“It’s like the sauna in my stomach”: The waist trainer of the corsets wholesale meets with the suspected scientist

Made of latex polyester, which absorbs the waist, pulls the buttocks, but is more curved than the traditional object. The premise is simple: squeeze your body into a coveted curved female shape, like hell sweat, watching the weight gone, and your waist magically appear.

Before you open your eyes and whisper, take a look at thousands of homemade children in the social media, including Kim Kardashian and other celebrities, at least visually, the waist trainer The waist is a few centimeters away from the waist immediately.

Kinka daisy in corset.

Despite claiming that the waist trainer worked through “detoxification” and “metabolizing abdominal fat”, Maria Brusuelas of Amari Body in Hong Kong’s own waist training company guaranteed that the waist trainer was not a weight loss tool. “If someone calls me to want a 25 inch (63.5 cm) waist, I’m wrong to the company,” she said.

She explained that magic is to raise awareness of women’s body and build self-confidence. “Wearing a belt trainer is not a simple way to lose weight, but it can help women feel good about yourself and feel beautiful.

“Because the corset gave me a better posture because it made my body more carved, I kept realizing my body feeling that I was eating better,” she said.

Waist trainer can also be a “bumpy” – after all, she has three children, and means that the clothes fit, not close.

Maria Brusuelas said that wearing a waist trainer can help women feel good about themselves

But the waist training science is rough, the doctor has questions.

“There is an anecdotal proof that [waist trainer] has an effect on the waist … but there is no evidence that there is a permanent change, a person in a week to turn them off the opportunity can return to the original position, Dr. Nichola Salmond, a Chinese partner from Lauren Bramley, said.

She believes that the waist trainer can work by limiting the stomach to make it easier for you to feel full. However, “I do not think (corset) is very healthy because it may limit deep breathing and cause heartburn and constipation.”

Although Salmond admits the possible health risks, she does not agree with the strict demands of some doctors that waist training may cause organ damage.

As the corset given the muscles usually given the support, she also raised the possibility that conventional use may lead to weakening the back muscles and abdominal muscles. “But I think that if people use it for a few hours a day, I can not see it causing great harm,” she said.

Recently, 37-year-old Brusuelas has been using her waist training device to increase her workout results. Before the weight exercise, she applied the heated gel and then fitted the waist training device.

She said: “Like my sauna in the stomach, I took it after exercise, I was absolutely wet,” she said.

Brusuelas is exercising on the training corset.

Salmond refused this assertion, firmly opposed to using the waist trainer in the sport. She said: “in the corset more sweat, will only lose water.

If women are concerned about the weight gain around the torso, Salmond suggests taking into account other potential causes such as hormonal imbalance, such as excessive cortisol, estrogen dominance or insulin resistance.

Despite the helpless, Brussels has a lot of positive customers to witness, let alone their own results.

She said, on average, her clients were about two to five centimeters around two weeks later, but for the full benefit, it took six weeks to change the way of life to maintain the new numbers.

I decided to do my own test. I ordered a small Amia Active Band Waist Trainer from HourGlassAngel.com, but after the first few puffs, I returned to the online order of the second trainer. Finally I was ready for a two-week trial.

The first day of discomfort is really uncomfortable I feel a slight dizziness, I only used for about two hours, and then tear the corset, let it all hang up, take a deep breath. The next day is similar to the pain of the movement.

But to the third day, I have a little break. Maybe the corset has been stretched, or my waist has been minimized, but I found myself wearing a corset for four hours, relatively comfortable. On the fifth day, I’ve been up to six hours and tightened the tight corset on the tightest hook.

To the eighth day, I have relaxed to the smallest hook. I began to wear a tight corset – the dog walking, to see the dentist, and a girlfriend to drink coffee. I even tried to wear it running, but had to admit that it was a breathless movement that I did not want to repeat.

At the beginning of the trial, my waist was 71 cm. After two weeks of weight training, training corset comfortably reduced to 69 cm to 67 cm. This is not a huge loss, but given my relative size (164 cm and 57 kg), it is worth noting. I seem to have more contact with my stomach more often and are more aware of my posture.

When presenting my results, Salmond asked: “Have you made any other changes? Eat more exercise?”

There is no consciousness but the truth is, as Brusuelas suggests, wear a corset – when I can finally breathe, I start to enjoy it and let me feel like that. My sporty shape does not have too much waist, there are some things that give the power and feminine swaying the hourglass image.

Brusuelas attributed her improved posture and thin waist thanks to the use of corset during training.

Salmond admits the potential psychological impact. “But I have a problem, a woman had to make her body become a certain shape, whether it is thin or unusually small waist.

She is particularly concerned about the rise in the incidence of young women who meet certain physical shapes and the incidence of anorexia nervosa.

Brusuelas admits her latest accessories “will be hatred”. “We have commented that we should teach women” love yourself no matter … “But when we get the customer say they put on a dress because of the terrible muffin top, feeling good, that’s why we do we do Of things.

“Is not every woman is born with a belt.If you want to make her more confident, or let her back to the gym, it is not a good thing?

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