Adriana Lima warned: “I will not take my clothes off because of emptiness.

In a standard protest against the beauty of women imposed on the media and the fashion industry, Adriana Lima announced on Sunday that it would not “get its clothes off.” “I received a phone call on sexy video, posted on Social networking. Although he has done a few

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Past tense, something I changed when a friend came to tell me she was upset, her body, which made me think … “wrote in his long Instagram post.

“I wake up every day thinking” how are you? Will my work be accepted? At that time, I realized that most women may get up every morning trying to adapt to the stereotypes of social / social media / fashion. They are fine. I do not think this is the best way to live life, and because it is not physical and mental health, I decided to accept this change. ”

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The Bahia supermodel’s decision draws attention not only because it is Victoria’s secret of Angel’s earliest underwear brand, with which it has a contract until 2019 but mainly because it is considered one of the sexiest women in the world , Was elected countless times over the years of the investigation.

Anyway, it is a sign that Cheap Sexy Lingerie Adriana is one of the new trends in line with the top, well-known in general, and this precisely ends with the “beauty of dictatorship” – Giselle Bonchen, Adele And recently Lupita Nyong’o also agreed with her.

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