The alien’s Dakota Fanning said that she was “in fact fainted” when she was wearing her new Netflix costume for the first time.
Dakota Fanning dressed in a wholesale corsets, legs o’mutton sleeves and exquisite evening dresses, reflecting the New York 1896 gilded high society drama Sarah Howard – the first woman to work at the New York Police Department – at Netflix The Alienist Theatrical Drama.

In this series of short films, we can see the physical torture of the corset caused by numerous red scars on Sara’s torso, and now Fanning has revealed that during her first wearing it, because it was very close, she He fell outside the screen.

“I actually fainted in my first accessory and it gave you some instructions [to feel like wearing a bodice],” the star told Digital Spy.

“This is a very simple method for Sarah and the time period. I’m wearing a corset for other characters, but I’m always shocked by how it changes everything – you can sit, walk, walk, breathe, you can How much to eat, not much, it is tight. ”

Fanning’s bold Sarah – forced to tolerate the indecent behavior of male colleagues every day – with the help of her police detective’s ambition to help progressive child psychologist Dr. Kretzler [Daniel Brühl] solve a series of terrible Child murder.

Kreizler also recruited illustrator friend John Moore – played by Luke Evans – to help them investigate these terrible crimes, as well as the vague brothels that some young victims have worked on.

These three characters are fictional, but there are real characters in the series, including Theodore Roosevelt and Morgan Morgan.

At the same time, Fanning added that the wholesale corsets is another limitation of women at the time and is worn to maintain a certain appearance.

“As a woman, this is something you can’t do for yourself,” the actress continued. “You have to wear these elaborate costumes to keep what women should look like – at the end of the day, you can’t even take them by yourself.”

Talking about the fascinating relationship between Sarah and the mysterious Kretzler and the damaged Moore, Fanning explained: “Sarah, she is the first woman to hold a position in the police department. She has known John throughout her life. .

“Kreizler is a social outcast, because his ideas are new and gradual, and I think he and Sara have something in common – she does the same thing, is a woman (in an all-male workplace) and the whole society, They are always abandoned because they have too many restrictions and boundaries.

“Whether you are poor or rich, there are some things that you can’t do.”

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