Co Down-based Cinch Corsets re-shaping women worldwide

Feeling at hand after the celebration? Joanna Sweeney chatted with two women and said that they wore a corset that was comfortable and promised to make you look lighter.

If you are too happy in the Christmas and New Year celebrations, and now you find that your clothes are squatting, then maybe you need a piece of clothing developed by two colleagues.
The best friend and current business partner from Hollywood, Angela Hunter and Nicola from Hollywood. McGill Harge, using their Cinch corset brand, created a new “mother’s little helper.”

These bodice are designed to make your waist more comfortable, flatten your abdomen, make your silhouette smoother, and more comfortable than a traditional bodice.
Since its launch three years ago, Cinch Corset has received support from former British Miss Gemma Garrett, fitness blog Tiffany Brian and announcer Emma Louis Johnston, as well as thousands of women – – and some men – in Ireland, the UK and farther and farther.

These corsets are also believed to help to lose weight and reduce waist circumference as they help the waist to maintain a smaller body shape while supporting the back muscles.

Former GMTV reporter Emma Louis said she lost three inches on her waistline from 9 am to 5 pm in six weeks. After giving birth to three children, she succeeded in putting her own. The back of the front waist has recovered.
Like many other inventions, these corsets were born out of need—especially in Angela’s case, after her second child was born, it was difficult for her to get rid of her “mother”.
She said: “I know I need some extra help and ordered a cheap version of the corset online.”
“When I put it on, I looked beautiful. It cut me into pieces and crashed after washing.”

“I took it to Nikola’s home. She thought it was amazing, but we were not impressed with its quality.” We thought, if a corset can do this, and it is very comfortable, what will it be? What about it? ”
Nikola added: “One day, we went out for a walk, we decided to do something ourselves.” When we started the research, there was nothing similar in the market to see what we could do.
“In an ideal world, these corsets will be made here, but we have tried more than 30 different places, but we can’t do it.”

Women want a luxurious wearable corset that doesn’t scratch the skin. After three months of fine-tuning, it is finally made in China.
They are very satisfied with the quality of the clothing.
“Comfort is the biggest demand on our wish list,” Nikolay said.
“If it’s not comfortable, you won’t wear it, even if it’s very good, so it must be durable and affordable.”“Our corsets put everything in it, basically making you look lighter, which is what our customers like.”
The corset is black or nude, sitting under the bust and walking to the woman’s panties. They have a latex core that is fastened with hooks and eyes and has three width settings that allow the wearer to taper at the waist.
Angela and Nicola each initially invested £1,000 to prepare for Corset’s business at a retail price of £59.99.
Now they sell them to distant America through their own websites and a range of stockists.

Angela (37) is also a public relations consultant. She is the mother of two children, Matthew (7 years old) and Heidi (4 years old).
She is a model in real life, they show the effect of a corset on their website.
“Nikola is very lucky because she is always slim and doesn’t need a corset,” Angela said.
“Even with my daughter Heidi, I still feel that I look really bloated, I can’t get rid of my mother.”
“Over the years, I just ate what I wanted. I didn’t have any problems, but when I had children, nothing changed my stomach.”

“Now, under my clothes, I wear my corset, which gives me confidence to improve. I think many women will like it.”
Nikola (41) remained silent on Nina (7 years old) while still maintaining a full-time job as a mortgage consultant.
She said: “The advantage of our corset is that it will open your wardrobe again, because we have clothes that we can no longer wear.”

“In the big days of the future, they are very popular with the bride and their mother, or any woman with special activities.” Some new mothers like to wear them after giving birth and help their stomachs to be downsized.
“But we found that these women are very popular among women of all ages and they think their waist is very long.”
“Although the corset has the effect of waist training, we always tell our customers that they will not damage their bodies as long as they wear the right size.”
“We recommend that you only listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, take it off and try nex again.”

In September last year, due to the needs of customers, partners opened the Cinch clinic in Hollywood’s high street, now offering a range of weight loss treatments, such as fat-frozen frozen fat and cellulite reduction, which are the most common women’s thighs. And the fat area of the buttocks.

In the years to come, can friends be satisfied with the needs of Cinch corset?
Angela admits: “In the past few years, we both have a lot to deal with, but we have Kim Donaghy, who runs the clinic for us and does all the treatment.”

“We are very happy to find something that we can develop together and make women look like it because we have received a thank-you letter from our customers telling us that our corsets have changed their lives.”



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