I found a bra online, more accurate than the secrets of Victoria

As a big city in the millennium, I do almost everything online. Add my prescription? you bet. Order food? There is an application.
So when I heard almost every third podcast heard ThirdLovebras, I was curious. They claim to be able to size your bra online and send it to you for 30 days. Then you can keep it, charge it or send it back, and they’ll donate it.
Despite doubts, I gave ThirdLove a try. I like it.
Before I tried ThirdLove, I was scared of bra size.

As a person with quite big breasts, I am not sure about the size of the web. If you ask me what size bra to wear, I might tell you a few different answers. A few years ago, when I was in Victoria’s Secret Size, they insisted I was a 32 D, despite how it left a painful red ridge on my back while at Elle – I went to the bra store I never had Scale – I usually buy a 34DD bra.
Partially why I’m puzzled about what bra to buy because of how complex the correct size is. My colleague Chloe Pantazi was scaled to size in four different secret stores in Victoria and told me that everyone’s size is different and I can seriously understand it. When she crosses a “professional” bra accessory, Chloe finds that you can actually feel comfortable in a variety of sizes because the shape of your breast can be an important factor in a bra fit for you.
All this, bra shopping is not a generic (puns) and the correct installation seems impossible.

The third love asks you a lot of questions about your body, including the look of your breasts and your height.
Because of this, my expectation of the third love is not very high. But I still go through their resizing process. It basically includes some basic questions about your body and the bras you wear.
It first asks about your chest shape and gives you choices and pictures including sports, relaxing, bell, teardrop, and more.
Then it will ask you about your cheap sexy corsets height (my height is 5 feet 7 inches), the size and brand of your favorite bra, and the age of the bra (my age is slightly older than 2 years).

Then it becomes tough: it asks you how big your cup (excessive or over), what hooked your bra is (the loosest hook should wear a new brassiere) if your shoulder straps are digging you Shoulder or slip.
ThirdLove recommended a bra I think is important to me, but I was wrong.
When all things are done, ThirdLove let me know that I am 36E (DD) and I should buy a 24/7 full coverage bra. I am suspicious because it seems a bit big to me, but I command it anyway because I have to lose something?
When my bra finally arrived, I felt very serious. This is my nude shadows and seems solid. When I put on it, it’s like a glove, and it’s significantly thicker and more comfortable than my Aerie bra, with little adjustment. My chest was pushed up, and I found that the clothes I looked under the first day looked much better.
No obvious lines, I did not catch myself pulling and pulling all day to keep. It just stayed; I really forgot where it was because it was comfortable.
While this may not be exactly the idea of ​​your sexy bra, ThirdLove offers some extra bras like a lace that may be more style. Personally, I prefer to wear a bra, look better, not to worry about what it looks like, but it’s just me.
My third love bra is a little expensive – but you get the quality and comfort you’re paying for.
I think I have to be transparent here: these bras are not cheap, at least not my standard. Bras from Aerie usually give me about $ 35 full price, but if I use my mom’s Aerie coupon or wait for sale, then we should be real, but in fact I ended up spending $ 25.
Third Love bra price is about 75 US dollars. But after talking to my colleague, I found out how much I should spend on a good bra. It makes sense to think that most women wear bras every day, and they can last for years if you take care of them properly. Like I need to stop buying fast fashion stores shirts, these fast fashion stores in washing machine after three separate, I need to buy at least a few good bra.
So, if you can invest, I’d highly recommend ThirdLove. If you do a preliminary trial, you will have a month to predict the fees, which will surely help save my cash.
When at least 64% of people wearing bras are wearing inappropriate sizes, it is important to get a precise finish. Not only can it help you make informed choices, it can help your clothes to better fit, help relieve back pain, and simply let you relax. I know I feel better when I wear my “good” bra, and once I need to wash, I know I’ll wait for it to wear again.

“Damn – I’m Hot”: Plus size model Ashley Alexiss shoot sizzles in new underwear

Size 16 Model Ashley Alexiss has become Lovehoney a new underwear sporty face (and body).

Curvy blacks, which have accumulated over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, infiltrate the confidence of a sexy shot.

Ashley, 5 feet 4 inches tall and the Englishman 16 years old, posted a muted lingerie preview on her profile yesterday.

In a sexy beating, the American model broke off her rich curves with red silk and black lace Basque. This image, just released 24 hours ago, is outdated and has over 35,000 images in it.

