Kelly Milo: One year after her heartbreak

Kylie Minogue has something. still. After working for 30 years in wholesale sexy corsets and feathers, and providing perfect but not surprising vocals, occasional concerts and marital equality work, she remains energetic, lovable and widely admired, especially in the UK where she was awarded OBE and Australia, where they have immortalized her into a bronze ware.

Kelly is one of the few actors in her generation and can be reasonably called “Idol.” She sold 80 million records. Her golden hot pants were in the museum. She is part of our cultural history. She is the master of the circus. She is Kelly – so when you have the opportunity to chat with her, you will Grab it.

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Then you want to know what you’re going to say because you don’t want to be a vulture who ridiculed her opera love life or slyly implied her age (she is 50 years old this year), frankly, about another optimism, The disco-inspired Poppy Bubble album doesn’t have much to say. Very good, you know?

Disclaimer: I am a kelly fan. The 2001 Fever album helped me through difficult times and hearing it still made me happy. When she took her to New Zealand to travel, I would be there and spin around the crowd. Move in my way.

I really do not want to provoke her, so she feels at ease when she jumps from the bat pole. Kelly is one of the most fascinating love lives in modern history. Jennifer Aniston’s ridiculous. Jason Donovan, her first famous boyfriend and neighbor co-star, helped her become a household name; INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence turned her nice pair of shoes; French actor Olivier Martinez passed Breast cancer supported her; the Spanish model Andres Velencoso cried alone every night after leaving.

Kelly said that after she ended her relationship with British actor Joshua Sase, she was comforted by her recent heartbreak. She spent two weeks in Nashville focusing on writing music. “This is really incredible. There is something in the air. The place has magical quality. If I haven’t been to that trip, I don’t think I will have the album I have today.” She said. “If I have the opportunity to go back, I will accelerate my heart rate. I like it.”

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Her first original album has been stinking and kissing me since 2014 (one global sales of 215,000, compared with fever, sales of 6 million) Golden will be listed next month. This is her 14th place and even she seems surprised by it.

“I was like a clown on that day and I laughed with a friend. I said, ‘This is my 14th studio album! He said, ‘Is this 14th?’ I thought,’ is it?'”

She was happy to go back to the formula that worked well for her in the past. She was not rude or unfriendly because she was Kelly. She assured us that this album would not be as unacceptable as a kiss for me. This is made up of 18 people, including Sia and Pharrell Williams.

“A and R are people I have worked with my previous brand for 10 or 11 years, turning the body, unable to get you from my head, on such a night – we have achieved a lot of success together. To the last In the album, I was taken to various movie studios and made many different songs. There was no real guide lamp or I knew where I really went. I didn’t completely give up this project, but it was just It’s the way it is, for this I want to make it a bit easier, just because easier things don’t mean it won’t have such good results.”

Unlike the previous album, she will not indulge other people’s interests when promoting Golden. In fact, this name canceled it in advance. “I said very early on that I like Golden (as a headline). Golden is just a word from what I want to put somewhere. It changed a bit. At first I wanted to say that I am not young, I am not old, I am Gold, yes, I am older than I used to be, but I am younger than me, gold is sunny, many great things are golden: golden stars, how do we see the moon, golden light, golden beaches, golden hair ,Etc., etc.

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“Last album, I was very tired of this issue.” What do you think about the pop music industry, 48, 49? “My answer is that this question disappoints me more than the fact actually being discussed.”

A quick survey of my friends and acquaintances on social media shows that although Kylie herself is “crazy” and “great”, she will not be too serious about herself and will not adapt The ability is too old-fashioned, and we are making a comeback in this era when we are scared of thousands of snowflakes and preschoolers are already failing.

“She is good at getting her early bubble gum out,” said one commenter. He happened to be the music writer Grant Smith. He also accepted interviews with Lamno.

“She has been a little ready for years and she still recovers,” another said. “She is a complex and tragic figure,” said the friend with a higher education degree and two babies at home.

Another friend found her teeth “almost threatened”, which seems worth mentioning, if not completely relevant.

Singer Rufus Wainwright explains her appeal: “Kylie knew she was deep inside. She was herself, and she did not attempt to confirm it with a quasi-intellectual language.” He also said that Kelly was “happy gay”.

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As for her superstar career path, Kelly said she did not plan and never did. “I didn’t set about doing [30 years]. I step by step through the project. It’s useless to make a long-term plan. I admire people who have this promise and ability. For the sake of planning, I’m just not that person.” My opinion on this seems to have worked.

“I’m a Gemini. I have too many voices in my mind – there is a committee. Gemini is twins, but there is a committee there. There is usually a lot of noise there, so I don’t think the committee can organize itself for the next five years.”

It has been busy since 2018, which may prove her point. She is not only supporting Golden’s promotional circuit, but has been promoting the Australian film Swinging Safari, telling about a boy with 200 tons of whales rushing to the beach, and his parents (by Kylie and Guy Pearce) conducting a key exchange experiment. .

The film is semi-autobiographical and is written by Stephen Eliot (Desert Queen Priscilla). “None of us can convince anyone that there is no fun,” Kelly laughed at the shameless hymn of the 70s. “This is work, but everyone has a feeling of explosion. It is a good start when one of the six adult actors appears in a new garment every day.

“I would have liked to keep my [my character] wig. I think it’s awesome. Liz Gardner was the hostess in the wardrobe. There was an extra piece of clothing. I said, ‘Oh, what’s that? In my closet, just take an extra back!”

When we spoke, she was still figuring out how she wanted to perform her first single, dance, and the upcoming TV show made her “slightly anxious”.

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“The first few performances of a song that has always lived in a studio have always been [always very difficult],” she said. “From the Aphrodite album of 2010, I had all of these intricate choreographers and a dozen dancers, maybe more, as well as chairs and avoid chairs, dancing in chairs, I was almost The crazy high heels that can’t walk. It doesn’t seem possible to sing this song live.

“Once you have completed 60 times and used older songs, you don’t have to think about it. You can have fun.”

Why KYLIE Stops Promoting Marital Equality

As an Australian voice activist of marriage equality, Kelly Milo worried that celebrities supported the bill allowing gay couples to marry would poll the public postal survey.

She said that as the voting approached, she “backed off” to avoid having people vote “yes” because of the rally including celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Miley Cyrus and Allende Genes.

She said: “Even if you are passionate about this matter, most people will let it go.” “I have a friend who has a relationship with the same man for 30 years. His mother said: ‘Hey, I just think so.’ ‘, and this feeling is a bit too much.

“When the marriage was announced in equality, I was in London and I was standing there. Hey, my God, oh my God, please, please, please. Closer to the end of postal voting, I fear more and more. Celebrities [support it] may be counterproductive, so I’m a bit back off.

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“I just found out how to deal with this problem a bit harder. I thought that Hilary Clinton had the power of all these stars around her, and people thought it was not a wise move (she still lost the US presidential election), so part of me People are worried that this will happen, so I am very pleased with the affirmative vote. “

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