Fitting tribute for Sarah Jenyns whose corsets revolutionised waist management

A pink corset on a mannequin torso in the State Library of Queensland.George Street in downtown Brisbane is home to tall buildings, bustling cafes and court districts, but it was still the home of the underwear empire until the 1990s.

At its peak, Jenyns Patent Corset produced 45,000 corsets a day, seven of its factories creaked, and thousands of mechanics and tailors worked hard.

Behind this successful company is Sarah Jenyns, a “fierce independent” woman who uses her medical education to revolutionize the clothes women wear every day.

The Queensland State Library (SLQ) pays tribute to her in a six-month exhibition called Magnificent Makers.

Portrait of Sarah Jenyns in Brisbane Queensland ca. 1930sPHOTO: Sarah Jenyns was a trained nurse and surgical instrument maker. (Supplied: State Library of Queensland)

Engaged officer Anna Thurgood said the exhibition revealed how uncomfortable the Victorian corset was before Jenyns arrived.

“I don’t think we can really imagine or understand what it’s like to wear such clothes every day,” she said.

Luxury, lace-like examples sold in today’s lingerie stores, hard whale corsets and other hard-soled outfits are the norm.

Ms. Thurgood said that Jenyns led the seven children to a hard life, and she was lifting the heavy trash can when she came up with the design to change the rules of the game.

“She wants to make a more comfortable corset for women every day because she gets a lot of pain from her.

“Obviously their work is very good because people like them, women like them, and business is booming.”

Jenyns Illustrated medical ad from the 1910s.PHOTO: An illustrated medical advertisement from the 1910s. (Supplied: State Library of Queensland)

Pain-free corsets a hit

Jenyns’ bodice and surgical straps are designed to reduce back pain and help women recover from painful surgery.

“In those days, women had a lot of surgery, hysterectomy and similar things, so there were medical elements,” Ms. Thurgood said.

“You need a corset to support you.”

Jenyns developed a structural network called Vertabrella that bends and moves with the female body to replace the whale bone.

Young woman modelling a Jenyns corset ca. 1920PHOTO: A young woman modelling a Jenyns corset in the 1920s. (Supplied: State Library of Queensland)

Ms Thurgood said Jenyns’ training as a nurse and her exposure to surgical instrument making played a major role in her success.

“She knows that it is very important to work with doctors and plastic surgeons and know how to reach these people,” she said.

“She is very proud of the fact that all surgeons and doctors at London Hospital and Brisbane Hospital strongly recommend [her corset].”

As we all know, Jaynes is a shrewd female entrepreneur.

She is the first manufacturer of corsets to produce different garments to suit 12 different body types.

A pink Jenyns corset on a mannequin torso with an old-fashioned mannequin in the background wearing a bra and girdle.PHOTO: Jenyns corsets on display at the State Library of Queensland. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Hailey Renault)

Her design, made of pastel-coloured fabrics criss-crossed with straps, buckles and laces, also allowed women to get into the shapewear unassisted.

“The major revolution in this corset is that you can do it yourself,” Ms. Thurgood said.

“[If] you pull the front belt with half a pound of pressure, you will tighten a pound at the back.

“They will make you feel that everything is tight and will give you a nice silhouette underneath your clothes.”

Jenyns died in 1952, but her family continued to sell belts and busts at the Brisbane store until 1992.

A pink corset strap with an instruction panel sewn on to one of the straps.PHOTO: The corsets were made to be beautiful and functional.

Early tragedy shaped independent ambitions

Born in 1865, Sarah Ann Thompson grew up in Sydney before marrying surgical instrument manufacturer Ebenezer Randolph Jenyns.

She trained a nurse and worked with her husband while raising five children.

When Ebenezer moved his family to the coalfields of New South Wales through a carriage to spread the gospel of religion, their lives changed dramatically.

“[He] believes that he got a sign from God and cleaned up the family,” Ms. Thurgood said.

“They are mobile, I think it’s really hard for Sarah.”

Woman wearing a Jenyns surgical support belt ca. 1920PHOTO: Surgical belts helped women recover from hernia surgeries and hysterectomies. (Supplied: State Library of Queensland)

Jenyns gave birth to a sixth child under difficult circumstances, and one of her children drowned in a puddle.

