UV rays and enhance healthy skin cell growth.


Exfoliation helps in removing upper most layer of dead cells from your skin to give a glowing skin. Chemical exfoliators like glycolic acid are suggested by skin experts for removal of dirt in the skin.

Vitamin C

The use of topical vitamin c encourages glowing and brightened skin. Experts suggest to use two to three drops of vitamin c on your skin. It combines with your sunscreen to get better results.

It is suggested to use vitamin c in the day time. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C help in removal of brown spots, reduce skin redness and help collagen growth in the skin.

Here were the top trends that can lead to healthy glowing skin you should follow. So what are you waiting for? Go follow.

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