Shapewears became known worldwide for helping women everywhere to achieve a dream waistline. The immediate effect delighted those who needed to get rid of uncomfortable fat in the belly area, especially in the postpartum period or to disguise the swelling of a postoperative procedure.

But shapewears go way beyond the waist frame. They can deliver you a perfect body. You can achieve full body sculpting just by using a shaping slip dress like the Built-In Shapewear Modal Lounge Dresses. It has light support in built-in modal fabric for light compression.

In this article, we are going to show you that Popilulsh shapewear can offer you much more than just a dream waist. Therefore, we will teach you how to improve your posture with the use of shapewears.

How does the Popilush shapewear help improve your posture?

When you make use of shapewear, your body comes into a sense of total alignment. Modeling straps help keep your posture straight, aligned, bringing you many benefits that often go unnoticed. Are they:

  • More elegant appearance
  • Body aligned
  • Erect spine
  • Combat back pain

By having a straight shape, the woman passes on a posture of greater confidence, with herself, with others and with life. Thus, by aligning your posture, the Popilush shapewear also strengthens your self-esteem, your confidence and well-being.

That’s why we’ve made a small selection of pieces for you to shaping bodysuits according to your needs and have a slender posture that will impress everyone.

1- Strong Support

A strong support shapewear is for women looking for a very firm fit. If your posture is very misaligned, it may be that this type of shapewear helps you to straighten your spine effectively. Try the Lace Trim Zippered Open Bust Butt Lifter Bodysuit, for example.

It has an extra layer of tummy control leaving your body well aligned, ideal for daily use, it can be used under any clothes without marking. In the aesthetic part, it shows elegant lace appliqués and floral designs on the thighs.

2- Mid Support

The Mid Support it is also interesting for everyday use, being an intermediate support garment with great support for the entire body, becoming the best bodysuit shapewear for many women.

The Plunge U-Neck Backless Open Gusset Lace Bodysuit gives you many options for use, being an important ally for important dates such as weddings, graduations or luxurious events. The deep V-neckline and U-back design allows the shaper to be an invisible ally under any outfit. Adjustable straps provide optimal support for beautiful posture.

3- Light Support

Popilush shapewears with Light Support are interesting options for women who want to include the use of shapewears in their daily lives. Choose the Strapless 2-Layer Mid Control Secure Bodysuit for an immediate hourglass look. Dual-layer construction promotes waist flatness and a cool hold to maintain a sleek, upright posture.

The translucent panel helps shape your hips and lift your butt. With no straps, buckles connect the bottom of the fit to your bra securely and comfortably. This allows the use of any type of neckline.

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