With the world fighting a pandemic as deadly as Covid, one needs to find ways through which they can either learn a new skill or develop their career.

There are many online courses or classes being offered but not everyone has access to such resources.

A few simple steps can be followed to learn fashion designing at home. The steps are mentioned below:

1. The main aspect that one should learn is to develop their skills as the more they learn the more they would be able to execute it effectively.

It is imperative to go through the collection of existing designers as it will help you identify their signature style and how they developed and modified it over the years.

2.Develop storyboards of the themes on which you are willing to work as it is going to help you in finding the inspiration you have been looking for to pursue this profession.

Such aspects need time and hence one has to devote a huge part of their day to learning this craft and perfecting their skill.

3. Furthermore, for people who can afford to get themselves enrolled in a course then there are various online courses being conducted that are beneficial in terms of learning fashion designing.

It not only helps in learning the skills like composition, pattern making or color compositions but it also helps in getting an overview of all the steps required to achieve what you are looking for i.e. to learn fashion designing.

4. Moreover, if you wish to launch a brand then work on the different principals of designing and focus on the one that interests you the most.

For instance, identify whether you are interested in coming up with a haute couture collection, a bridal collection, ready to wear, pret or a simple collection like that of a gym attire.

5.Don’t think about fame as it comes to those who wait and struggle to achieve. There are good and bad days, however bad days should motivate you to do better and good days should keep you grounded. If you are planning to enter the field of fashion designing, then always remember that your outfit will be worn by several people. Don’t just target the elite or the famous celebrities. Make a piece of apparel that can be worn by everyone.

Fashion designing is an ever growing profession and learning such a skill is going to be beneficial in the long run. It is a skill that is definitely going to last a life time.

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