Cate Blanchett: Looks sexy woman does not mean we want you

Blue jasmine actress shows her undulating wavy hairstyle of long hair. Outspoken Oscar winners dress up not only for being part of Style Style Award this weekend, but also trying to get current events and politics into her refreshing speech.

“Look at everything in cheap sexy corsets the world today and how women dress and how to present what they want on their own terms.”

No one told Steve Bannon. “You look like a bag of rubbish.”

It has been almost two years since Carroll came to the theater, but Cate Blanchett has been giving it a gift.

As Blanchette explains, being free to wear what you want should also mean unnecessary attention. Not every day you see a celebrity wearing a natural hairstyle on the red carpet, so black women have such a political and personal significance.

Blanchett wore Givenchy Givenchy clothing, laid the truth for a big family: women can wear their favorite clothes, and clothing is not an invitation. “And knowing that the women they look for are not all their own, but merely an extension of them.”

Earlier this month, Blanchett publicly denounced Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein for publishing a series of allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the media.

“What do you do to those guys?”

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