Ashley hopes the moonlight collection will inspire confidence in women of all shapes and sizes.

She said: “Every piece of work makes me feel confident.

“It’s great to finally put on something that fits my curve and emphasize that they really make me think I’m sexiest.”

However, Ambassador Lovehoney did not always affirm his own self and was bullied at an early age.

Girl in underwear bent wholesale sexy corsets

The American company ‘Forplay’ has hired a queen beauty to mimic their underwear to show the curvy girl looks good underwear.

Talking about her body motivation, the 26-year-old admitted that it has taken a long time to feel comfortable with her skin.

She said: “I realized that this is my body, my life, I will not be wasted because of sadness, because I am not society’s definition of perfect body.

“The important thing is that I am my own definition, which is enough for me.”

Ashley used to name his name in SIZE WORLD after the slogan “SIZEWIDE”, designed his own line of apparel and modeled branding around the world.

But her latest underwear product may be her sexiest. British underwear company new series size can be as small as 4X.

It features lace corsets, silk slide covers and matching belt details with gold details and suspenders.

Ashley added: “Each type of body has a different part, different parts can highlight your favorite body parts.

“Women can see themselves in the mirror, think about it, ‘damn – I’m hot!'”

Khloe Kardashian made her baby bumpy disappear in a stunning photo

Khloe Kardashian is clearly a magician because in her latest photo she manages to make her baby bumpy.

Tristan Thompson’s baby mum attended Kim Kardashian’s baby bath on weekends and wore a beautiful bare-shouldered lavender mini dress.

Mother and fashion designer with snakeskin heels to complete the appearance.

In several photos, Khloe stands between the breathtaking flowering trees Kim used to decorate wholesale corsets .

Khloe wrote us a photo: “cherry and tea three babies”.

Fans wonder why Khloe’s belly was not wearing a skirt.

One source claimed that Khloe loves her pregnancy and that she is spoiling Tristan with sexy underwear.

The man explained: “Khloe is now feeling very sexy, she has never had such a big man in her own life, and she is enjoying a lot of fun. She is reaching a complete Cup C and growing up; she Far pregnant with her pregnant body she is still exercise, healthy diet, so her confidence is very high, and Tristan’s sex life did not slow down, she was going to maintain that status.She just crazy Dressed in lingerie, spent more than 10,000 US dollars on the bedroom and around the house during pregnancy.
The source said that basketball players are enjoying the show and added: “Most of what she got was not maternity wear, she got a lot of looking robe and even some corset that could expand with her bulge.” She Make the bedroom stuff hot and they have fun. ”

During pregnancy, athletes are showering reality shows in a compliment way.

“Added the questioner,” Kohler is a natural mother, who practices her children even without her own children – she has so much love and if she needs help she is always the first friend who wants to make a phone call Person, suggestion or reality check. After all the stress and heartbreak with Khloe and Lamar (Odom), Khloe sometimes wondered if he would really be happy again. She thanked God for all her best wishes every day, and she had never been more passionate and excited about the future, and her baby had not arrived yet!


Megan Fox sexy underwear for her hot Instagram selfie

OW OW ! Megan Fox has just released her underwear brand, Hollywood Frederick’s ongoing sports preview, which is her sexiest photo ever! Fan crazy to see!

The 31-year-old Megan Fox wrote in her latest underwear photo titled: The actress took a new trailer on Instagram on November 10 and shot her with Hollywood, Photo of Frederick’s Megan Fox Collection. Fox said in cheap sexy corsets white lace underwear: “The sneaky peak is coming, coinciding with the holiday season. The face of poker fox shows her flat belly, and adjust the thighs in the latest self-timer.Exquisite necklace from The chest fell into her cleavage, as it was in a white, decorated country bedroom. See the full shot of her underwear photo!

This is not the first time Fox has put her underwear on Frederic’s underwear brand. Just last month, she modeled some lace numbers for the brand 2017 holiday label. These include tights, bras, cosmetics, corsets, underwear and robes. And this marks Fox’s first design collaboration. Her models include velvet corsets, cutouts, silk dresses, and two pieces cut out with lace and straps. As early as September 2016, Fox announced on Instagram that she joined Lingerie as co-owner, creative collaborator and ambassador for global brands.

