when investing on the prized waist training corsets

The next time you see curvaceous celebs flaunting their buxom assets on media sites or reality television, don’t be envious. Instead convince yourself that you have the capability of owning an hourglass figure, with ample breasts, washboard abs and a voluptuous butt. In today’s society, an ideal figure is that blessed with all these and that too in the right proportions. To become the owner of such a well endowed body, invest a little time working out. If rigorous training is not your forte, reshape your bodies and trim inches off the waists with the help of waist training corsets. These corsets are considered to let the heads of any extra-strength body shaper hang in shame. But, like it or not, if not paired with the right dietary planning and exercising, radical reduction is not really possible.

Many of us have this notion that whatever sells like hot cakes is good. Just because salesmen vouch for waist training corsets, don’t take their word for granted. This is not to say that they lie but read reviews and proceed accordingly.

Few pointers when training your waists

-A corset is not something that works like ‘body magic’. In fact, it is not the regular girdle either. They are highly different from each other so do not get misled.

-Waist training corsets must be steel boned and not the plastic ones. To get the best results, it is recommended not to buy these items off the rack but rather get it custom-made. If the former has to be agreed on, then get the fitting ones after testing.

-Waist training should never be taken to an extreme point. Instructors will always tell you that lack of proper knowledge about when to stop can aggravate the situation by causing internal damages.

Few cautions to exercise

It goes without saying that waist training corsets work manifold. Not only is it proven but also accepted. However, for some women who feel cosmetic surgeries as liposuction or abdominoplasty or even over the counter diet pills are nothing but a waste of time and money, this too has its sad ramifications. There are plenty of cases where women have suffered from deformed organs, fainted frequently and experienced other forms of deterioration in their health and lifestyle patterns.

On the whole, waist training corsets are a blessing but if one encounters extremities in health, it’s wise enough to discontinue its use.

Bones Don’t Make a Corset Curvy

Today I’m here to put to rest one of the most common misconceptions about corsets. (No, not the lie about how terrible they are for you.) Many people seem to think the presence of steel bones is all that defines a “real” corset. Sometimes this is expanded to a specific number of bones, typically 20 bones, being necessary. But what does corset boning really do? And if it’s not the bones, what makes a corset curvy?

A couple quick basics: There are a few different types of boning, as well as several weights and standard widths. Most bones are either “flats” or “spirals,” both of which are made of steel. A good corset uses good quality bones, but it’s pretty easy to put good bones in a shapeless corset and it won’t do you a lick of good in terms of adding shape. The purpose of boning in a corset is to maintain vertical tension. Without boning, your corset would fall down (like most strapless dresses) and crumple around the waist (like your typical tube top). Vertical tension holds the corset upright. The overall construction of a corset, including the number and type of bones, supports the design and shape but doesn’t create it. Bones in a corset are like load-bearing beams in architecture: they hold up the shape and can be incorporated as a design feature, but their presence alone doesn’t define the lines.

So it doesn’t matter if your corset is a tube or incredibly shapely. The bones serve the same basic function, no matter how many of them you put in.

The shape and fit of a corset is primarily decided by the number and shape of the individual panels. This is why fit in corsetry is so much more than just measurements. A typical corset has a total of 12 panels. Since humans aren’t generally shaped like lampshades, each one of these panels has to be a different shape from the others to contour around your anatomy. How each measurement is distributed across the panels, and the shape of the transitions, is the roadmap for fit. The fabrics, seams, and hardware used will have some impact, but they are in no way the primary means of shaping.

Incidentally, the other misconception I see about boning is that it needs to fill the length of its channel. This is said to stabilize it and prevent any twisting. Each corsetiere will have their own combination of techniques, of course, but it’s been my experience that the angle of the bone channel is far more important than how tight the bones are. Indeed, bones that are too snug in their casing are far more likely to wear through the fabric of the corset. Tight bone channels only treat a symptom.

I hope that cleared up some of the confusion around boning for you! As ever, corsetmaking isn’t so much about any one material or method. It’s the combination of techniques and materials which is critical to the final result.

New Hourglass Silhouette Corsets!

