When guiding women’s frustration, nothing is more like a corset than a corset.
Therefore, when shooting the royal history film “Queen of Mary of Scotland” in the American cinema on Friday, there will be horses, winds, wigs and rain.

However, the two actresses said they welcome the fight against the elements of the film, which is about the real life competition between Queen Elizabeth I of the 16th century and her distant house performance, Mary Stewart.
“Clothing is incredible. Those corsets – you feel that sometimes you can’t breathe. It’s very helpful when you are frustrated and frustrated with male consultants,” said Robbie, who plays Elizabeth.

“Two young royals” wrestle with politics, plot, power, love, and scheming male consultants. “The Queen Mary of Scotland” is full of sisterhood and frustration.

This is one of several films that have received attention because the Hollywood season is starring two or more women. It was also directed by a woman – Britain’s Josie Rourke, but before the #MeToo campaign sparked a demand for more female voices in Hollywood.
Ronan plays the stubborn Mary who claimed to have the Scottish and British thrones 450 years ago. She said she likes to shoot outdoors.

“I like horse riding. When you have to deal with these elements and costumes and animals, it tells the show,” the actress said.

Despite the connection with the status of feminism, the two royal members are competitors for life.

“Elizabeth gave England the longest peacetime… but I think that as a person, she lost everything – her women, her humanity,” Robbie said. “I think she really wants her to behave like Mary sometimes.”
The film contained only one (imaginary) scene when they met, and Mary begged Elizabeth for help and protection.

Robbie said that after the two actresses deliberately separated themselves in the weeks of shootings, the scene was very intense.

She said: “I saw Mary standing there, young and fierce, asking for help, knowing that I would not give it up, heartbreaking.” “I am sobbing. For me, this is a very, very exciting moment.”

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