Male Corsets and Golden Cowboy Boots: The Paris Menswear Shows Delighted In Blurring Gender


Paris – When did Paris Men’s Fashion Week start a glamorous, stylish and funky event? When did the city’s legendary FoliesBergère cabaret design be hotter and pinker than those designs?

The answer may be that since the season, everyone in the Spring/Summer 2019 series (June 19-24, 2000) has it. More commonly, it is attended by a well-dressed internal male buyer and journalist club. This once-stupid luncheon menswear collection has nothing but this season. More importantly, they attract a large audience. Everyone from Naomi Campbell to Rihanna and Kanye West is sitting in the front row.

Some of them are related to the fashion world as a musical chair or fresh blood. Some people boil down to creative thinking that reinvents fashion forever, and are currently pushing men to rethink “acceptable” dress code.

Think of former Dior designer John Galliano (who was fired for anti-Semitism and racist speech in 2011), for the first time designing the first “high fashion” menswear collection called Maison Margiela.

As the fashion industry WWD said, Galliano sent the pink second layer of vinyl trousers to the runway, not only questioning gender identity – it was all the rage in the fashion world – and, “What is today’s sexy?” In the podcast.

Galliano is not just conducting field visits on the current gender-blind fashion ideology. He also did a good job with the designer and tried his craft. Galliano used one of his favorites, the famous slanted cut by Madeleine Vionnet, to create a new silhouette for men. (It is more commonly used in women’s clothing.)

Under his guidance, a kimono that also relied on this cut was transformed into a gorgeous red jumpsuit. For footwear, you can’t do better than Galliano’s golden cowboy boots.

He did not forget his English roots. His performance combines these rich kimono designs with Savile Row cuts and bodice. It is also worth noting that in the universe of Galliano, men will wash. Think about the must-have accessories this season: his canary yellow wash gloves extend to the elbows. At the same time, the male nipples are fully displayed, and some of his sexy corsets are paired with trousers.

But does Galliano really question the gender identity for the waist that men tighten? In addition to the headlines, what is the achievement of his Savile Row encountering the heroine of the 1950s black movie on the runway?

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