Linda Robson WOWS uses a Madonna-style conical corset as a loose woman to pay tribute to the pop queen

Today’s loose women feel like the explosions of the 80s and 90s, and the panels are dressed as their favorite Madonna era.

The popular queen will celebrate her 60th birthday tomorrow (August 16th), while Loose Women wants to showcase some of her most iconic costumes – from desperate Susan to Vogue.
But the fans were amazed at a group member and how her age challenger in Madonna’s famous pointed corset was amazed: Linda Robson.

In the past few months, many people have followed Linda’s weight loss journey because she sneered in the swimming costume selfie and surprised her fans with her slim body.
But today’s clothing really took the biscuits because she wore a gold corset with a pointed chest (like the Madonna Jean Paul Gaultier tapered bra on her Blonde Ambition tour in the 1990s). ).

She wore tights and a long black cardigan and high heels, and she removed it almost immediately and replaced it with comfortable black slippers.

Fans were really surprised by how she used this iconic dress and congratulated her on a weight loss journey on Twitter.
Also in today’s group is Chizzy Akudolu, who wears a long dress with a pink dress and a white fur on her shoulder.

However, today’s host, Kaye Adams, promises that her white lace dress is “like a virgin,” beads and long necklaces are decorated with dresses, while Collin Nolan says “Don’t tell me” because she is wearing Madonna’s clothes. The denim-style look from the early days.
Some guests even participated, such as Deborah Meaden, who wore fingerless gloves and a thick denim jacket to watch a movie through Madonna in desperate Susan.

His group shared their story about Madonna, but the audience’s eyes were fixed on Linda.

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