Love the shape and fit of the Hourglass Silhouette corsets, but looking for a more neutral color scheme for your next corset? We now have corsets made in our best-selling black, white, and pale nude fashion fabrics available for purchase in the hourglass silhouette, as well as many other beautiful colors and designs! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices, here’s a brief recap of all three underbust styles in the hourglass silhouette: waist cincher, regular underbust, and long cut underbust.

Waist Cinchers

Our selection of hourglass waist cinchers now make up slightly more than a third of all the waist cinchers we offer, so petite and shorter waisted wearers have more choices than ever before, including some fashion fabrics that have never before been released in the shorter waist cincher style. Designed with at 4 inch rib spring (difference between waist and under bust, measured 4″ up from the bottom edge of the waist tape) and 7 inch hip spring (difference between waist and hip, measured 2″ down from the bottom edge of the waist tape), these waist cinchers are cute, curvy, and the shorter length offers a bit more mobility at the torso.


From left to right: Nude Waist Cincher Hourglass (TUW-210), Burgundy Hourglass Cincher (TUW-S49), and Iridescent Purple Cincher (TUW-S53), the latter two of which already come in all three hourglass silhouette underbust styles!

Regular Underbust Corsets

Designed with a 6.5 inch rib spring (difference between waist and under bust, measured 5″ up from the bottom edge of the waist tape) and a 10 inch hip spring (difference between waist and hip, measured 4″ down from the bottom edge of the waist tape), as well as a cupped rib shape and rounder underbust contouring at the upper edge, our hourglass regular underbust corsets are curvier and more comfortable than ever. All our best selling fashion fabrics, such as the black cashmere, black floral, pale nude, white satin, and white floral, are available in this style and we’ve added the brand new, sophisticated Tweed Plaid Grey Corset (TUR-001) to the collection for a lovely new take on office chic.


Clockwise from top left: Black Cashmere Hourglass Corset (TUR-W03), Nude Shapewear Hourglass Corset (TUR-210), brand new fashion fabric Tweed Plaid Grey Corset (TUR-001), and White Bridal Hourglass Corset (TUR-S44).

Long Cut Underbust Corsets

Designed with a 6.5 inch rib spring (difference between waist and under bust, measured 6″ up from the bottom edge of the waist tape), a 7″ high hip spring (difference between waist and hip, measured 2.5″ down from the bottom edge of the waist tape), and a 12″ low hip spring (measured 5″ down from the bottom edge of the waist tape) and featuring adjustable ties at the hips, the long cut underbust corsets in the hourglass silhouette are an excellent choice for anyone with curvier hips and a longer torso.


From left to right: Emerald Long Hourglass Corset (TUL-FS18), the addition of which means this fashion fabric is now available in all three hourglass silhouette underbust styles, and Circus Riot Long and Curvy (TUL-344), the hourglass silhouette version of one of our more popular newer designs.

In addition to more dramatic curves the hourglass silhouette corsets also all feature an additional set of garter tabs (bringing the total number per corset from 4 up to 6) and a built in front modesty placket made from matching fashion fabric which works to keep your shirt or skin from getting caught in or showing through the miniscule gap between the two sides of the busk.


Remember to double check your corset size with our sizing page or the handy size tool available on each individual corset product page before you order as the sizing for corsets made in the hourglass silhouette is different from that of the original silhouette. The overlay graphic below illustrates how the same person fits into the different recommended sizes for the hourglass and original sihouette corsets.


From left to right the overlaid corsets are: size 24 Emerald Corset (FS-18), size 22 Emerald Hourglass Corset (TUR-FS18), and both the Emerald Hourglass Corset (TUR-FS18) in size 22 and the White Bridal Satin Corset (S-44) in size 24.

If you haven’t tried the hourglass silhouette yet, this week is an excellent time to! From Friday 09/18/2015 until Thursday 09/24/2015 at midnight we’ll be offering 15% off all corsets when you purchase 2 or more!

Waist Training vs. Tight Lacing – What are they and how do they differ?

What is waist training? What’s the difference between waist training and tight lacing? Do you have to waist train or tight lace to wear corsets? These are questions that many corsetieres, collectors, and enthusiasts have answered before, and often the answer changes based on the individual’s opinion.

Our definition of waist training:
Waist training is the process of wearing a corset regularly over a long period of time in order to achieve a specific end goal, and falls under the category of semi-permanent body modification although results from waist training vary. If this definition seems a little vague, that’s because people’s goals with waist training, how long it takes them to see results, and how long the results last are often very different!

