Travelling is fun and exciting. We love to travel and wish to visit places we have added to our bucket list. Be it domestic travel, international travel or a fun filled road trip, packing smart is important. You don’t want to be hauling large bags and luggage with you. Packing smart is packing all the small things that are necessary. With the Covid-19 pandemic travel has been restricted to many different countries. Obviously for everyone’s safety and to stop the spread of this virus. But since, things are slowly getting back to normal and countries are opening their borders, we will be able to travel soon.

Everyone is not born smart travelers; sometimes we forget to pack so many important things. But we learn with experience. We have travelled to more than ten countries and have done a lot of road trips and we have experience with domestic travel as well. With experience you become perfect at packing small things that are important and you will need while travelling and as soon as you reach your destination.

It is always great to make a check list of the things you will need and things that you must carry. Like for an international travel the most important are your passport, visa and money. These three things will make your life easy. Besides these you will need your medicine pouch, toiletries bag, makeup bag, skincare essentials, download the map of the place you are going to visit and try to know the culture of that place.

Always carry an extra pair of clothing set with you, in case your checked in baggage gets misplaced and does not reach you in time. Trust me you will need it. We have experienced the luggage misplacement a couple times.

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Besides your regular skincare items like hydrating creams, nighttime skincare bits, etc. Never forget to pack a good quality sunscreen. Sunscreen is the most important and a must-have in your bag when you are traveling. It will prevent your skin from sun burns, tan, and wrinkles. We highly recommend the Neutrogena sunscreen with maximum protection.

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We are a big fan to reading books. It is difficult to carry paperback books as they get heavy and at a time, we can only have a couple in hand. Here enters a good e-reader. Download several books at a time and you are set to enjoy your vacation without any hazzle.

A lightweight rainwear is one thing we tend to forget to pack. It comes in handy when visiting places where the weather is unpredictable and starts to rain often.

Along with your other chargers you must carry a multiplug adapter. It is one small thing that you will need while travelling internationally, because different countries have different plug points that may not be like the one you use. The advantage of this multiplug is that you can charge multiple devices at a time.

These are some small things you will need when you travel in 2020. Don’t forget the most important hand sanitizer.

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