Nicole Scherzinger shows her enviable figure in an animal-print jumpsuit studded with jewels and has a wild curly hairstyle because she loves girls’ nights

She always knows how to dress up and set the pulse race easily.

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Nicole Scherzinger once again proved this to be true because she creaked in a lively and lovely black animal print jumpsuit, and she took an interesting photograph of her before leaving for a night on the town on Saturday.

The 39-year-old Judge X-Factor shared the photos on Sunday and admitted that she was feeling her fat fantasy. She wrote in the title: “My Hawaiian, Ukrainian, Filipino Olivia Newton John is in London!’

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The former Pussycat Doll made striking ensemble in all aspects to ensure her 3.5 million Instagram followers can enjoy its brilliant costumes.

Nicole designed her crow hair style on her shoulder, making her stunning features stand out in a dark background, adding curls to her hair.

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Nicole displayed her charms while taking photos with ease because she took a picture of the camera and even stuck out her tongue for one of the shots.

Nicole matched the accessories with sequined ankle boots and shone in a few poses against a black background.

Some punk rock styles were added to the orchestra. The female singers slipped on a pair of leather finger gloves and counteracted with a row of gold rings and bracelets.

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The crow beautiful woman’s corset top shows her rich assets hanging from her chest, and she also carried her back to the camera to put on a pink display, letting her see through the figures to reveal sexy charm.

On Saturday night, Nicole was found to have been caught in the cold British weather when she was wearing a coat with a friend in London. Her large fur hat was on her face.

Nicole’s huge coat kept her body, because the soft snow fell around her, but she made sure her hair remained beautiful under the hood.

Wearing a stunning animal print jumpsuit under her coat, the singer added several layers of clothing, including a white coat and a black coat, to ensure that she wouldn’t drop the temperature to below zero due to bad winds. freeze.

Despite the cold weather, Nicole looked like he was interested in going out with friends at the Cirque nightclub in London.

Let her hair down on this fun evening, Nicole made sure she was ready for the evening party because she used amazing makeup brushes to brush her amazing features.

Nicole tightly put her hands tightly in her pocket, and when she walked beside her, she happily spoke to her before the funky club celebration.

Her posts and night fell because she had been questioned about the future of The X Factor, and it was rumored that Cheryl was returning to the jury during ‘final negotiation’.

A source told the “Sun” that the producers were just waiting for formal contract negotiations with the singers, and they will arrange the upcoming series.

Sources said: “Cherry is the first choice, she would like to join.

“Last year the sector was likely to change because people generally believed that last year’s series was not ideal for optimizing ratings. If it did not happen, it would be a huge shock.”

The reports were in Nicole’s confirmation that she did not know if she was ready to return to the theatre, and the show was held in the summer because she blamed Simon Cowell for letting her leave the theatre.

She told the Sunday Mirror: “Simon was the last minute and we knew he announced it in the same month.

‘We will see what happens. ‘

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