Common waist training goals:
Arguably the most common goal for people embarking on a waist training journey is to gradually reduce one’s natural, uncorseted waist measurement, often to a specific size or by a specific amount. Often people with goals along these lines will wind up sizing down or progressing to a corset with a curvier shape in order to continue cinching their waist without putting undue pressure on their hips and mid to upper ribs. A bit less common, but still within the realm of waist training goals, is to create the wearer’s ideal silhouette while corseted, often by fitting into a smaller, curvier, or more specialized shape of corset. This may involve closing a corset of a particular size, or moving from one shape/silhouette of corset to another more challenging one (the pipe stem waist corset is an excellent example of this!).

Waist training timeline:
So, how long will it take you start seeing results or to achieve your goals with waist training? Unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer to this as there are a lot of factors involved. Waist training is not a quick and easy process. It takes time and dedication, often many hours of daily or near-daily wear for months or years to see results. The more extreme the goal, the longer it’s likely to take to achieve it. Frankly, if someone gives you a hard, definite answer to this question, they’re misleading you. There is no way to know for certain how long it will take to achieve results from waist training or how long those results will last without continued corseting.

Waist training’s semi-permanence:
For people with waist training goals of reducing their natural, uncorseted waist measurement a common question is: “Will I have to keep wearing corsets once I’ve achieved my goal? Are the results from waist training permanent?” The short answer is yes and no. Corsets function by applying pressure to the body, so once that pressure is removed your body will often “spring back” to its original size and shape. The human body can be remarkably resilient, which is one reason why seeing results from waist training can take a long time. Most people find that once they’ve achieved their waist training goals they still need to wear a corset occasionally in order to maintain their results. This “maintenance corseting” as it’s sometimes referred to, often involves wearing a corset for a shorter duration than when actively waist training. However, odds are if you’ve been wearing a corset regularly to waist train you probably enjoy the look and feel of wearing corsets and may want to continue wearing your corset just as frequently, and for as long a time, as you did before reaching your goal!

Our definition of tight lacing:
Tight lacing is exactly what it sounds like. It entails lacing into a corset to a degree that feels particularly tight or “challenging” to the wearer. How tightly you lace your corset is a matter of personal preference and comfort and will vary from person to person. There is no magic number of inches you have to lace down, or size of corset you have to wear to consider yourself a tight lacer!

All our corsets are made to a standard that we believe will hold up to both tight lacing and waist training; it’s the reason we offer a Lifetime Guarantee. However, just because you can use corsets for waist training or tight lacing doesn’t mean they have to be used exclusively for those purposes! One of the wonderful things about corsets is how they can instantly transform your figure by creating curves where there were none before, or emphasizing the curves that are already there. Whether you’re looking to create a period correct silhouette in a vintage dress, look or feel fabulous for a special occasion, or wear for more deeply personal or medical reasons such as for back support or therapeutic benefits, corsets are versatile, beautiful garments with a wonderfully rich history and thanks to the many talented independent corsetieres and OTR companies corsets can be more widely enjoyed than ever no matter your budget, goals, or aesthetic preferences.

So can you be both a waist trainer and tight lacer? Of course! You can identify as one, both, or neither. Choose whichever termin

Corset Seasoning Styles

Now that we’ve covered the factors that go into choosing a corset as well as why breaking your corset in is a good idea, let’s go over some of the most common methods or styles for seasoning your corset.
Rule of 2s:
Arguably the most well known method is the rule of 2s, or the 2-2-2 method, originally put forth by Ann Grogan of Romantasy and now fairly widely recommended by many corsetieres. This method entails wearing your corset at a reduction of no more than 2 inches, for two hours at a time, over the course of two weeks. Since this is a fairly structured method, it may work best for people who aren’t certain exactly where to start or those who are just beginning to dip their toes in the world of corsetry and prefer to have some firm guidelines to follow.

If, like me, you prefer a less rigid structure to breaking your corset in, it’s perfectly alright to modify the 2-2-2 method into something that works better for you. Alternatively, you can try what I like to call the “free form” method outlined below.

