More than 200 works of Frida Kahlo will be exhibited in London, including a pharmacy eyebrow pencil that she uses for her iconic Unibrow

After the death of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, her husband Diego Rivera locked her belongings in a room and stated that she should not open up after his death.

According to a report by The Guardian, the room was not opened until 2004 and will now display more than 200 items from Casa Azul or “Blue House” in London. If you want to know what the painter looks like with her iconic unibrow and red lips look no further. The Mexican used Revlon’s “ebony” to replace her mouth and “rose of all”.

Fashion Dresses

Other works to be exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum include clothing, jewelry, medicine, private items and even the artist’s prosthesis. The V&A show will show 22 of the colorful and often painted Tehuana costumes she wears.

Caro often personalizes her items, such as the bodice she wears, and supports her by turning them into artwork.

“This is really important evidence that Carlo has built her identity,” said Clare Wilcox, senior curator at V&A Fashion, who told the Guardian.

Sixty years after her death, legendary artists have inspired generations, and now fans will look more closely at her eccentric and quirky style.

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