Summer is a sweet time to try something new. Have you ever heard of “clogs”? It doesn`t sound something fashionable, but I assure you, it`ll change the way you dress for this hot and humid season.

Clogs are like half shoes. They`re made with a wooden platform which is suitable for beach vacations, staycations, and summer picnics. Traditionally, they were used as protective footgear in the agricultural industry. More modern versions have unique and fun designs that don`t only have protective functionality but style too!

Check out these cute and comfortable pairs of clogs that you should incorporate in your daily summer outfits!

1. Casually Chic

Look pure and pretty with a pair of white clogs with a minimalist tassels design. This pair of oliver clogs is made from leather with gold studs around the shoes. It has a medium-sized height which is excellent for both small and tall women. Made from real wood, this pair of clouds is definitely a worthy investment considering the high quality and stylish design. It is easy to wear as a slip on which makes it more ideal for women who are always on the going White Leather.

2. Prettily Embroidered

This pair of Matilda daisies clogs has a cute but simple design of flowers which adds character to the design of the shoes. It has a light wooden finish which is excellent for feminine styles It has smooth and satin-like finish which is lovely to wear especially with something more formal.

3. Swiftly Sophisticated

This pair of Jessa Shearling clogs that would feel warm especially on a rainy day. It is almost like Gucci but without the branding and the expensive price.

You can wear this pair with a more fancy outfit such as fit and flare neutral-colored dresses, business casual outfits, and the like.

4. Countryside Beauty

Whether you are spending your summer in the farm or if you`re spending your Christmas vacation somewhere cold, you can always have fun accessorizing with a 70s shearling clog that would feel absolutely amazing and cozy.

It has a countryside look but its shearling material make it an awesome fall and winter shoes. Its rich design makes it a versatile piece that will last you a long time.

 5. Classically Cute

Simple but functional, this pair of classic closed clog has an awesome platform with a stretched semi-circle design to give definition its heels. Its slim belt also gives a barrier to give it an edge.

This is an investment piece that won’t hurt your pockets with its soft, neutral and simplistic design, it’s definitely bot difficult to pair with different clothes.

Wearing sturdy and stylish summer shoes is one way to have fun without any worries of having a shoe mishap with the wooden materials of clogs. Clogs are some of the most sturdy types of shoes that you can surely invest on.

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