Ms. Thurgood said she never forgive her husband’s child and vowed to pursue her ambitions when she moved to Brisbane in 1896.

Pioneering businesswoman
Jenyns opened the first Jenyns Patent Corset store and factory in George Street in 1909.

She hired 15 tailors and mechanics to implement her design and migrated to a larger space to meet demand in three years.

After her underwear entered the women’s wardrobe across Australia, she left Brisbane and patented her corset abroad.

“For me, this is the most amazing part of her story,” Ms. Thurgood said.

“She is a woman of seven children, wife and mother, but with her global patents and designs, she took off on her own and went to the UK, where she immediately contacted the hospital’s doctor and plastic surgeon.

“She sailed to Europe, Canada and the United States and sold her corset licenses in these countries.

“She was a real pioneer and a very independent woman, which was very unusual at the time.”

Jenyns’ business and contributions to the community made her a member of the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame in 2014.

The building where all this started is still standing on George Street.

Jenyns premises illustration ca 1920.PHOTO: Jenyns shop illustration circa 1920. (Supplied: State Library of Queensland)
Two old buildings on George Street in Brisbane.PHOTO: The building that housed Sarah Jenyns’ first corset shop still stands on George Street. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Hailey Renault)

Corsets to bloomers: a women’s history lesson through underwear

Even when hunting, women of the early 20th century wore corsets.  (Courtesy of White River Valley M)Even when hunting, women of the early 20th century wore corsets. (Courtesy of White River Valley M)

You don’t have to go a long way in history to understand how much underwear plays a role in women’s lives.

When Caitlyn Jenner first showed the world to the world on the cover of the Vanity Fair in July 2015, the former male Olympic athlete wore a satin corset.
“Suddenly you have breasts, and suddenly you have a waist,” said Patricia Cosgrove of the White River Valley Museum, a few days ago. “For her, a corset may be really helpful.”

Exhibition preview
‘Pain of beauty: revealing the history of women through underwear’
Until June 17; White River Valley Museum; 918 H Street S.E., Auburn; $5 for the elderly and children, $2 (253-288-7433 or

For others, it’s different from everyone else – one of the exhibitions at the Auburn Museum on June 17th entitled “The suffering of beauty: revealing the history of women through underwear” is obvious.

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It’s not just a corset and bullet bra, a pair of bloomers and a 60s-era gadget called The Fabulous Mark Eden Bust Developer. (“I bought one when I was 13 years old,” Cosgrove broke.) This exhibition shows how women strive to pursue fashion while staying healthy – both physically and culturally.

Cosgrove uses shoes, hats, purses, overalls and swimsuits as the backbone of women’s history. This exhibition is the third iteration of the exhibition “Dirty for Beauty”.

“There is a lot to say about the history of women in a painless way,” Cosgrove talks about, and she co-plans with the history professor of the Green River College, Michel Marshman. “I don’t want to fight anyone’s mind or alienate anyone.”

Because, this is an underwear hanging on the wall. There’s even a corset you can try to see how much it is wearing it and wearing a normal breath.

You can also learn the origin of the term “binding”. This means that the laces of their corsets are pulled tightly, they come straight together and force them to the back – making it a bit hard to breathe, and all the metal or whale bones are pressing in your middle.

“This is an introverted and extroverted control mechanism,” Cosgrove said. “A part of morality at the time.”
Being called a “loose woman” means that your corset is not tightly bound, easier to remove and breathe – heavy or otherwise.

“If it’s loose, who knows where you are going?” Cosgrove asked. “You are not under control.”

Then there is a pair of underpants that look like simple cotton pants from the front, but there is a gap between the waist and the ankle.

“There is no way to know if this is convenient or style, not control,” Cosgrove said.

Control can be explained in a number of ways: controlling the bladder, which is ideal for women who don’t have too many; or husbands who want easy access.

“At the time, women were almost all men’s thumbs,” Cosgrove said. “It’s conceivable that the backless has other uses, not hygiene.”
Innocent cotton trousers are also the result of fashion: “Women wear trousers, but women don’t wear them,” Marshman said. “So the trousers are closer to the trousers.”

