Fans curious to connect adult videos to Farah are from Sofia’s account!

Farrah Abraham is proud of his own body and body. As a veteran of the adult entertainment industry, Farrah has been living a curve since her first adult video came out. Although she initially denied being an adult artist, she accepted the role himself, starred in photography exhibitions and even introduced a series of adult toys modeled on her own anatomy.

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It goes without saying that not everyone feels the same about Farrah’s decision. While some support her in her own body to do what she wants, others believe she should focus on developing Sophia. Again, no matter what personal opinion you have about Farrah’s career choices, er, recent behavior may cross a line.

Farrah’s only way to successfully build her brand is through marketing, and she has mastered many sales channels. From appearances at strip clubs to accredited Cheap Sexy Lingerie lines, she has tried her best to get her name there. But now she’s pushed the envelope even further: let Sophia link her adult video to a link.

Needless to say, fans are not satisfied with this move

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“How inappropriate”

Unlike many teenage mothers who many parents like to keep a low profile, Sophia Abraham has his own Twitter account. It publishes an update on teen moms and the Sophia Laurent brand. Assuming that an adult’s main operating account is fairly safe, the truth is that everything on the account represents an 8-year-old. Do you know what does not seem to be suitable for representing a child? An adult video trailer.

Farrah was recently named Ambassador to ManyVids, a company that produces and publishes adult videos. Farrah filmed a short trailer on the site, using her marketing intelligence. Although the video itself is not an NSFW, it has a distinctly adult flavor, including Farrah kissing the audience, calling himself sexy and showing off her curves on a very low-key Cheap Sexy Lingerie.In order to liberate the stars to tame it? Well, yes, until it was tweeted by Sophia Abraham’s account. Fans are understandably irritated.

“This … This is disturbing Twitter user @ Kim_661 wrote that I support what you did, but I can not support that.” Sophia is a kid who should not be posting from her Twitter or YouTube. What’s wrong? ”


User Mindsella wrote: “Please tell me that Sofia forgot to sign out and that Farah did not realize she was posting from Sofia’s account but thought it was her own!

This is not the first time Farrah has been shot for placing her daughter in an inappropriate situation. During her family trip to Europe, fans were unhappy with the revealing image she revealed.

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