“This is a NEGLIGEE! Rebekah Vardy explosion Kim Kardashian in the” corset “dressed in four-year-old daughter North

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian wore a corset, wearing a four-year-old daughter north, causing anger.

Now Rebekah Vardy has joined the war, in order to encourage her little girl wearing a “satin negligence”, exploded the reality of the star.

This is a saturress with a fake corset ragged, why would he wear the 4-year-old daughter? Recently he and her football player Jamie Vardy (Jamie Vardy) together to welcome her The second child of Ripa on Twitter raging.

She said: “I have never been used to judge other people’s parenting options, but cheap wholesale corsets is not it?

When North was found through New York’s illegal clothes, all the social media was broken.

So Venus on Wednesday to defend himself, insisted: “I will never put my daughter in the corset!”

“Relax is the one I bought for a dress, which is a cotton fabric, dressed, looks like a corset! Just decorate.

Uploading the film about the clothes, she continued, “I did not design this dress, actually bought, it was not a corset, just fabric in front.

“So I think it ‘s really cute, I bought it from a designer, just the fabric, it’ s not a real corset.

But some of her followers did not do so, one insisted that the material itself is not suitable for a little girl.

Of course, Kim is not familiar with the corset itself.

In addition to the use of tight-fitting corset waist training, you can also use old-fashioned clothing to stratify her clothes.

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