Now for a few seasons, underwear is beyond your reach (under your clothing) and becomes part of you.

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Whether on the red carpet or on the streets of New York City, we can all see bras, bras and other lingerie in all directions, all the way up. And no one would be surprised by anyone, no one better than underwear Victoria’s secret angels.

So when Glamor had a chance to catch up with the three models – Romae Strijd, Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes, we chose how to break away from bra-style brains.

“There’s nothing happier than ever to show off my bra,” Skriver said. “I think it’s sexy and cool at the same time.” Every angel has mastered his own trend, whether it’s clever stratification or fit. Either way, there is something about how to bring your ground floor from these angels to the surface. See their collection in advance.

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Josephine Skriver has almost regarded his style of mind as his own. A simple entry point to this trend is to wear a long lace bra (or corset) under a suit.

For a more casual outing, try a lace bra with a pair of black jeans and an oversized pilot jacket.

For a super gorgeous trend, Jasmine Tookes Inspiration: In addition to her lingerie regular layers of fantasy, sheer clothes and shirts, so you can still see the silhouette, but maintain the elegant look.

Tucci turned to Cheap Sexy Lingerie her companion angel when she needed some fresh styling: “Josephine is really good at the overall undergarment, so she helped me dress up my bra with a jacket or trailblazer. A way to do this? Find a pure button-down shirt and peek your bra underneath.

Roberte Strijd is a brilliant queen, as if she had her Victoria’s Secret x Balmain bra in a vintage boiler case.

When you do not want to overdo it, wear pure bodysuits like white Romea and denim jackets like Romee.

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