Say to designer designer “Lu Qiyu is our latest Instagram obsession”

A few weeks ago, I walked down a rabbit hole. I spent hours clicking on eBay and 1stdibs and the little-known dark e-commerce resale site. What I want is a retro bodice, possibly Vivienne Westwood or John Galliano, but really, any one can. When I scroll the page, the price tag seems to only increase – some of the best Westwood bodice prices up to $ 7,000. My eyes began to indulge in eBay’s page 20. I lost my will to move on. Then I remembered that I saw a cool girl on Instagram. She is a modern baby who looks like a Renaissance painting. She wears a lot of wholesale sexy corsets.

Her name is Zenobia Voegele-Downing, since she was named her by Vogue magazine. Through her feed rolling, she took precious retros from her mother’s closet, layered from Marques’ Almeida, and many unmarked corsets, which is what I was looking for. I should stop and say that although all this seems to be working for such a trivial thing, in fact, how many people today (at least most people in the fashion world know) shop. The rabbit hole is a necessary travel mode for finding a piece of clothing that does not feel off the runway, but, in an astonishing, shocking manner, right now. In Voegele-Downing’s Instagram video, I stumbled across one of those rough diamond designers whose costumes are just the kind of natural cool that I’ve been looking for for hours in the past few months. s work. .

Her name is Lu Qiyu and her label is called Nφdress. She produced a velvet princess sleeve petticoat with a brooch and a pure angel oil painting top. Yes, some of the most coveted wholesale sexy corsets on the Internet. “I thought from the beginning that there was always one missing piece in any girl’s wardrobe,” said the 24-year-old designer and student of the Central St. Martin Textile Institute. This is not a fact. Yu comes from China. Growing up there, she has developed a keen interest in the street fashion image of China and Japan since the 1990s. Some of them include candy-colored pink ruffled party dresses for women and other vampire killer atmosphere leather jackets. And skinny jeans.

Upon entering Central Saint Martins, Mr. Yu began to make his own clothes from a tailor shop at the corner of her unit. After her friends said to many people, “My God, where did you get from?”, she decided to start her own small, direct-to-consumer brand. There is no intricate information behind Nφdress, except for her friends and their friends who are the ones who feel that they are missing in the closet. In addition, they can feel “like a part of a cool girl gang” when they are dressed.

Yu was deeply influenced by designers such as Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, and of course these references are very clear. But her work in the Nφdress series feels the current, or rather the trend of the fashion circle. Everyone hopes that the old and new things are integrated with fashion. Looking for online retro is very interesting. However, I found that sometimes the greater pleasure was to fall from the digital rabbit hole, and fell Alice from the past to sculpt a new fashion fairyland.

These are some of the most amazing works that Lu Qiyu has done.

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