Little black dress is all we ever hear about. The description, the connotations, and the wardrobe staple. But, now let us tell you there is a new mayor in town and that is a little white dress. Yes, you read that right.

White dresses have been ignored throughout history, with major preferences given to black outfits. But let us tell you white dresses have their own charm and charisma to them.

The best thing about a white dress is that it can come in handy for any situation, you may want to wear it for. Whether it is a relaxing day at the beach or a wedding. White dresses are incredibly versatile and with just a few key pieces, they can be the best choices you ever made.

So here are some tips on how to wear a little white dress in the summer!

Choosing Ms. Right

Now before we go any further, picking the right shade of white is the foremost most important. The shade can be the deciding factor, as to whether or not it will be the outfit for the summer. So, considering your skin tone, it is important to seek the white that suits you best.

The general rule of thumb is to go lightest or pale white, for really light or pale skin and then dark white for dark skin.

What the tone of the color does is match and complement the skin tone in a way that makes you automatically fall in love with the idea of a little white dress.

Pick Out Your Comfort Style

When the perfect shade is picked out, now is the time for the perfect style. Judge your own style before you invest in a little white dress.

Ask these questions:

  • Do you prefer flowy dresses or bodycon?
  • Do you like long dresses or short ones?
  • Do you want simple and classic, or want to up your game with something different?

As you answer the questions, the choices will narrow down until you find the perfect fit.

Accessorizing It

Now that the perfect style and shade are selected, it is time to add some accessories to uplift the whole outfit.

Pairing a top

If you have a little white dress that is strapless or a boat neckline, you can easily pair a top with it to add a pop of color if you wanted. Like leather jackets go with black dresses, similar is the case with white dresses and denim jackets. They are matches made in heaven.

Other than a denim jacket, you could also easily pair it with pastel shirts, and just tie the top together.

Here you of course also have the option of sporting the little white dress on its own as well.

Adding some bling: 

Dainty little gold details always do wonders for your outfit. And when paired with a white dress, they just uplift.

So, whether you decide to add some gold earrings or dainty bracelets, the detail of it will be enough to complete the look.

Pop of Color:

While the outfit remains to be white, with some color details here and there, it is a good idea to really use your footwear to your advantage.

Essentially pairing hot pink, red or blue heels or neon sneakers if you’re going for a casual look.

This will elevate the outfit and just give out a complete look.

Finishing Off

Little white dresses are more charming and classy than people realize. The airy and peaceful color has the potential to become the best outfit in the world. Once you go white, you can never go back.

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