And let us remind you that the fox has the body of this murderer and is the mother of three children – Noah Shannon Green, 5, Bodhi Ransom Green, 3, and Journey River Green, 1, she and her husband, actor Bryant Austin Green.

Fox gave birth to her smallest “journey”, although she left the grid, but she has been hard at work. She recently reported on Hong Kong’s precious November issue with rock red lips and rosy cheeks in stunning portraits. Moreover, she was about to immerse himself in the entertainment industry in Shadow Girl. According to the deadline, Fox will star in Shadow Girl with Jim Allen Rickson (Jim Alan Ritchson), a magical realist story, In an eternal metropolis. According to the site reported that this picture is Holly, has faded invisible and must find her way back to the world.

Australian designer Alex Perry creates new sexy budget fashion brand ALX for young women

This is the budget of Alex Perry.
Sydney designers have created a new brand in order to enter the fast-growing young market, offering extra sexy appeal without expensive price tags.
The new joint venture, known as ALX, aims to have young girls ready to party with a series of tight-fitting short dresses.
Designers even went to the “crafty” nightclub to see how young women were dressed.
Perry said: “The girls want to feel sexy, and you can not tell an 18-year-old girl to go to the night club to wear a dress.
“They want to be more provocative in tight dresses, and we’re doing it in a fashion style, and we do not want them to look cheap – we want them to feel cool, sexy and stylish.”
Creating a luxury brand takes decades to set up, but Perry is not worried about alienating current cheap wholesale corsets who spend as much as $ 3,000 on a lace dress.
“ALX is like launching a new business. It’s a different brand and aesthetics and will be put in a completely different store with a population of 15-25, so maybe one day she’ll be Alex Perry’s customer,” Perry said .

One of Alex Perry’s designs is part of his new line of fashion ALX. Image: Justin LloydSource: Australian News Corp
The first collection includes 30 mini-flounced dresses and bike-inspired denim from $ 195 to $ 450.

These garments are less expensive to manufacture by using less fabric and French seams and tights. The new commercial price will allow buyers to order more units quarterly.
Perry and bargain hunters to get the best satin crepe, floral silk and silk georgette fabrics, and under pressure.
The retail price of 200 US dollars for the skirt needs 50 US dollars. This includes extra costs such as shipping costs, shipping costs, buttons, zippers, linings, trim and cotton threads.
“You have to have a tight budget and stick with it.” At this level, there is a big difference for every dollar. If you save $ 5 on cost, you can save $ 20 – so every time you do that One step will affect the final price, “Perry said.
“We do not want them to look cheap – we want them to feel cool, sexy and trendy girls.”

Another cost-cutting measure is to make a simpler shape to allow mechanics to sew. These simple sketches take four hours – half the time of a Alex Perry dress.
Perry said: “Because of my experience in tailoring garments, we have a good look and dresses that suit a lot of people.
Perry is quietly optimistic that LBDs will sell thousands of units. The range will arrive in Paris later this month for buyer introduction and will take off in February 2016.
“I just wanted to let’s do it, we have to test the market, and then we can start looking at bestsellers,” he said, until we see what resonates at the retail level and we’ll know.
Ginger & Clever – AKIN

Sister Design duo Alexandre and Genevieve Smart created a proliferation line two years ago to enter the youth market.
This collection has short dresses, jackets and coats, geometric print designs.
Prices start at around $ 150.
Collette Dinnigan, Wild Hearts

The famous designer just launched the second Wild Hearts underwear series at Target.
This 60-piece set includes a soft cup bra and lace underwear.
The new style can be machine washable, starting from 15 US dollars.

Joan Collins’s son reveals how his father was addicted to sex and drugs, his mother was abused in Tinseltown and his childhood was “a monster in show business”


The summer of 1967. I took a photo in the garden at 1106 Summit Drive, home of the Benedict Canyon in Los Angeles.
My three-year-old sister, Tara, matched my father’s back with his hand and kneeling white trousers and a sailor undershirt. My mother is coveting with a watermelon pink house dress and a beribboned beehive.
At this moment, everything is perfect. Joan Collins of joan Collins from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts has finished his game.
But this is a lie.
A year later, everything will end. My dad will be living in an office near Doheny Drive, with Charlotte Ford, the heiress of the car. My mother, along with record producer Ron Kass, is thinking of moving back to England.
When I reviewed the story of my childhood story, I saw the culprit is an ogre called “performing arts.” It brings my helpless father and my mother back and forth between the United States and Britain: Broadway, Hollywood and the West End. My parents are enslaved by the monster’s request. This leaves them insecure, but rather puts them in an unstable state, requiring the agent’s call at the next big show – the only thing and forgetting between them.
As a child, I can feel their insecurity and know their focus is elsewhere, not on me.
My parents arrived in Hollywood in the mid-1960s. The huge wholesale sexy corsets success of my father from Broadway, the roar of paint – the smell of the crowd, fresh.