Fortunately, this style did not last long.

By 1910, Amelia Bloomer had created bloomers – including crotch – ironically masculine. However, women still welcome them.

Then there is Teddy, the result of a rational dress movement, starting with women who are clearly enough for all these pulls and constraints. Fashion gave them loose cotton shirts and split skirts (covered with a piece of fabric) – just in time for women’s sports and labor strikes.

Designer Paul Poiret tried to slow down women’s speed through a game called The Hobble Skirt.

“When a woman strikes and protests, this dress will put a band around your knees, so your gait will be affected,” Cosgrove said. “It seems to be saying, ‘Oh, no, no, little lady.’
“This is a short-lived trend because it is stupid.”

The 1920s brought new freedoms to women, such as the right to vote and the establishment of a women’s electoral alliance. It also brings new music and bezel styles, which eliminates the hourglass shape and is more neutral. Women wear belts on their chests instead of corsets and rubber bands.

Marshman said that women are voting, smoking, going to college, using birth control measures and shortening long hair. Cosgrove said that in 1920, there were 4,000 beauty salons in the United States (if women cut their hair, they would go barb) ER). But by 1930, there were 40,000 women’s hair salons. The Second World War made women’s fashion more militaristic. jacket. skirt. Prague and hoses. In 1947, with the end of the war, women lost their jobs to returning soldiers, and Christian Dior brought a new look, “around sending women home,” Cosgrove said. They wore bullet bras, dresses and a string of pearls. “As long as the rights are reduced, the style usually highlights the female form,” Cosgrove said. “The bullet bra is like, ‘Hey! Look at my breasts!’ You have a lot of curves to continue. “Marshman says this look” is part of reshaping female characters and emphasizing family life. “The exhibition ended in 1970 – but This does not mean that women’s efforts to pursue physical perfection from the inside out have stopped. The thin lines are eliminated by the thong. Spanx smooth silhouette. Remove body hair by waxing. The skin is peeled and the lips and forehead are injected. It will never end. Cosgrove and Marshman have curated an accompanying male-centered exhibition that shows how men suffer for beauty. There is a case with a padded collar, a mannequin with a custom suit and tie, and a variety of razor razors. In the 1980s, Marshman said that due to the “pumping iron” star Arnold, the man began to struggle with the body image Schwarzenegger and the action man Sylvester Stallone. It is called “bigorexia” and is also called “muscle deformation.” To illustrate her point, Marshman placed two small Luke Skywalker figurines side by side in the showcase. The newer figurine has a tiny torso that leads to a V-shaped upper body. Even Halloween costumes now have built-in foam muscles. “Men’s body is becoming more and more objective,” Marshman said. “Because women’s bodies are always there.” And because underwear is so relevant, the exhibition opens up a lot of discussion about how far we go “we are coming – and we Is it far enough?” You need to understand history in order to make today’s decision for yourself,” she continued. “You make choices based on how you feel about being a woman.” Based on who you are and who you love. From the inside out. ”

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Buying and Wearing a Corset

What do people think if I wear a corset to work? In the past few months, I have thought of this idea many times, because it took me hours to obsessively look through the pages of the old-fashioned cinchers on eBay and Etsy to find the perfect one. Can I pull this with my jeans? How about a skirt? Does it make me uncomfortable? Am I looking too sloppy? The last part may sound like a joke, but in our lives, when women raise their fists and shout “I am,” I must admit that I am increasingly worried about how I behave in a professional environment. Put on a tight-fitting, chest-reinforced top, I will be labeled as a woman who has not liberated or struggled because I look like a milkmaid or Marie Antoinette? In an era when every little thing is politicized and eventually becomes polarized, a simple fashion choice can lead to a rigorous review, which, in my opinion, is self-doubt.