Free form method:
Personally, I prefer a more organic process, wherein I lace my corset comfortably snug and wear it for between 2-4 hours at a time over the course of a week or two (or longer if I’m not lacing in every day!), similar to Dark Garden’s guideline. Since everyone’s comfort level in a corset is likely to vary, this also gives you more wiggle room for how tightly you lace your corset during the seasoning process. While I wouldn’t advise tightlacing in a brand new corset, this could mean that you gradually lace the corset tighter throughout the seasoning process or even that you begin breaking your corset in laced a bit more tightly than someone else might. It’s all about comfort and what works for you!
Whichever method you choose it’s very important to note that listening to your body is crucial. This could mean only wearing your corset for an hour at a time, or if you’re like me, bumping up the time spent in your corset after the first week. If your corset starts to feel a bit uncomfortable don’t worry too much about how long you’ve had it on for; go ahead and loosen those laces or take it off entirely! It’s far better to make a bit slower progress in comfort, than to be uncomfortable and not particularly want to put your corset back on.

Starting Monday, February 29th I’ll be breaking in the Aqua Iridescent Curvy Corset (TUR-S52) in a size 26 using the free form method. If you’re more curious about the 2-2-2 method, Lucy of Lucy’s Corsetry ran her own seasoning series back in 2013 which you may find interesting! Whichever method and corset you choose, you’re all welcome to join me in breaking your corsets in and sharing your experiences!
Would you like to read the other posts in this series? Check out the links below!

Lucy of corsets wholesale is well known for her reviews of corsets and many educational videos as well as being a well-established voice in the corsetry community. After working with her last summer to develop the hourglass silhouette corsets we wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about her deep interest in corsetry and chat about some of her current and future projects, including another corset design with Timeless Trends! Lucy’s latest design with Timeless Trends, the Gemini corsets, will be in stock and available to purchase exclusively through Timeless Trends’ and corsets wholesale websites beginning mid to late summer of 2016.

Q: You’ve obviously been interested in corsets for a long time and have been involved in the online corsetry community for years, was there anything in particular that led you to want to work with OTR companies in designing corsets rather than pursuing exclusively custom work?

A: I began my business in custom corsetry probably in the same way that so many other corset makers started their business – I made some samples for myself, and suddenly friends and family members started asking me if I could make garments (bridesmaid dresses and corsets) for them too. I took commissions at a heavy discount for a long time, and it was a lose-lose-lose situation all around. The demands of the wedding industry scared the daylights out of me, I felt like my time and efforts weren’t being properly compensated, and I wasn’t able to help people who had a physiological need for back support yet a smaller budget.

I don’t see anything wrong with OTR corsets as long as they were well-constructed and correctly-fitted. For awhile (until the time constraints became too much) I ran my custom service and OTR shop at the same time, and sometimes an OTR client would return for a custom commission later on. The bespoke and OTR corset industries can and do feed into one another, and can co-exist quite well. I would say OTR corsets are a “gateway” into bespoke.

Q: Along those same lines, was there anything that drew you towards working with Timeless Trends in particular or aspects of working with us that you found particularly appealing?

A: My first true OTR corset from 2009 or 2010 was a Timeless Trends piece, and I went on to purchase another 5 pieces in different styles and designs after that, so there is a sentimental aspect. But I looked around for nearly a year before opening an online store selling OTR, and it was the drop-shipping service and reasonable minimum orders from Timeless Trends that enabled me to enter the world of OTR distribution, especially as a retailer based outside of the US. The 45-day return window and the Lifetime Guarantee were also something I felt comfortable putting my name to.

As the years passed and I came to learn more about the corset industry, I became more impressed with the fact that Timeless Trends owns their own small factory, pays a reasonable living wage to their workers, inspects every stage of corset manufacturing to see where they can improve the quality of materials or streamline production, and believe in their own product so highly that they open up their factory and show they have nothing to hide. And because they’ve cut out the middle man and I can communicate directly with the factory, suggestions for improvement and development of products becomes that much faster and easier.

Q: I was lucky enough to get to work with you on the hourglass silhouette corset patterns when we were over at Timeless Trends’ factory in Bangkok, Thailand last summer and was thrilled to see the first stages of the Gemini corsets’ design and development; however, I don’t know that we ever talked about your motivation behind creating a curvier line of OTR corsets. Would you care to share your inspiration?