This is my mother’s second visit to Tinseltown. Her first, in the fifties, was always happy to give up. She caught the golden boy’s heart and she was pregnant with Marlon Brando, Harry Belafounte and Warren Beatty.
This time, she was joined to Tony Newley, the man at this time. She is a wife and mother, her role is not exactly the same, but she worked hard.

Her husband is just as incredible as him. Everyone wants one such action. And a lot of things to turn. Performance is just one of his talents. He can toss song standards like old-fashioned carnations.
Like everyone else, my mother fell madly in love with him. However, unlike others, she must live with him day after day. He was withdrawn. He is stinging He is a depression. But worst of all, he is openly unfaithful.
Now, he will be neatly labeled as a sex addict. He relied on the humorous promise of a star or clown that allowed him to run through the show. He is alive to twist.
He honestly treated my mother’s appetite for the young girl and said he would change, but she still married him.
They became the same day Brangelina. Only Burton and Taylor catch up with them.
The first time they met in London, the background showed “Stop the World – I Want to Get Off,” my father’s first groundbreaking musical. That night, my mother was on Robert Wagner’s arm, and R.J’s (Wagner’s nickname) heart must have been heavy because he soon realized that Newry was designing his appointment.

Who will not? She is the overall packaging: sexy, beautiful, bright, a shy of her charm.
Just as my dad was seducing every beautiful woman he happened to meet, he immediately advised them to go to dinner. In Alvaro’s, a puddle of water shows for Western stars and the hip behind them, he launched a full-blown charisma that squeezed RJ’s arm in a fraternal friendship, His eyes deeply into sacrificial girl.

Humor is the weapon he uses to relieve all resistance so the temptation to work can begin to be serious. I’m convinced that R.J. enjoys himself and never laughed until it did not matter. My mother knew that she kissed my father gently and found something irreparable.
After his movie doctor Dolittle (now considered classic), failed in the first version, did not make a movie, he did a song and dance show in Las Vegas. The mob ran past Caesars Palace. After a hugely successful engagement, the upstairs boys asked me what my father wanted to do as a gift. “The Chocolate Brown E-Jaguar will be fine,” he replied offended. On the closing night, roll off the left side of the stage and come with a spanking new E-shaped Jag, as the chocolate was tied with a big red ribbon.
To my horror, he sold it to Tony Curtis a week later, complaining: “Turning too tight, life is too tight to adapt to him.

My mother did not understand his helpless morbid pain. Her extreme complexity made her feel lost and lonely in her marriage. Like him, she has no intermediate environment and has no common sense in understanding the flaws.
They live in big houses, but they rarely live together. My father would rather fix his study in the garage, where he could make noodles with songs, dream about dreams, pop up his pills and inhale his paint. My mother has her gay friends and they are always on long nights.
She is rarely sick and rarely tired. He is a committed napper and stress disorder. She was always outside the door, trying to lure him out, but he just shook his head: “You go, bloom. Have a good time. Remember … … start a trend now!
She started straightforwardly: high-knee boots, bracelets and earrings, zip-style bun. She is a comet, a whirlwind, an It Girl. He really did not know, or even vaguely, admired everything he had done to her.
They’ve been arguing about their careers, and she rightly thinks she sacrificed for her. Her best friends, such as Natalie Wood and Dary Cannon, ex-wife of Cary Grant, were at home sitting in 20th Century Fox makeup Chair.

