The waist is considered an important feature, especially in women. AA woman with a fine waist looks more attractive, flattering, admiring and balanced. Creating a waist by dressing can make your outfit look very attractive; you can also have a different look, either slim or tall. You can achieve a fine waist by dressing by choosing a dress code by highlighting your body shape. In this article, we will discuss a few tips and tricks on creating your waist by dressing.

Dress your Body Shape

First, it is important to know the shape of your waist before dressing it, as this is the best way to accentuate your waist. If your shape is an apple shape, you should focus on making your waist look narrower than your hips for an apple shape dress on a V-neck top or dresses and flattering and floaty tunics. If your shape is an hourglass, you are fit for any clothing because the waist is already defined. For you to achieve a flattering waist, dress your shape.

Creating your balance

It would help to choose the right outfits for your waist to create the right balance for your figure. For an hourglass body, choose an outfit that gives both the waist and the hips an attractive look. On the other hand, if you’re blessed with a straight figure, choose a dress code that will give an illusion of curves on your body. Choose the right clothes that create balance for your curvy hips and fit your waist perfectly.

Choose a fabric that creates fitting on your waist

Choosing the correct fabric is one of the major factors when considering your waist. Choose a fabric that is matching to your height, weight and the finishing. Clothes that form the hips and clutch on the body making curvy hips, are said to be a more admiring shape and look. Clothes that are best to create a curvy hip include jersey, Lycra and silk.

Wear High-Waist Clothing

High-waist clothing is another great way to create a waist. High-waist clothing such as skirts and trousers attracts attention as it is designed to sit at the waist. It is said that women who wear high-waisted clothes look more attractive at the waistline. A belt is considered to look more presentable for you to have an elegant look on high waist clothing. Additionally, a belt won on a tucked blouse looks more casual.

Hourglass Silhouettes

For a feminine waistline, silhouettes are believed to create a well-defined illusion waist. Clothes designed with an hourglass silhouette present an hourglass shape creating an elongated look. Fashionistas often look up to the hourglass silhouettes, characterized by a narrow waist and wider hips.Wrap-style dresses, blouses, and expertly made apparel produce a beautiful, nipped waistline.

Adding a belt is another accessory that might help accentuate your waistline. Dress your belt depending on the type of waist and shape. Choose a thinner belt on the waist for a pear or apple shape. For an hourglass shape, choose a broader belt to draw attention to your hips. Accessories like necklaces, scarves and long earrings can also help bring eye attention to the waist giving a slimmer midsection.


In conclusion, creating a good wait can accentuate your figure and give you a more attractive silhouette. You can achieve your waistline by dressing your shape, creating balance, choosing the fabric, wearing high-waist clothing, choosing the best accessories and belts and creating visual lines. You can achieve a waist that makes you feel and look fantastic by using these simple tips and tricks of styling techniques.

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