Garters, feather attire and dress made of ‘squeaky rubber’: Vivienne Westwood launches a very raunchy bridal series – but will you wear any of them?

This bridal collection is decorated with feathers, rubber and armor, which of course is not something you can find in a local bridal salon.corsets wholesale

But its founder, Andrea Kronthaler, 77, the wife of Mrs. Vivienne Westwood, is far from ordinary.

Kronthaler showed a large number of dresses, independent decorations and accessories at Vivienne Westwood’s New York store and studio last week.corsets wholesale

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2019’s Andrea Kronthaler spring collection features a border-driven design with lace-up boots, printed baseball caps and red mesh to add the brand’s signature punk aesthetic.

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Vogue.com writer Brooke Bobb describes how ‘Kronthaler’ added bold style to Westwood’s bold bride palette, a complex work inspired by Austrian national costumes and his latest collection of 2018 fall clothing.

She also pointed out that although “corsets wholesale“, “Weird Cut” and “Ruffled Rubber”, Kronthaler also emphasized that design is also a practical work.

For example, a drawstring trousers and matching jacket can be easily worn again, just like a female Maxi dress.

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However, it is difficult to imagine that some of the more bizarre appearances were given a second outing.

At the same time, Brides.com pointed out that the series also caters to gender-neutral customers, not just women.

In 1992, Mrs. Vivienne married Kronthaler. The former fashion student was 25 years old in her second year of elementary school.

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He is now the creative director of the brand and sends his clothes under the name of Vivienne Westwood on the runway under Andrea Kronthaler.

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