A smooth as butter and even looking layer for makeup? Yes, please said the ladies. Dust away the smoothing filters for that flawless look because it is possible to get a pore-blurring makeup look. Ditch the filters dependency and hop on the actual perfection look using the pore blurring techniques.

Pore-blurring makeup and skin care techniques are a win-win situation for a makeup look. If you are looking to get one. You can achieve the smooth look without investing into hefty techniques but simply some products.

Here is a complete guide including the pros of pore-blurring makeup and skincare.

Benefits of pore-blurring makeup and skincare

The top products that help in pore-vanishing are as follows.


The primer is the basic most layer to your makeup regime. Like they say, the stronger the base, the better the outcome. Apply primer to your skin to fill in the uneven textures, smoothens the lines and fills the wrinkles to give a smooth canvas to your skin.

A smooth skin welcomes a pore-blurring look and makes application easy without any rubbing. Primer also moisturizes the skin and provides hydration. Some popular primers are from beauty brands like Benefit, Tarte, L’Oreal.

Pore-blurring foundation

Pore-blurring foundations play an important role in achieving a smooth look. Air brush foundations on the market give you a natural look and are water resistant. These foundations are long lasting and give a flawless look.

The pore-blurring foundations are buildable and are full coverage. They are never cakey and do not patch. Famous airbrush and pore-blurring foundations are Sephora, Dior and Luminess.

Cream Matte Concealer

As the name suggests, concealers are the best way to hide your so-called imperfections and provide a flawless look. A cream matte concealer is dense and minimizes your pores and colorization.

Apply a cream concealer using a brush on the facial areas. Buying a concealer that matches your skin tone and gives an overall complete look. When it is all blur, it looks smooth! Famous brands concealers are from Nars, Tarte, Maybelline.


Toners are good for skin exfoliation and pore minimization. The glycolic acid-based toners help your skin for a rich and hydrated skin that gives an impeccable look. Toners removes sebum from the skin and helps in oil reduction in your pores.

Toners also blurs your skin’s fine lines and minimizes pores. Applying toners and exfoliating regularly makes your skin fresh and glows. Brands like Neutrogena, Pixi and Mario Badescu have competitive toners.

Instant Blurring Powder

Blur out any traces of stickiness and patches from your makeup by topping it with a blurring powder. The instant blurring powder sets your makeup and relieves it from excessive oil. It also fills the pores.

Powder keeps your makeup long lasting and gives a professional finish to your makeup. Brands like Laura Mercier, LA girl have good instant blurring powder.

Here was the complete guide to achieve a pore-blurring makeup and skin look! So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your favorites.

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