Despite my wearing and a slight nervous pause, I was still tied. In my opinion, they are beautiful, wearable objects of desire, especially those that borrowed them directly from the 19th century. At that time, the underwear of the corset was designed to shape a woman’s body and give her an hourglass outline, which can reach 17 inches in the middle. (Look, almost no breath, Scarlett O’Hara grabbed a bedpost and actively in Gone With the Wind tied to her bodice). Beyond the waist trainer, we saw celebrity Instagram accounts on many lists, the days of corsets as a pain mechanism in the rearview mirror, or at least they should. When I was buying a corset, I tried to think about this fact, and I also look forward to the strong and powerful rise of Spanx over the past decade. Every woman can enjoy a good pair of Spanx. Underwear brings us together, lifting and tightening all the loose parts.

The corset can do the same thing, especially considering that they are no longer just worn under the dress. As Vogue’s fashion news director Chioma Nnadi said, “I think if they don’t usually wear a lot of fitted clothes, then all women want to have a waist feeling. The corset can give strength in this way.” They are also versatile. Because Vogue’s contributing editor, Lynn Yaeger, pointed out earlier this year after we saw corsets and corsets on the spring track of Alexander McQueen, Mugler and Thom Browne. . Essentially, you don’t have to look like Dita Von Teese hanging out in a huge martini glass. The bodice can be worn on a prairie dress and even a loosely tailored men’s button.

I am wearing a corset at the office, at the work party, and at dinner with my parents and friends. Although some people (my father) are skeptical, the overall response is generally positive. My mom and my girlfriend especially liked the light blue floral print zip corset I bought from designer LuQi Yu and her brand Nφdress. In turn, I began to appreciate the freedom that corsets actually provide for women. I am not Scarlett Hala, I hope to catch the attention of Ashley Wilkes. In 2018, wearing a corset is to stand up, show off your body in a proud way, and even to some extent play for a few everyday disgusting women.

SNAP HAPPY Kerry Katona poses in a black corset to show off her toned figure in sexy bedroom snap

KERRY Katona reveals her body-building legs and a very fit figure in a sexy bedroom today.

The 37-year-old singer treats her Instagram fan with this interesting photo and admits that she is proud to show off her body after working recently at the gym.

 Kerry Katona has taken a racy bedroom selfie to show off her toned legs and body

Kerry Katona has taken a racy bedroom selfie to show off her toned legs and body

Her favorite brown wig threatened to block her toes for perfect shooting.

But Kerry’s thigh clearance and small waist are unlikely to miss the black corset and lace bra and shorts.
The four mothers added a title to her photo: “The legs are formed… Go there!!”

Her fans immediately impressed me and paid tribute to her.

One of her 234 followers told her: “Blimey looks great x”

 Kerry Katona loves the fact she has shapely pins and doesn't mind flaunting them on Instagram

Kerry Katona loves the fact she has shapely pins and doesn’t mind flaunting them on Instagram

Another person just shouted: “I hope I have your motivation”
As one fan insisted: “Push a new fitness video @kerrykatona7 want your body lol”

Kerry may find himself having less time to go to the gym after finding a job at a furniture store in Warrington.

She was hired as a business partner by Cheshire Home Interiors.

 Kerry Katona's got herself a new job in a furniture shop in Warrington

Kerry Katona’s got herself a new job in a furniture shop in Warrington
 The 37-year-old has joined Cheshire Home Interiors as a business partner

The 37-year-old has joined Cheshire Home Interiors as a business partner

However, she is keen to roll up her sleeves and start greeting customers – telling good friends that she will work most Saturdays in the store.

She started working in the store before the grand opening today and helped open the box.

In addition to being the face of shops and staff, Kerry is involved in the design process and will help create a range of furniture for children.

Crushing On The Corset

In terms of accessories, there are loyal users of the game: rings, bags, socks, necklaces, sunglasses. Regardless of the season, every new accessory will enter the stadium and become the object of desire. recent? Corset.

As the mainstay of the women’s wardrobe, this accessory has been liberated from its underwear connotation, becoming one of the most photographs worn by editors participating in the show, and hiding along the corridors of Vogue House. Miuccia Prada is one of the designers of this trend. In the 2016 autumn and winter show, I saw the corset around the wool coat and jacquard dress, making the audience feel itchy.

Gigi Hadid is a fan; she wears a corset when she heroically repels an attacker in Milan. Rihanna (never one has never been through the trend) has tried some changes, and it is no surprise that Kim Kardashian West is a bit like a pioneer in this waist-optimized look.

