Christine Allado pursues fashion through shopping in this upscale store

Christine wears from left to right:

For a special event, Kristen likes to wear this sensual lilac skirt and skirt in Paul Ta London, one of her favorite designers. The dress-up was completed in Hamilton’s last audition on the nude grounds of Charles and Case.

Pink Tops and Jeans from Topshop, she bought Aquatalia boots from a New York factory outlet

“I wear his design to award ceremonies,” said Bertau’s Christine, who designed the fabulous vest

27-year-old actress and singer Christine Christine plays a role in the new Westside show “Hamilton: American Musicals.”

She has also starred in “West Side Story,” “Sweet Charity,” and “From There to Eternity.” She toured with Andrea Bocelli, the classical woman’s group, Part. Originally from the Philippines, she lives in London.

How do you describe your style? I would say it is feminine and sexy, but when I put on clothes, I feel myself a different version. I can exercise, gorgeous or simple and casual.

What color and shape are best for you? People in London wear a lot of dark colors, this color always works, but I also like pink and nude, I think mustard on Asian skin is really good. I tend to wear tight clothes, I like high waist jeans and blouse, because I am a sporty, square, they make me look more curved.

Christine wearing clockwise from left to right:

Her glamorous heels are made by Charles and Keith

Her Charles & Keith handbag and Goji headphones

She loves blouses, including this pink motel number, her blue H & M and lace designs by the London pagoda

I really do not wear accessories, “the singer said.” I’m not very good at it. ”

However, she liked her earrings and put on her golden strings when she was on The Got Talent in the UK last year, when she was a girl group, Zyrah Rose

This sparkling beaded Max and Spencer bag show her favorite gold cuffs here

Christine got her beautiful strapless dress from Asos

Hamilton Musical is the biggest hit on Broadway

The company is located in:

Tell us what happened to Hamilton … This is a hip hop revolutionary musical about Alexander Hamilton, the founding father of the United States. It sounds boring – but this show is the most incredible and exciting drama and writing I’ve seen for a long time. Five or eighty years old does not matter, everyone will like it. The topics it deals with are also very relevant today. In the first act, I played the youngest sister of the Sairee, Peggy, and in the second act I turned to Alexander’s mistress, Maria Reynolds. The two women are very different, but very exciting to play.

What is your dress? A large, beautiful dress in a corsets wholesale and plenty of detail is breathtaking. They are quite impressive, but what you wear helps build your character.

What is the best costume you wear for a character? When I was lying here at the National Theater lies I love wearing a fancy dress with butterfly sleeves made by Filipino designers. I like modern clothes with oriental design.

What is the worst? For the same show, I had to put on some very unconventional underwear on stage, and I had to dance too.

When is your favorite fashion? Growling in their 20s. I like how flirty, woman and gorgeous clothes, hair and makeup. I hope we still wear such clothes.

Who is your style icon? Beyonce. But I also like Pia Piartzbach, Filipino beauty queen who won Miss Universe few years ago. She is great, I think her style is great.

Do you have a higher street or high end? High Street certainly. I like to wear things that look expensive, but definitely not. Topshop and Zara are my favorite stores.

What’s your favorite designer? I love Pagoda London. He is a Vietnamese designer I wear his show and award ceremony design. If the money is not the object, I will buy a lot of Michael Cinco ball gown, sleep in it. I also like Céline’s bag.

Do you have any vintage? I bought an old Céline bag from eBay.

What is the oldest thing in your closet? Roberto Cavalli’s dress, printed with Chinese vase, I bought one from a friend.

Are you a hoarder or regularly clean your wardrobe? When I moved earlier this year, I did a lot of cleanup and got rid of three-quarters of my clothes. feels good. I will recommend to anyone. When I moved to England, I shipped something about 60kg from Hong Kong, but it was lost in the process. That is more like a forced clean.

What is the most expensive thing in your closet? My dad likes brand-name clothing very much and he bought me a beautiful purple patented Louis Vuitton bag. However, I never find a chance to use it because it is neat, but great. I want to save it until it becomes retro.

How much do you spend on your clothes every month? It can average between 100 and 200 pounds, but sometimes nothing. I buy most of the clothes online, and sometimes it can cost about 300 pounds, but it can be returned.

How many shoes and handbags do you own? Not so much, especially after cleaning. I have about 6 pairs I often wear, maybe 10 pairs to hide. I have about five or six handbags, but I prefer clothes and accessories.

What is your most beautiful secret? I hope more people know some tricks, such as applying castor oil to your eyebrows and eyelashes, making them thicker and doing everything with Dr. Papaya.

What is the best fashion advice you get? Treat clothes like armor or clothing to portray who you will be on that day. In addition, put on yourself, others.

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