6 DIY Kylie Jenner clothing concepts, perfect for Halloween

Everyone Knows that any Halloween party/bar this year will have at least one Kardashian/Jenner family costume. Therefore, if you plan to dress up as Kylie Jenner on Halloween, but are afraid that your clothing lacks originality, then we have provided you with protection. The best part about dressing is Kylie Jenner, you can make clothes in ordinary everyday clothes. Yes, this means that DIY Kylie Jenner’s clothing is easy to complete with the help of your friendly neighbor, Forever21, no matter where you buy cheap wigs.
There is no better inspiration than Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. You can easily take any look she releases and make it into a 2017 Halloween costume. Most of the looks include you may be in your closet, and if you don’t have it, your friends may have a chance! If you are lucky, the only thing you need to buy for this outfit is a wig (perhaps Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit). So please note that people, because these Kylie Jenner Halloween costumes will inspire your imagination so you can make sure your Kylie Kostume~ is unlike other girls~. Best of all, you can buy all of these items online.
1. Shirt dress KYLIE
Add a thick metal belt and a gold wig (if you don’t have golden hair yet), then you’re done.
If you don’t have an oversized camouflage T-shirt/T-shirt dress, this MISSGUIDED green camouflage T-shirt dress is perfect for this look. Pair it with the gold belt and you’re done. The “Femme Fatale” section is an extra bonus.
The most important thing about this costume is the rose gold wig. You can buy a wig, or you can really take on this role and use the new semi-permanent pastel hair dye series L’Oréal recently released the thickest gray zipper hoodie you still need. Then you bring a bottle (or two bottles) of rosé wine, because you are not here.
You can get L’Oréal’s Colorista range of Soft Soft series – Target, CVS, in any store with hair dye. You can say that. This is a cheap collection with a lot of soft tones, including the pale pink of the outfit you need.
Kylie’s Coachella 2017 costume is unforgettable. Between the wig and the dress, the family girl was killed. The best part about her Coachella costume is that the clothes she wears are easy to find online and they don’t break your wallet! Jenner’s two-piece knife is cheaper to wear to Coachella.
You can also use the same Manic Panic hair dye Kylie with a purple wig of less than $15. Just put on the shoes you think you are wearing, and you will fix it.
Jenner’s dresses worn by Coachella this year are actually very cheap and still available online, so this is probably the easiest to copy. Jenner got a pure gold dress from PrettyLittleThing.com, and if you want to recreate this look, go there.
The wig she wears is neon yellow (also glowing in the dark), and if you want to temporarily dye your hair, the dye of her wig master Tokyo Stylez is actually super cheap. Stylez uses Manic Panic’s electric lizards and electric bananas to complete the color, each for about $11.
5. Holding my BOOB KYLIE
Another day, another amazing wig from the youngest Jenner. All you need to complete this look is a white tank, blue fitness shorts (you can get Puma from Jenner if you want), then you’re set. But for ~ really ~ recreate this look from Jenner’s Instagram, you should also walk around and take a cloth to say “This is my favorite.” If you don’t want to wear the Puma underwear Jenner wearing the photo above, You can buy some Puma running shorts of the same color (or any blue shorts you want, TBH).
Crazy Panic Cream Hair Dye will save your life again for this wig. You can temporarily dye hair with Manic Panic’s New Rose tones, or you can get a wig of the same color, or you can get a wig that is not this color and dye it into New Rose. you choose!
When Kylie Jenner wore a dress with a bodice to a business meeting, the Internet lost its mind. Everyone is shocked by her gear selection (in a good way), so this will be an amazing look to recreate this Halloween. But Jenner wears almost $500, so we find that your choice is more affordable.
You can wear this metallic silver dress from the Urban Outfitters with a white lower chest strap.

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