Resentment Until they reach a stupid compromise: she will find another creative way out in the interior. He laughed and said she could do it at home.
Their house at the Summit Center has been completely remodeled, just as where a few of her friends were. Soon after she had a dizzying party at the summit, Natalie Wood could be featured on any one night, with her intoxicating brown eyes and sweet smile, Rat Pack members Peter Lawford; Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in-depth conversations with Sammy Davis Jr; former press secretary John F. Kennedy with Salinger and Billy and Audrey Wild. One night, I fell in the sink, sinking. My mother screamed and the party froze. My father came to rescue. He jumped up and splashed out to save me.
Back to the pool, I spit, began to bark. My mother pours brandy into Paul Newman’s arms.
For my father’s 37th birthday, September 1968, it was extremely sexy, really great, almost great, and everything that was once great was done with due diligence.
She said that Barbara Stallone took the microphone and said: “Tony is important to me,” she said. “Let me tell you how much … Newleee … People who need Newleee … are the luckiest people in the world.

My mother’s tentacles shuddered; her eyes quickly magnified her wife. She later parses the moment in the memoir “Imperfect”: “As she sang, Tony looked at her and made my feminine instinct begin.” He had slept with her – and I’m sure he had. ”
The company is located in:
Drugs have become the key to my father’s optimism and optimism. He used them to comfort himself after promises he’d broken with Sandy Dennis’s movie “Dolittle and Sweet November.”
He decided to create his own movie. His debut debut plan: Has Heironymus Merkin once forgot Mercy Humppe and discover true happiness? (Or, do not overly say, ‘How can I stop appetite after an underage girl becomes a suitable family man?’)
This is evidence of the unscrupulous sin in his sexual life, a holy confusion.
Several actresses spread the part of Polybeitang until the producer craftily said, “Why is not Joan?” So my mother read the script faithfully, and God bless her, disgusted. Under the name of Alexis Carrington, she would cut off the body of her father and save her wounds with vinegar. It’s been 20 years since I invented the super-bitch without captivity.
By the winter of 1968, the Newley family conducted pre-production in London. Heironymus was released in 1969 as the first and last wide-angle X-rated movie.
The response was encouraging, as my father had filtered in private for some friends in advance – for example, it was taken by Roman Polanski. But critics have killed it: Newry is nothing more than a self-indulgent pretender and liar. My father was destroyed. He thinks he has given everything.

We have restarted Summit Drive’s life, but the situation is different. My father is withdrawing more and more. My mother is distressed and desperate. She now realizes that her marriage is a dirty joke.
For the sake of their children, they will always be together – a collective shout of so many causes of failure – but this is just a contractual performance before filthy divorce. Neither of them can change.
She may have become unclear to him; perhaps his poor mom, and whenever he went wrong, he would, in turn, always be there when he came home. However, she has always been a fool willing to take the time to love, it is time to wake up. She knew Tony had no future and she’d better do it on her own.
By autumn 1969, when I was under four, Ron Kass was on a regular visit to the house and my dad is working full-time now.
Later, my father admitted to me that on the eve of Christmas that year, he parked outside the 1106 street. He peeped into a window. There, we were mottled by the soft light of the tree, lifting and shaking our present. My mom laughed happily as my dad looked at my mother through foggy glass. He turned around through the shiny ferns, leaving a layer of shrinking breath on the windowpane, symbolizing his care.
A few days after my fourth birthday, when I heard him at the door of the study, I was pushing my toy toy onto the patio and calling me inside. Mummy and Tara are already sitting there. Dad pushed me next to Tara and sat next to Mommy, both of them holding their hands.

“Mom, I have something to tell you, it’s not easy, we’ve been thinking about it, we love you more, not everything in the world, and what we’re doing has nothing to do with you. The truth is mom and dad do not know how We live together, we play too much, we do not like fighting, we want you to know how much we love you, but we can not get together in the same house.
“Mom and dad are divorcing, which means we will live in different houses, but we will still be your mum and dad.We will be forever.You understand?
Tara nodded, try not to cry. I suck my thumb and say, ‘Can I go back and play now?
The company is located in:
I do not remember moving to London to go to my mother’s apartment in Admiralty. The size of this apartment is about 1106 maids’ houses. When my mom first met him in Los Angeles, Ron Kass was working for MGM Records. When we moved to London, he set the highest of two albums at Apple Records. He wanted to marry Joan Collins.
My mother boycotted and would rather not force another of our fathers after the divorce trauma, but she agreed to move in his luxurious Georgian townhouse on Mayfair South Street. My mother quickly helped him rearrange it into a party,
Psychedelic basement lined with like the tent of Maharaja’s crepe fabric, covered with the Beatles souvenir.
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr came here, but I do not remember John Lennon and George Harrison when my mother beat the Beatles When Lennon met Lenox in the production office of the band, he flirted with her forever, admitting he was “craping” in his room.