A: It’s a bit of a long story, but as I’ve been distributing for Timeless Trends for 3.5 years now, I noticed that over time my sizing recommendations weren’t fitting customers as expected and that the corsets were becoming less and less curvy over time. As the waist training craze began to take off in 2014 and 2015, I saw that the corsets weren’t keeping up with the demands of customers. I ended up sending half of my customers away to curvier brands because I simply had nothing to fit them. In early 2015 when the opportunity came up to design some new, curvier corsets in Thailand, I was of course happy to help! We set forth a plan to make the new hourglass silhouette which would meet the industry standards of proportion / hip spring these days, and then made plans for another curvier style – which was based off the new hourglass pattern, except a few inches curvier as an option for those who would “graduate” out of the hourglass corsets and into the new cut.

Corsets Steel Boning vs. Plastic

We believe that steel boning is the first mark of a true, quality corset. It’s one of the things that makes the difference between a corset meant to last and be enjoyed for a lifetime and a “corset” that’s more a disposable costume piece.

In a nutshell, steel boning is stronger and more durable. Steel corset bones provide more shape control against your body, and they’ll help the corset to last longer, wear more comfortably, and actually do its job.

Plastic-boned corsets – sometimes called “fashion corsets” – do not have the same shape-changing characteristics as steel-boned corsets. The plastic bones just can’t do it the same way that steel bones can! Also, though it may seem counterintuitive, more flexible plastic-boned corsets can actually become less comfortable when worn. The plastic will heat up after a few hours of wear and can begin to curl a bit at the ends, creating an unattractive “warping” effect and digging uncomfortably into your body.

With steel-boning, a corset will look better when worn. The fabric panels on the exterior of the corset will be much less prone to wrinkling and, when properly seasoned (broken in), will match the contours of your body more comfortably and beautifully. (You can learn all about the seasoning process by reading our blog series, starting here.)

All Timeless Trends corsets use 26 steel bones, which are held in vertical channels around the body of the corset. 20 of these bones – which are placed around the sides of the corset – are “spiral bones” and look like small-diameter metal coils. The spiral bones allow for greater flexibility while still remaining strong (they’re steel after all…). The remaining six bones, at the front and back of the corset, are flattened steel, are much sturdier, and provide the greatest level of support in the corset.

You can read much more detail about how our corsets are built on our Anatomy of a Corset page.

We could go on for days about the benefits of steel boning in corsets. In short, though, steel boning is a sure mark of quality, durability, and comfort. We’re proud to offer this quality in every corset we sell.

Corsets for Bridal Wear

Beyond a couple of obvious things,corsets wholesale like “You should get a quality corset that fits well,” and “It should probably match with your dress,” a few factors go into making a well-informed, thoughtful decision.

There are two basic ways that a corset can successfully be worn as part of a bridal ensemble: as shapewear beneath your dress or as a visible component of the ensemble itself (over the dress top or with a separate skirt). Each of these comes with its own advantages and challenges.

If you plan to wear a corset as shapewear – beneath your dress – to enhance the natural curves of your body, it should most likely be an underbust corset. The majority of wedding dresses reveal the shoulder and upper bust area to some extent, and you want to be sure that the top edge of the corset is not visible over the top of the dress. Even if the top edge of the corset matches perfectly with the top edge of your dress, overbust corsets often result in bust…enhancements…that are a little too extreme in this setting.

Another important consideration is the fabric used in the top portion of the dress. If the fabric is thin (as with satins and other silky material), there’s a chance that the contours of the corset itself will be visible as they cause wrinkles. You don’t want the laces, the busk, or the steel bones to be seen under your dress!

If, on the other hand, you plan to wear a corset as a visible part of your bridal ensemble, the options are wider. While underbust corsets are usable in this situation (check out the example in the photo above), the majority of brides who pursue this fashion will choose an overbust style (as seen below). You’ll still, of course, want to make sure the fabric coordinates well with the rest of your outfit, but many brides find that the visible-corset approach allows them more freedom with regard to color and overall style.

Whatever your preference: “under” or “over,” a perfect match for your dress fabric or something more edgy, you can always get in touch with us for expert advice and guidance. Check out our contact page and call or email.

Star tights, everyone loves little first.

