We believe that steel boning is the first mark of a true, quality corset. It’s one of the things that makes the difference between a corset meant to last and be enjoyed for a lifetime and a “corset” that’s more a disposable costume piece.

In a nutshell, steel boning is stronger and more durable. Steel corset bones provide more shape control against your body, and they’ll help the corset to last longer, wear more comfortably, and actually do its job.

Plastic-boned corsets – sometimes called “fashion corsets” – do not have the same shape-changing characteristics as steel-boned corsets. The plastic bones just can’t do it the same way that steel bones can! Also, though it may seem counterintuitive, more flexible plastic-boned corsets can actually become less comfortable when worn. The plastic will heat up after a few hours of wear and can begin to curl a bit at the ends, creating an unattractive “warping” effect and digging uncomfortably into your body.

With steel-boning, a corset will look better when worn. The fabric panels on the exterior of the corset will be much less prone to wrinkling and, when properly seasoned (broken in), will match the contours of your body more comfortably and beautifully. (You can learn all about the seasoning process by reading our blog series, starting here.)

All Timeless Trends corsets use 26 steel bones, which are held in vertical channels around the body of the corset. 20 of these bones – which are placed around the sides of the corset – are “spiral bones” and look like small-diameter metal coils. The spiral bones allow for greater flexibility while still remaining strong (they’re steel after all…). The remaining six bones, at the front and back of the corset, are flattened steel, are much sturdier, and provide the greatest level of support in the corset.

You can read much more detail about how our corsets are built on our Anatomy of a Corset page.

We could go on for days about the benefits of steel boning in corsets. In short, though, steel boning is a sure mark of quality, durability, and comfort. We’re proud to offer this quality in every corset we sell.

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