At her last concert, she was in a storm, standing on the roof of No 3 Savile Row, unaware that it was not just the end of an era, but the end of Ron’s active career. However, during his time with Apple, Ron gave us an impregnable base in London, and my mother built her luxurious life around her.
One day, we all went to Ringo Starr in Hampstead. There are fireworks because it’s Guy Fawkes’s night. Ringo told me that he spent his time in the garden burning fireworks around the ring, back to the house, on the fire.
Weekends we go to Jackie’s Jackie (Jackie Collins). She lives at the top of a skyscraper. The silver elevator door slides like “Star Trek.” She wore blue jeans and a big copper strap like Mommy. Sometimes Khashoggi boys come and carry their Rolls-Royce scooters, but they will not let me drive.
There is a gym with a strap in her bathroom that can walk around you and make fat swing.

Ron’s life is for entertainment. His Mayfair townhouse is just steps from Mount Street, where Doug Hayward’s luxury menswear store is located. South Street soon became Doug’s A-class client and their equally charming girl’s place.
I was allowed to stay up late and watch the guests arrive. Dodi Fayed, dressed in the maroon Hayward with a cashmere pouch, was young and slim, emerging in London on the 23rd. Followed by F1 driver Pedro Rodriguez. Michael and Shakira Caine, Roger and Luisa Moore, Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland are regulars, Johnny Gold is Mummy and Ron’s favorite wanderer’s nightclub.
Ron hugging my mother, the happiest guy in London. I heard Ron laughing, knowing he was hugging her, looking at her with a piercing look. I have never seen my father do this.
As stepfather, Ron is a non-event. He had already gone out by a wife and three sons in Switzerland, granted them to my mother, and did not have the moral status to raise the son of a man.
My mother is blind with Ron. She had not taken the time to understand herself until the next plunge – or Ron. The constant need for a male presence in her life is likely to be a bad habit traced back to her father – emotionally charged and self-important theater agent Joe Collins, who seldom made him perfect in one day Little daughter a time. After that, each relationship became the pursuit of fatherly love. But the old man was not listening. He had left the theater long ago and was indifferent to his daughter’s performance.
Marriage of mom and Ron was held in Jamaica in October 1972. I and Tara were not invited. Soon after, Mom announced she was pregnant.
Katyana Kennedy Kass was born in June 1972. Feeling from the parents, Ron tried to repair the relationship of his abandoned children in Switzerland. They joined us both on Christmas and in Spain during the summer holidays: three sullen boys, mostly Italian, and hated us for stealing their dads.
That year, my mother’s Christmas card showed us our pool in Marbella’s holiday home: five confused children, two adults with a smile, and a child with a baby. “Christmas is the children’s time,” wrote the card. “Some of us!

Call her Bruella: Cardi B Channel Sexy Cruella De Vil in her Halloween costume

Forgetting the red end, Cardi B broke the red glove before Halloween.

After her whirlwind, the heroine for “Bodak Yellow” did not appear to be excluded from the spotlight, a record month on the “Top 100” list, and most recently the clash with “Bad and Boujee” rapper Offset . Cardi held her BACARDI gift at Yes’s House in New York City for the first time in the Dress To Be Free Party with some serious I-got-ten-band-and-I-want-my-fur resonances. Cruella De Vil ensemble. Rapper completely from the two-color hair and plump corset (we guess this is not Disney approved) until the tip of her huge coat.

On their way to this event, cheap sexy corsets Buttocks” rapper shared her own full costume video with her 12 million IG fans.

She said, “So I’m on the way to the Free Bacardi party for clothes, and I want them to get my fucking Popeyes,” she said in a mixed British-New York accent. “I do not want to be around all those poor people, but I can perform. My accent is bad, is not it? Yes, it does. I’m on the road.”

Cardi B slapped her in another wonderful game and let those who claimed they did not fight for their place.

She wrote: “People can only see the charm or highlights, they refuse to see my work and pain.” I deserve it! I woke up everyday and reminded myself that I long for it! I will not let anyone think I do not have it!

There is no doubt why the rapper is the ultimate “bluer” of this Halloween (she is a blood so you can keep “C”) – a bad bitch is a bad bitch and Cardi B is sure to shake the fur.