Lead: Once there was a feminist backlash against the existence of tights, that this thing will be the feminine characteristics of the show, the body tends to perfect, more than the bra will let women wear “sexy shackles.” But there is no doubt that in the two years of popular trend, more and more stars are willing to put tights exposed, become a sexy symbol.
Tights can in a short period of time let you waist small first, chest big a cup, everyone loves small first figure, tight-fitting may not be guilty!
Star tights, everyone loves little first.
The three deadly sins of a man’s clothing! Is it true?
A crime: The movement is inconvenient, the process of wearing is a torture!
Clarified: Once used the whale bone to waist, now the star can put on effortlessly!
The first European social circle of women, there are many people really died of too tight tights, they use the whale bone steel wire and wood to make tights, trying to get the waist of a grip, sitting there even the atmosphere dare not out. If you had a piece of cake for tea this afternoon, you wouldn’t be wearing that “sexy torture instrument” the next day. But now it’s been hundreds of years, feel that tights will make your internal organs oppressed and even the idea of inflammation of the skin is simply primitive thought, look at Hollywood many female stars, now has to diet and fitness is no longer hundred strict, because the endless new tights can save their hom blanket anytime, anywhere. Best of all, the comfort of these star tights is super high, will never let you put on after the stiff state, you see every time you go out to wear a tight-fitting model Adriana, even the normal walk to concave a shape of her anyway never move inconvenience!
Supermodel Adriana
Reveal the supermodel’s favorite tights style: Adjustable bra + plastic pants
Adriana usually like to wear some dew back on the waist of clothes, focus on the fullness of the chest and waist below the rounded tight thigh lines, and skirts have always been knee, it shows that her thigh line is not full of confidence, so a smooth plastic pants will let her from the hips to the shape of the thigh to become exquisite, it is said that she likes the whole cup of the adjustment of underwear, which will allow the chest to rise infinitely to gather no auxiliary milk!
Two sins: Never wear all day, it will endanger your body and skin!
Clarification: Comfort has already been greatly up, pregnant night sleep type without pressure
From the earliest breathable fabrics to plastic-shaped effect of excellent PVC fabric, and now the various brands to introduce the hydrophilic breathable fabric, tights will not oppressed to the skin can not breathe the armor. Like the most popular Spanx adjustment underwear, on the web, it says, “It can save women from the waist and buttocks,” and the main thing is the comfort of wearing, even some stars in order to pursue the ultimate effect, will put two pieces of folded, it is conceivable that the permeability of how good. And, now more pregnant women can wear tights! Let the pregnant process also can maintain the perfect hip line and the belly line, but completely does not squeeze the baby. And the United States breast guru Liu Yicen recent brand also launched a night Sleeping Beauty bra, sleep at night to ensure that your chest will not spread outside!
Kardashian’s favorite tights.
Reveal Kardashian’s favorite tights style: Conjoined underwear + Hip Pads
Kardashian favorite is high-rise body smoother fiber waist trousers, and a hip pad with the plastic pants is also a secret weapon, remember, this kind of hip pad is not to help you widen, but to make the top of the hips, the shape of the peach!
Three sins: Even if it had an effect on it, a good body will be put off!
Clarification: the transfer of fat distribution, so that you wear can be thin!
Some people often question the effect of tights is very limited, in fact, fat is a free state, in good conditions, constantly acting on those fats, they will be free to destination slowly fixed, but usually need a few months of effect, the same can be proven, has been good to wear underwear lady, the chest is always better than the women who do not wear underwear more upright, is this truth! The most famous high-rise body smoother fiber waist pants, can be called the Magic Perfect, from the chest to the thigh all round for you to compress, and never get the lump, as long as one put on, immediately be able to lose the $number number, all the extra fat to ascend upward, how can not thin? And the latest plastic shorts inside is the “active mineral crystal”, so that you walk around every day, can continue to massage your thighs and buttocks, eliminate excess fat, very exciting! These new technology products, so that tights can help you close-fitting speed thin, not just concave shape!
Kristen Stewart.
The secret of Kristin’s favorite tights: chest, waist, and belly underwear.
Kristen Stewart is actually a boyish boy, not a big chest, waist line is not obvious, but see her recently attended activities, is a water will be tight clothes outside wear, the bright cup instead of her breast-shaped perfect and more feminine, this type of underwear, very suitable for slim, want to shape the curve of the woman!
Wearing tights is a technical work! Be careful of the overkill …
The American Bosom Warrior knows what a woman wants.
40-year-old is still beautiful sifuentes, figure let women are flocking, her own brand von Follies underwear is almost all women dream of those a pieces!
She said: “I want to create lingerie for women that highlight their sexy bodies, and make every woman sexy when she wears my underwear.” “So, her tights have just listed, has sold off the goods, elegant lace and excellent abdominal breast effect, so that the body to show the ultimate feminine taste, can give you a Leigh ERA of sexy!
Put them on! Into the dream body of a tight-fitting person …
These perennial and tights with the stars, finally can’t restrain to create their own brand, they know what you need!
Kardashian sisters
Have the Kardashian sisters family’s abundant breast fat buttock!
How many people want her family’s genetics, all because of the amazing beauty of the hip? Kardashian’s own underwear brand created, let the body size of the girls a good burst of excitement: to say that her sisters a few not a thin, but can spread out that kind of plump sexy, all by cutting the degree of the waist and buttocks effect of the corset! Even if the big code never give up the curve, should be Kardashian sisters give us enlightenment!
Let the supermodel build into your closet.
Giselle is very business-minded, in addition to creating skin care brand, now has its own underwear brand Gisele Bundchen intimate, reportedly her tights to breathable fiber thin, even if the daily wear will not bring pressure on the skin, the density of reasonable cloth can be in virtually the body to adjust to the best state, very suitable for summer wear! Will not let you worry about a prickly heat of the situation happened!
A negative
Excessive Togau chest, careful the spot to be emptied!
in his concert several times, bright blind people’s eyes, the most important reason is that the chest is very full of her, but hard to wear one-second cups of underwear, natural “not fit”!
Negative Star: 
Help her: Want busty breasts to be tall and full? It would be better for her to change into a deep cup of tights!
Two negative
Not seriously wear, infinite droop!
Even in tights, does not mean that your body will soon be good, Julie is a “cup”, she put the underwear outside, but forgot to adjust the body to fit the shape, still by them all in the downward movement, but also highlighted her slightly convex abdomen.
Negative Star: Julie Bowen
Help her: If you can, please listen to the stylist how to say: it is best to wear from the bottom up, push forward, the only place where the meat only need your chest!