Now wearing a corset is layering. Think of it as an accessory, it can’t replace the top. You are not in the Moulin Rouge. Choose a satin Basque and team with oversized plaid shirts, black jeans and ankle boots, or inject new energy into your favorite party dress by loosely surrounding the waist.

Amal Clooney Wore a Corset Minidress for Date Night with Mustachioed Husband

George and Amar Clooney, the elegant, elegant and romantic kings and queens of the world, coordinated on a date in Sardinia on Saturday, as always, bringing their holiday fashion.
Amar is at her husband’s side, wearing a white corset and a black shoulder strap, giving the illusion of a corset on the corset (think: sexy steampunk pirate Attacked the club). In this costume, Clooney wears a pair of black canvas shoes with a pair of black canvas shoes, and each ankle is tied with a tie (the style is similar here).

George follows the footsteps of his fashion idol wife, matching a black short-sleeved button with white loose pants. (We like to think that Amar is in the bedroom and declares: “We are wearing black and white clothes tonight,” before the outing.)

George and Amar have 1 year old twins Alexander and Ella at home, and they are likely to spend a fascinating night in the town. However, to be honest, we don’t think that couples will not sneak in haute couture when they wear diapers.

Amazing facts from the history of corsets. Photo

The corset is one of the oldest items in the current wardrobe. Its history stems from ancient times. In the eleventh century there was a pioneer in the corset – extra protection for the soldiers, which was gradually moved into the closet secular men and women. But for centuries, corsets have not lost meaning to those who follow fashion.

1. Modern glamour of old times

A corset like today appeared in the 1500s, but the compulsory subjects in the closet were only 300 years old. In the 19th century, Vogue imaged “a La hourglass” and the bodice secured the lady’s waist and steep hips.

Then the ladies won their independence in the community, and the corset seemed to be forgotten forever as a relic of the past. But that’s it. Today’s bodice can be seen in celebrities who like to show their photos on social networks and fashion shows. Don’t avoid the topic of corsets like the famous designers like Sarah Burton and Riccardo Tisci.

2. Corsets for pregnant women and for the Queen

In the nineteenth century, corsets were so popular that fairness was worn from the earliest age to the old age. They are even pregnant. For them, a special bodice, one hand is not allowed to take away, does not hurt the baby, the other hand supports the increase of the abdomen every week.A passionate corset enthusiast is Catherine de Medici. She launched the official standard waist circumference – 33 cm. The Queen believes that the waistline of the corset must conform to the thickness of the neck lover. By the way, although the corset is known as the “corset”, from the ancient French Coles “body”.

3. Today corsets are not the same

It is worth mentioning that modern bodice is much safer than Victorian corsets. In the days of our great-grandmother, she produced steel bars and whale bones for women. Today they are made from latex and fabric. However, if someone wants a real corset, today you can find a store like Frederick in Hollywood.

4. It’s that corset?

Women wearing corsets can make their waists thinner or look best after delivery. But it’s worth remembering that wearing a corset is full of health risks: the internal organs are the location of Stavlenia, which can cause abdominal pain and sometimes cause heartburn. And the lover should be stronger, it should be known that this practice will damage the internal organs, ribs, and damage the kidney function.

5. How effective corsets?The corset compresses the waist area, causing the skin of the corset to dehydrate. However, once the lady removed the corset, her waistline will return to its original size.
It is fair to say that a corset may still be useful for numbers, but only for postpartum. Doctors say that if you spend a few hours a day wearing a corset in the first month after birth, it will help restore your previous state.

6. And what is the benefit of a corsetThose who think that the corset helps to tighten the muscles have to be disappointing – this will not happen. But there is a corset and a positive thing: he makes his body elegant and graceful. A corset doesn’t work out muscles, but when it doesn’t move, it’s listless.

7. Corsets for menToday, fans of tights are one of the powerful forces of mankind. The most famous of them is Mr. Pearl, 43 years old. He wears a corset 24 hours a day, only in the bathroom. He said that wearing a corset reminds him of his grandmother’s memory and made his own business and made corsets for celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Jerry Hall.