These last minute professional costume tips will save your Halloween

Liz Gossens, a clothing designer based in D.C., is an expert in wearing an expensive budget. Recently, she used the discovery of the thrift store and punk inspiration to create a costume for the Victorian rock-and-roll “Lizzie” in just two weeks. So she just asked people to make their own DIY halloween costumes.

Skip halloween store clothing. She said: “Do not spend a lot of money in the bag a few fragile fabrics.” They are never worth it. ”

Save it. “I never expected to find what I wanted and I was looking for a garment that could become what I wanted,” she said. “And I’m still looking for something a little bigger because it’s a lot easier than it’s got.”

Cover your findings. If you find a dress you like, but its color is wrong, you can cover it with a fabric you love. Gossens said: “You can sew it, even using a glue gun, which works better for simple shapes like skirts and vests,” she said: “I do not recommend wearing pants.
Add trim. Gossens said: “There are many things you can do with ribbons, and even CVS wrap tapes can be used.

Find accessories online. She said: “Amazon is your friend, like a hat, wig, gloves and fascinating stuff. For gorgeous corsets cheaper, check out one of Gossens’ favorite sites for wholesale sexy corsets.

Avoid big cardboard clothing. Gossens warned: “They looked cute at first, but you were stuck in a box all night long.

First do a dry run. “You do not want to find yourself at 10 o’clock in the afternoon, before you go to a party on Halloween, you do not have what you need,” she said.

What do you need: suit jacket, scissors, sewing machine or needlework, bow; optional: top hat, bustier.

Cut a fillet from the lower right corner of the front of the jacket. Avoid cutting the flap, not close to the button.
Using your cut fabric, chalk the exact pattern in the lower left corner of the front of the case to match both.

To sew the seam, you need to flip the outer cover so that the seams do not appear. Cut a 4-inch slit near the lining of one of the pockets and pull the edge of the slit through the slit, then sew the slit. When done, push it out of the gap. Repeat on the other side, starting with a new gap.

Add a bow to the back to finish the finishing touch. You can sew it or use a safety pin. Ironing the jacket, adding a top hat, and covering it in a bright corset.

Cate Blanchett: Looks sexy woman does not mean we want you

Blue jasmine actress shows her undulating wavy hairstyle of long hair. Outspoken Oscar winners dress up not only for being part of Style Style Award this weekend, but also trying to get current events and politics into her refreshing speech.

“Look at everything in cheap sexy corsets the world today and how women dress and how to present what they want on their own terms.”

No one told Steve Bannon. “You look like a bag of rubbish.”

It has been almost two years since Carroll came to the theater, but Cate Blanchett has been giving it a gift.

As Blanchette explains, being free to wear what you want should also mean unnecessary attention. Not every day you see a celebrity wearing a natural hairstyle on the red carpet, so black women have such a political and personal significance.

Blanchett wore Givenchy Givenchy clothing, laid the truth for a big family: women can wear their favorite clothes, and clothing is not an invitation. “And knowing that the women they look for are not all their own, but merely an extension of them.”

Earlier this month, Blanchett publicly denounced Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein for publishing a series of allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the media.

“What do you do to those guys?”

David Parker proposed a new way of trading

David Parker, minister for trade and export growth, said the government will not relinquish New Zealand’s leadership in free trade, but must comply with our conditions. Before heading to APEC, Parker talked to Sam Sachdeva about “excessive behavior of global capital” and avoided a public rally.

As a part of labor policy, David Parker is endowed with a series of challenging roles.

With the combination of economic development and the environment, the government has some ambitious plans that will be enough challenges for both to add yet more to work with the Prosecutor General’s position.

However, Parker’s toughest role could be Minister of Trade and Export cheap wholesale corsets Growth, who will be responsible for resolving supporters’ suspicions of free-trade transactions and appeaseing both exporters and the business community.

Early signs were positive that foreign buyers were barred from fulfilling Labor’s pre-election pledges without prejudice to TPP negotiations and existing trade transactions (except Singapore). However, the more serious obstacles may be in front.

Free trade agreement “sexy”, but not enough

Under the previous National Government, Trade Minister Tros Groser and Todd McClay signed as many Free Trade Agreements in New Zealand.

The “Trade Agenda 2030” strategy launched by McClay earlier this year set the goal of 90% of New Zealand’s exports covering free trade agreements.

Parker convinced the free trade agreement is not very confident, he said: “They are sexy, but they are not the end.

