Amal Clooney Wore a Corset Minidress for Date Night with Mustachioed Husband

George and Amar Clooney, the elegant, elegant and romantic kings and queens of the world, coordinated on a date in Sardinia on Saturday, as always, bringing their holiday fashion.
Amar is at her husband’s side, wearing a white corset and a black shoulder strap, giving the illusion of a corset on the corset (think: sexy steampunk pirate Attacked the club). In this costume, Clooney wears a pair of black canvas shoes with a pair of black canvas shoes, and each ankle is tied with a tie (the style is similar here).

George follows the footsteps of his fashion idol wife, matching a black short-sleeved button with white loose pants. (We like to think that Amar is in the bedroom and declares: “We are wearing black and white clothes tonight,” before the outing.)

George and Amar have 1 year old twins Alexander and Ella at home, and they are likely to spend a fascinating night in the town. However, to be honest, we don’t think that couples will not sneak in haute couture when they wear diapers.

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