Underwear can definitively be the foundation of every outfit. They provide support and also a layer of confidence so you take on the world and just feel your best to go on your day. Because when you feel good internally, it shows externally and you feel you can achieve everything.

But did you know that even if there are many styles of underwear, your underwear can tell a lot about your personality? Well, I’ll let you know what you like wearing says about it.

Cotton bikinis and T-shirt bras

If you like cotton bikinis and it means you’re practical and love being comfortable. While your style is refined but also simple you also love being active. You can wear skinny jeans, a basic blouse or even a tee, and with this coolness and easy-going personality you definitively will be charming everyone.

If you want a twist from your basic sports and t-shirt bras, then you can choose a classic black or red bra, and maybe a pantie with lace backs or even scalloped edges. You can also get a comfortable bra bundle at Cosmolle.

AirWear Wireless Super Comfortable Dusty Rose Bra
AirWear Wireless Super Comfortable Dusty Rose Bra

You like neon underwear

In the past years, the use of underwear with neon colors has been getting trendier. These types of colors had been usually reserved for the teen sections. But if you like neon colors on your underwear , it means you love to be the center of attention and are outgoing. If you’re more on the shy side, then you can use neon underwear to put some fun into your life. Well, as long as you don’t let a neon bra peek through a white sweater, there are no rules honestly, so keep doing what you’re doing. For a little swap on this, you can switch the neon for some pastels.

You like slips and bralettes

Usually, bralette wearers tend to be less endowed in the chest area, but this allows them to play with their feminine and romantic sides. This doesn’t mean people with bigger bust can’t do this, but the bralettes tend to look better on smaller chest. But let’s be honest, being able to wear a bralette, means you get bras with no underwire or thick padding, which is something quite uncomfortable. In general, this style means you love hippie inspired fashion or vintage fashion and are more of a girly girl.

Thongs are the ones you like

This means you kind of like showing off your booty and are always feeling sexy. Whether they are lace, cotton or even a best women thong, they are always very versatile and you won’t be dreading with the visible panty line, because that’s honestly very annoying. Like I said before, you also get to show off your booty, no matter if you’re petite or curvy. It also means you are spontaneous and a fashion rebel. For a twist, you can get thongs with the Brazilian cut. They will be both comfortable and very flattering.  

AirWear Free Cut Thong
AirWear Free Cut Thong

You like boyshorts

This means you are a sporty girl, also classic and practical. Being active makes you attractive and you don’t like to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style, but you still look amazing anyways. For a little twist on your style, you can change the cotton boyshorts for some stretchy but soft lace ones.

Airwear Fits Everybody Boy Short
Airwear Fits Everybody Boy Short

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