“Exports may fall and you can still reach the target of (90%) – FTAs ​​are not the driving force behind the investment we need to sell new products and services to the world.”

His commitment to raising the 2012 share of exports from 30% to 40% by 2012 is equally sharp, and the promise is quietly waived.

“This is not an epic failure. Nine years later, they increased their export growth rate from 30% to 40% and back to 26%, less than 30% by the end of the forecast period.”

Parker argues that the way exports grow is not through free-trade agreements, but rather more investment in the productive sector at the expense of “speculative land classes.”

“If you want to measure how your economy boosts productivity, which drives the development of new products and services, you have to devote more valuable investment capital to these areas than to dedicate them all to rental properties.”

Critics of appeasing the TPP may be David Parker’s early test. Photo: Lynn Grieveson.
One of New Zealand’s concerns at home and abroad is the protectionism of the new government, which could lead to the withdrawal of the new government from its most recent advocacy role.

Parker does not intend to relinquish New Zealand’s trade leadership; instead, he wants to focus on what some call the “gold standard” deal, adding environmental and labor protection to tariffs and reductions in non-tariff barriers.

“There are too many cross-border issues now: You see these marine plastics, we face the problems caused by climate change, so many environmental issues are international.

“If you can use trade policies in a way that will make the economies of the world overcome the environmental challenges, that is a very good thing.

More broadly, Parker wants to stop public opinion about the inequities that have led the opposition to the rest of the world, such as Britain’s Brexit and Donald Trump’s election in the United States.

Parker said New Zealand and elsewhere have every reason to fear that the “pounding of the system on top of the interests of the world’s richest” is what the U.S. politician Bernie Sanders said.

“New Zealand is a very attractive destination and you have to ask yourself if you see the economy outside … What rights New Zealanders have, we do not think this is right We allow New Zealanders to fight for our own inner ”
“We must be very careful. We admit it is a fact, because it is a fact that we do not allow ourselves to be conquered to one in 100% of the world’s interest in New Zealand.

“This is important for two reasons. First, it is unfair to conquer ourselves to one percent of our interests. Second, if we do not deal with these issues, we will get a public rally and sometimes be misled.”

He said labor is a liberal and outward-looking political party, but also wants to protect the country from being “over-shocked by the globalization of capital.”

“This is in New Zealand’s social interest and we do not like those extreme fortunes … so we will push them.

This is first and foremost reflected in a ban on the purchase of existing homes by non-residents by foreign countries – Parker said that this policy will mainly affect members seeking one percent of the safe haven.

“Given the insecurity in most parts of the world, I mean insecurity, environmental degradation and overpopulation around the world, New Zealand is a very attractive destination, and if you are outside this economy, you have to ask Ourselves … What rights do New Zealanders have? We do not think it is right that we allow New Zealanders to fight for our own inner self. ”

He believes the value of New Zealand land may be stronger than elsewhere because of the influence of the Maori culture.

“The proposition is true from the most beautiful bay on the island to the most glorious part of New Zealand’s southern lakes, to the mildest house, but nevertheless most people can afford it.

“I do not want anyone in New Zealand to be pushed out of the competition by overseas rivals who happen to be richer than them.”

Maintain the New Zealander cycle

In order to avoid any false rebound, during the election period, ILO proposed the establishment of a trade advisory committee composed of academics, trade unionists and business representatives and other departments to negotiate potential free trade agreements.

Parker said the government will set up a committee that, although time has not been set, considers it the best way to consider public concerns.

“If you are more open to the steps taken to protect the interests of New Zealanders – and that’s really the case – everyone is building their ownership around the world in many different ways, with multiple, multinational acts that we have already adopted through Panama The document saw some rather horrible behavior in these wealth pools.

“If you have a Trade Commission talking about these issues through civil society, they tell the government what to do and see what we are doing.

Parker will face an early test of whether he can bring the public to him.

Before the current summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Vietnam, it seems unlikely that New Zealand will win the massive change in the TPP’s investor country dispute settlement clause, which Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called this week ” a dog”.

So far, the government’s signal is that it will swallow well-known dead rats and sign the dotted line – a decision that will make exporters happy, but may be angry with enthusiastic TPP critics who expect a tougher stance on the part of workers .

If Adnan and Parker signed the agreement, the trade minister how to adjust the outcome may decide whether there is any public rally to reach his door.