Hamilton’s first night comment: “A great achievement”

Alan Bennett once suggested that the worst T-shirt in the world be written “I hate JUDI DENCH.” With the same evil signs, if you want to print “HAMILTON SUCKS” on your chest, you can immediately privateize yourself. It has been one of the craziest musicals in London ever since Book of Mormon and now has 11 Tonys, Pulitzer, three platinum Grammy-winning movie albums, and more. Slightly rebellious soul, wondering if anything is possible to live up to the extent of this speculation.

I am happy to wholesale sexy corsets tell you that Hamilton did so most of the time – very exciting – and would dispel the not-so-ideal hip hop musical about Pioneering Pioneers, on the pond side. “Join the revolution” is one of the main sales routes. Look at the work of Thomas Kail and you get a truly exciting feeling. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the book, music and lyrics, is here to help Two revolutions. The legendary story of the American War of Independence and the tooth problems of a new nation are all presented as a true game changer of music – a (almost) singing piece that blends rap, hip hop, R & B, and Broadway .

They may wear knee breeches and costumes, but Hamilton and his brothers – Marquis Lafayette, John Lawrence and Herrick Mulligan – are played by actors in the colors (cast of races) and they are in turmoil Rap sounds and popular street word games, split improvisations and sudden rhythms (of course, “Lock Your Daughter and Horses / Hard to Have Sex with Four wholesale sexy corsets”). This idiom takes you into the fiery metabolism and hopeless wit of these young rebels, desperate to seize and mold a newborn nation.

Later, under the gloomy and ornate Ogoala Obioma Ugoala, the cabinet debate became a ferocious rap battle of glowing microphones. The influential Jefferson of Hamilton and James Peniccox argues that the question of whether to establish a national bank in the United States or to provide aid to the former ally France in any impending clashes with Britain is disruptive Subversive (argumentative craftsmanship from one style to another style) effects and unconventional projection are very free and happy. If this is the story of the United States now telling the United States, as Miranda said, you can understand why Broadway, a similar diversified company, is eligible to visit Vice President Mike Pence at the show, Remind people of their obligation to uphold American values.

This is a work that urges the United States to take pride in immigrant heritage (the composer’s family comes from Puerto Rico). A penniless “bastard, orphan, prostitute son and Scot,” like Hamilton, can reach New York from the Caribbean, become Washington’s right and First Treasury secretary, hit by sex scandal in the country and scandalized Duel with Vice President Aaron Burr. Only occasionally you may think that the author exaggerated his hand. You can almost see the “applause” placard of “immigration – we’ve got the job done.” But overall, the mood is very exciting.

Miranda originated in Broadway’s title role. Here, Zemuel Westman provided a very clever and elegant performance, though it may be too strict and can not provide a turbulent life to this merciless, somewhat insane prodigy. He could abandon the 51 Fijianjijiu Months, it’s as if he’s been out of time, comparing the state of greed that he just got up with that of the United States: “Hey, I’m like my country, I’m young, desperate, hungry / and I Do not throw away my gun! “Giles Terera was as good as the nemesis and enemies of Salieri in Burr and Mozart in Hamilton, with his fellow orphans Compared to the adventurous behavior, all the slightest, privileged containment and divorce calculations. “If you do nothing, Burr, will you dump it?” Hamilton asked harshly. He effectively blocked his fate in the 1800 election by agreeing with Jefferson instead of Boolean. Although he never agreed to something, at least “Jefferson has faith, Burr does not have one.” The fate of the two are intertwined as one of the finest expressions in the proceedings.

There are several knockout numbers, including Tereira’s Jivey, the obsessive “Room It Happen” and a person’s political exclusion from hypnosis and dance. Like Hamilton’s clever, primodious feminist sister-in-law Angelica Schuyler, Rachel John is arrogantly saying that he now lives on New York is so good. It may have been unfair to the original, but it was a great joke that George III – dressed as a royal luxury camp by Michael Jibson – was a gigantic British gossip of the 1960s, “You will be back / soon you will see / you will remember that you belong to me.” He could not believe that the president was not the same as the throne. Instead, he calmly came back and watched with dauntlessness as his former subjects ripped themselves into pieces.

Kyle’s production is not perfect. On David Korins’ handsome outdoor stage, its exposed brick walls, spinning ropes and other marine tools show impeccable fluidity. Their sexy torn costumes make this show a high-energy propulsion, but their movements sometimes look mediocre. After the decisive victory of Yorktown, when they sing “the world is upside down!” They lifted up and lifted upside down furniture – clearly not afraid of the obvious fact.

If I sometimes want to take this work a step further (why not treat George Washington as an African-American woman?), This is no doubt just a tribute to the provocative power of the show. Despite this, however, my taste began to respond to its serious developments in a meager, ridiculous, solemn manner. Death in the duel of Hamilton son; getting out of the sex scandal (Rachelle Ann Go boasting the role of his wife Eliza); focusing on the eyes of history and heritage – these are heavyweight themes and are real, but this show It started to feel that it was a bit scared of how it was handled. In my opinion, what kind of rejuvenation may occur in Hamilton in the coming years, not such an institution, the directors have more freedom.

These are relatively small holes, but on a major, it is obviously a great accomplishment. The synthesis of Miranda’s historical material is breathtaking, and his gentle control over various musical idioms is breathtaking. The two ages illuminate each other here, and in the best of circumstances, the show gives the impression that it is not merely a dramatic addition to the Hamiltonian revolution, but that its artistic choices and spirits are moving forward. You may need to be patient to ensure your ticket, but you must not miss it.

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