Underwear model Sarah Stage demonstrated her incredible mesh underwear trimmed stomach two months after giving birth as she insisted on getting her baby “avant-garde”

After giving birth two months later, Sarah Stage is proud to present her incredible figure in transparent underwear, but her mother acknowledged that she was looking forward to having her “booty” when she restarted her workout “.

The 33-year-old girl welcomed Logan Alexander, her second son, on the C-section on October 16 and shared her own photo on Instagram on Tuesday with a black Mesh bra, high heel thongs

While sharing the images, the Los Angeles Cheap Sexy Lingerie model took the opportunity to answer some of her fans’ questions while insisting that her postnatal change was achieved without exercise.

“I have not recovered yet because I really want my body / incision to heal completely.” She explained that now she is completely breastfeeding because Logan has not yet had a bottle.

The two mothers went on to say that she was taking supplements to keep her milk production, and when she returned to her baby’s weight, she attributed her success to breastfeeding and followed the healthy diet plan she had created.

“I’ve been trying to keep my diet as healthy as possible while adding calories since I tried to add a lot of burritos to Logan,” she explains, “but I’m looking forward to recovering muscle and loot. The second one I gave birth to I think my trophy also left.

Sarah also has a two-and-a-half year old son, James Hunter, stressing she did not do any aerobics – “chasing a toddler count”.

She also said frankly that she chose to work with Logan because he was forced to merge with James because he was hip.

After discussing with the doctor the benefits and risks of vaginal delivery after cesarean delivery, Sarah said she decided best to have her second caesarean section.

She said: “Since Logan is here, I have no regrets about my choice.” As a mom, we just want healthy babies, everything else is secondary.

Sarah continued to thank her “incredible” OBGYN, Dr. Matsuda, to give her a “very low and small” type C scar.

She said: “I also use silicone scars to help keep scars flat.

At the end of her message, Sarah talked candidly of the loose skin on her belly and slyly snapped back those who insisted on being so pruned throughout her pregnancy that she endangered her son’s health.

She wrote: “Yes, the skin around my navel is slack, a bit resembling the shape of an evil eye, so I think it is protecting the internet trolls.” Who says Logan was born unhealthy and what happened to them?

Before pregnancy, she weighed between 118 and 120 pounds, and she disclosed earlier this month that she had dropped to 117 pounds.

In early November, Sarah had only 4 pounds of body weight, the first time she had been on the job for 17 days.

At that time, she dropped to 124.8 pounds and in less than a month she lost another 7 pounds to achieve her pre-pregnancy weight.

Although it is unclear how much weight she will have before delivery, Sarah revealed in August that she had gained 18 pounds and had gained 137 pounds while entering her eighth month of pregnancy.

Two weeks after she first started producing Logan in a Calvin Klein Cheap Sexy Lingerie store, she showed off her postpartum stomach.

Sarah became famous in 2015, at the time of her first pregnancy, she kept an incredible figure, her six packs, until the day she gave birth, shaking the fans.

After welcoming her eldest son, James Hunter, the model bounced back in record time, and two years later she performed again after Logan was born.

This December marks the first time Sarah has been celebrating Christmas as a 21-year-old mother and she has been working hard to choose the theme for this year’s holiday greeting card.

Instead of sticking to her traditional family portrait, she was inspired by the 1980s – especially the hair trends of the past decade.

On Sunday, Sarah shared with Instagram her lively photos of her husband, Kris Jason, and their sons, James Hunter and Logan Alexander, Are the movement of retro m fish hairstyle.

To avoid funny expressions, the men in the house wore wigs – including two-month-old Logan, who fell asleep while photographing his arms.

According to the eighties theme, the picture saw Sarah’s long brown hair teased, side by side.

She is wearing a red-clad turtleneck sweater in high-waist picket jeans with her eyes covered with extra-large glasses and a gold chain.

Chris wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, wearing a white button shirt with a vacation tie, and their eldest son wearing a cowboy overalls, a white button shirt and a youth tie.

Although Ronaldinho looks eternal in his red onesie and scarf, a little hair hanging over his head gives him a little mullet.

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