Underwear shopping not only happens around Valentine’s Day, ladies wear wholesale sexy corsets all year round.

Now, we realize that it may be overwhelming to try the silk underwear, harness belt, lace corset and corset at the store. Believe us: We’ve tried it and are always puzzled and uncertain about what we actually buy.

That’s why we searched the Internet for top 10 underwear stores in Canada online shopping, which would save you the question of having to ask salespeople: “Well, what the hell is that?”

Take a look at our options below:

Butterfly collection

This online store specializes in women who have a cup size DD-K and carry pregnant women underwear. Guess what happened? Underwear actually looks very sexy, while providing a lot of support. The company said: “We understand the unique needs, needs and setbacks of women with full bust. Our range includes down and high heels, strapless and sports bras, full coverage and bras from the best bust brands in the world.

Underwear life

This online store is a fantasy lover’s dream come true. Underwear Life The underwear is categorized under the theme (Bond Girls Gear, Almost No Clean, Fishnet Frenzy) and gives you plenty of sexy lingerie options to suit you and your partner.


There are many unique underwear stores in Canada, many retail stores do not have. From fantasy clothing to slavery leather style, even men’s underwear, you will not be stuck choice.


Known for its sex toys, the store also includes doll suits and socks to heart pie and lace corsets, as well as plenty of lingerie. Why not buy your panty vibrator?

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose, one of Canada’s more upscale lingerie stores, brings delicate lingerie in silk and lace underwear to naughty nightwear and elegant sling belts. So, if you want to feel sexy but it looks elegant, here is your place.


This online store is a one stop shop for all your underwear needs. From pirates and teddy bears to PVC and leather, you will have many choices.

La Senza

La Senza is a must-have for Canadian women everywhere, for a good reason: they sell affordable underwear and cute, sexy lingerie.

Forever your underwear

This shop specializes in personalized bra accessories from B to K. They store the best products for all sizes of women, whether petite or curvy, guaranteed to make you look good when you are half naked.

Victoria’s Secret

While American retailers are opening their stores in Canada, Canadian women are full of joy, but nowadays, getting lovely underwear through online stores is easier than ever.

Eye Kandee underwear

“The princess you deserve” regards Eye Kandee lingerie customers on their website. With this statement, we fell in love, the line sank. This online store offers plenty of risqué underwear, including a shelf bra, charming mini thongs and almost no mini dresses.

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