Kylie Jenner promotes waist training as a way for new mothers to “return”. This is the cause of the error

A doctor and fitness coach weighed modern corsets, which is the Kate Daishan family’s favorite Instagram theme.

Another day, another Kardashian promotes a waist training device on social media. This time it is the new mother Kylie Jenner, who is selling products like corsets as a way for women to “bounce” after giving birth.

“My girl @premadonna87 tied me to the @waistgangsociety rebound package,” Jenner wrote in a post sponsoring Instagram yesterday. Then she encourages her followers to use her exclusive discount to purchase parcels, so she “can keep up with your progress.”

We are all trying to give new mothers power (and lose weight with friends!), but we have encountered some problems in this article. First, the idea that women can or should “fight back” the body before the baby is not the healthiest. Most importantly, the idea that the waist trainer can help is also best suspect.

If you are a beginner waist trainer, here is a quick start guide: These modern corsets are basically thick straps of material that wrap tightly around the waist and lower ribs. Kylie’s sisters Kim and Khloé both promoted them on Instagram. Stars like Jessica Alba and Brooke Burke-Charvet have credited their waist training to helping them recover after giving birth.

There is no doubt that when you wear them, the waist trainer can take the shape of a slim hourglass. Companies that sell waist trainers also claim that these devices can reshape the body or reduce belly fat – but Boston University professor of medicine Carolyn Apovian, MD, told the Ministry of Health that “in my opinion, this is completely nonsense.”

Dr. Apovian said wearing a waist trainer may not be a problem, but it only looks thin for a few hours. “If you look in the mirror, as you can see, it may be a good thing,” she added. It may even increase women’s confidence and encourage her to exercise and eat healthily.

However, the waist trainer does not change the shape of your body, she said, once you turn it off, you will not see lasting results. In fact, star coach Nicole Glor told Health that regular wearing waist trainers may lower core strength. (She said that a better goal is to sculpt lean muscles through such actions as planking and twisting sit-ups.)

For new mothers, Dr. Apovian said wearing a waist trainer during exercise helps women feel more comfortable as long as it is not so tight that it limits breathing or causes discomfort. “If it helps everyone feel more nervous and there is less jitter around the stomach,” she said, “it can help you exercise better.”

But women should still follow the doctor’s advice about how much and how much self-motivation they should when they start exercising again – and they should not feel too stressed. Although some waist trainers claim to reduce water retention and uterine swelling, Dr. Apovian said this is not true.

“When it feels like contracting, the uterus shrinks,” she said. “And you can’t use a corset to eliminate the weight of water – it’s not right.”

There may also be risks: If the waist trainers are too tight, they can interfere with breathing or cause heartburn. “Your stomach may be pushed out of the diaphragm, which may cause reflux,” Dr. Apovian said. “If you wear one and you experience these symptoms, then this is a clear sign that you need to relax it or take it down.”

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We are not the only person who notices Kelly’s position. Many of her Instagram and Twitter followers quickly criticized the star because (a) was not proven to actually do anything, and (b) may have negative physical images in her followers (including teenagers and other new mothers). Permanently exists.

We would love to see Kelly promote a healthier and more effective way for new mothers to reduce their baby’s weight – when they are ready, like – follow a balanced diet, start postpartum exercise routines, yes, even breastfeeding. Not only do these strategies actually prove helpful in reducing unnecessary pounds, they also have many other benefits.

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