Are you stuck on deciding which shapewear fits you under every day? It is quite clear that selecting the wrong outfit can negatively impact your fashion. That is why at FeelinGirl, we have experts who will help you select the best clothing that will boost your confidence and make you look more beautiful.

Waist Panty

Selection of a quality high waist panty has been a difficult task to several people, more so when this is your first time in this. The fashion industry has plenty of waist panties of different sizes and colors to fit and satisfy everyone’s taste. To select the waist panty that suits you, you need to be conversant with the shape of your body and the features of the waist trainer you need.

FeelinGirl Best Body Shaper For Women High Waist Shaping Panty


  • It has gorgeous lace and meshes medium control high waist.
  • Aims at shaping your tummy.
  • Gives a flawless finish.
  • Makes your tummy smooth.
  • Made of cotton.

Example of waist panties.

Lace collection High-Waist Panty

Lace collection panties are made of lace, mesh, nylon, and spandex. It is easy to wash because of the high-quality materials it is made of. This type of waist panty helps trim your waist hence responsible for weight loss. It also boosts your butt and hip, giving you an attractive feminine look. It has a silky lace pattern that boosts your confidence on any occasion.

FeelinGirl Lace Collection High-Waist Panty

Latex Waist Trainer Tummy Control Shaper Panty

This high waist panty is designed in a way that makes it useful to eradicate waistlines giving you that feminine look. This is the waist panty you are recommended to put on once you have successfully given birth. It makes your tummy tight and lifts your hip and butt into the desired figure you’ve always longed for.

FeelinGirl Latex Waist Trainer Tummy Control Shaper Panty

Has the following features:

  • Made of cotton, spandex, and latex.
  • Elastic for comfort.
  • It has four steel bones to avoid rolling down.
  • It is smooth and invisible.

Seamless High Waist Shapewear

FeelinGirl Seamless High Waist Shapewear Bodysuit Slimming Underwear Shaper Panty
FeelinGirl Seamless High Waist Shapewear Bodysuit Slimming Underwear Shaper Panty
FeelinGirl Large Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Panty Basic Shaping


It has three rows and eight hooks on the abdomen and waist.

Made of premium fabric.

Has side hooks and spongy to boost the hip and butt.

Waist cinchers

You can also get the best women waist trainer from FeelinGirl today for a perfect look. Some waist cinchers we sell include:

Black 7 Steel Boned 2 Belts Waist Cincher

FeelinGirl Waist Trainer Corset 7 Steel Bones Abdominal Belt High Compression

It has the following features:

  • It has seven sheets of steel for support.
  • It is flexible and adjustable.
  • Has a front zip to sculpture your waist curve.
  • Heal’s dissipation because of its punching design.

Trendy 9 Steel Bones Colombian Latex Waist Cincher

This type of waist has a variety of sizes. Its primary color is black. Has nine spiral steel bones for flexibility and three hook rows for more effortless adjustment. Putting on this waist cincher makes you feel comfortable and confident.

FeelinGirl Black Red 9 Steel Boned Large Size Waist Trainer Punching Latex


No need to have problems with the selection of the body shaper that suits you under everyday clothing. Visit FeelinGirl for a solution and help with your problems.

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