Fashion Corset Vs Steel Boned Corset- Which One Is The Best?

You might have seen fashionista wearing the corset. Most probably, they are heard saying that they love to have a corset in the wardrobe. Do you know why?

Here, the secret is revealed!

Corsets are the ideal dresses that provide a perfect shape to the body by shaving the waist by 4-5 inches in a matter of minutes.

Don’t fret, if you are a little fatty because the corsets are available in the range of sizes that will bring a measurable difference in your body shape as well.

Just like sizes, the corsets are also available in different types, colors, and styles. Now, it depends upon you what you choose.

But, among the variety of body shaping garments, fashion corset, and steel boned corsets are widely popular catering different tastes of the ladies. Sometimes, a little information about these two types of bodice products also confuse the people as which one is better for what purpose.

Steel Boned Corset: If you are looking for the corset that will make your waist smaller, gives you the extreme curve and create a beautiful silhouette instantly, then this is the perfect fit for you before you head to the party.

The corsets are built with many bones and features tightlacing, that’s the reason it’s highly recommended for the waist training to lose the weight.

Furthermore, the corsets are also used for the medical purpose that aids in best posture support. They are made with high-quality fabrics and comes at a high cost as well. All these benefits make them celebrities first choice.

The steel boned corsets are available as a underbust and overbust corset. The overbust corset cover up the body to breast and may or may not equipped with straps. Instead, underbust corset doesn’t support the breast, which necessitates the need to wear the bra and you can even try it over any clothing.

Now, it’s the turn of fashion corset.

Fashion corset: With growing popularity of corsets, nowadays the corsets are produced in mass that is available at affordable rates. They give you amazing shape uptil you wear them, but expecting the aesthetic difference in the waist is no brainer to even think about.

They can be worn as a casual dress for style and you don’t need to break the bank to have one. Fashion corset generally made up of plastic bones, which gets weaken as you bent and snaps after some time. So, it’s worthless for training and perhaps a little dangerous as well.