The clean girl aesthetic is often referred to as a “sleek and effortless look”. Mainly, it includes all the beauty, fashion and other lifestyle components intended to look elegant, gorgeous and put together in the simplest way. This term was popularized as a clean girl hashtag #cleangirl on TikTok. This hashtag is often used by women who like to have a minimal and effortless look from head to toe. This trend is also associated with the lifestyle such as healthy eating, morning workouts, and skincare routines. Many Hollywood celebrities seem to follow this trend on social media as well including Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and Zendaya etc. Considering the clean girl aesthetic trend among these celebrities, here are some tips for you to enter into the “clean girl aesthetic” trend.

The “No Makeup” Makeup

Who doesn’t love a fresh and natural “No makeup” makeup look? This has been trending for years now. The clean girls use the “no makeup” makeup technique to look casual yet effortless. A peach blush gives a natural color to cheeks. A lip gloss makes the lips look plumpy and hydrated. A sheer highlighter gives the illusion of glass skin but not too much. Less is always more!

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The Sleek Hairdo

Buns hairdos are everyone’s favorite be it summer or winters. A sleek bun is the easiest way to achieve the clean girl aesthetic look. Not only this hairstyle is quicker to make but also makes a woman look gorgeous and put together without any effort. Buns are perfect for date nights as well. They can be done either with center parted hair or side parted, whichever suites your face shape. You can also accessorize them with decals, hair pins to give that sparkly touch. Another look you can opt for is the high sleek ponytail to showcase your healthy, smooth and shiny hair.

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Neutral Tone Clothes

One of the most important component to look clean is wearing clean clothes. This does not mean that only wearing washed clothes will mark the job as done, but it includes properly fitted clothes as well. Loose and oversized hoodies and shirts are a no, no to achieve clean girl aesthetic look. Properly fitted and ironed clothes help elevate your style and makes you look elite in a very simplest way. Use beige, white and neutral tone clothes. White button down shirt with boyfriend jeans gives a very casual and effortless look. Remember the goal is to look modern but in a minimal way. 

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Floral Fragrances

The most important element to look elegant and classy is the fragrance. Perfumes and mists are the only thing that can uplift any outfit. The type of fragrance shows the choice and personality of a woman as well. Avoid using perfumes with strong and musky scents. Look for light floral, fresh and sweet scented perfumes. Lavender, vanilla, lily, patchouli are some scents that are considered luxurious and feminine.

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Considering the above mentioned components to achieve a clean girl aesthetic look, one can say that this trend helps to adopt good and healthy habits for day to day life. The social media trends have been emerging for many years till now but following the clean girl aesthetic trend has made women focus on their hygiene and cleanliness in the most effortless way possible.

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