Emma Stone’s “rough” way of wearing a corset completely changed her body.

If you’re staring at a costume for Halloween this year, keep an eye out for advice from Emma Stone’s latest film: Skip the historically accurate bodice, no matter how accurate it is.

Stone appeared on the Graham Norton show to promote her new film “Collection”, a member of the court of Queen Anne in England in the 18th century. Entering the role obviously requires Stone to wear a corset during the shoot, which has some unintended consequences. According to the actor, the corset moves her internal organs in her body – which is very unpleasant.

“After about a month, my organs moved because of the necessity,” Stone said in an interview. She said that her clothes pushed her organs away from the ribs and changed her body shape. “This is only temporary, but it is very serious.” You can hear her describe the transition in a fragment in the interview below.
Modeling her body into 18th century standards is a tragic experience for Stone. “This is accurate in history, but I can’t fucking!” She said her costume. She began to use a mechanism to make the corset feel a bit wearable: she would sneer, calm down, and think of “open space” when wearing it.
Stone joked that the effect of wearing a corset day after day – which made her the first “corset role” – shooting. “It gives a new meaning to ‘my heart is in my throat,'” she laughs. This also makes her grateful for the changes in women’s fashion since the 18th century – specifically, the unrealistic standard of shaping the female body.

She said: “Women have existed for such a long time, and they have indeed given you a lot of sympathy. During that time, what did you experience?”
Fortunately, Stone said, her organs have “returned” to their usual position because they packed the movie and took off her corset. Even if a coping strategy is adopted, Stone does not recommend wearing a corset.
“If you don’t have to, don’t do it,” she said. Point out.

Oh no! This is Emma Stone describing her internal organs “shifting” in her favorite corset.

Oh no! This is Emma Stone describing her internal organs “shifting” in her favorite corset.
Imagine that all women in history must wear corsets without the chance to win an Oscar. It’s just devastating. In a recent interview with Graham Norton, Emma Stone recalled in detail how, in the course of a month, historically accurately how the clothing of “liked people” would Her internal organs were pushed to her torso.

The actress recalled: “After about a month, my organ has to move because of it.” “The lower part of my stomach… I am not a doctor! No matter what is going on there, I guess My ribs are all stunned. “Laughs,” it’s only temporary, but it’s serious. “She also had to use mints to calm her claustrophobia while wearing costume designer Sandy Powell’s (really amazing Tight clothing, presumably because God only knows where her lungs ended during the filming.

“Escape from the corset”: Korean women oppose strict beauty standards

Women’s destruction of makeup is part of a strong resistance to the culture of the skin care system and the pressure to look perfect
When Cha Ji-won decided to throw away all the cosmetics and cut her hair, her mother was the first to tease her: “Oh, look, I have a son now.”

For more than a decade, since she was 12 years old, Cha will carefully apply cosmetics to pursue the narrow definition of leading Korean society. In middle school, she used foundation to lighten her skin and avoid punishing her teachers for violating school rules.

She watched the YouTube makeup tutorial to hone her skills, and she spent $100,000 (£70) on cosmetics every month in her 20s. But in Korea’s broader feminist awakening, Cha chose to give up makeup, lipstick and dyed blonde hair.
“I feel as if I am born again,” Cha said. “Everyone has so much mental energy every day, and I used to spend a lot of time worrying about ‘beautiful’. Now I use this time to read books and exercise.”
Cha is part of Korea’s evolving campaign, which opposes unrealistic beauty standards, requiring women to spend hours of makeup and a 10-step or more step-by-step skincare regimen at the end of each day. In their complaints, women must wake up two hours before work to ensure perfect makeup, and carefully remove dead skins with a peeling gel and steam towel before starting their treatment.

Women who are tired of cumbersome procedures have begun to play videos of destroyed cosmetics on social media, including “escape the corset”, comparing cosmetics to everyday women’s clothing for years, and trying to limit the body to unity. shape.
This trend is part of a larger push for a country’s long-standing society, which has set a record number of women on the streets, demanding greater equality and combating illegal shooting and sexual assault.

This sport is an interesting turning point in Korea, a country that is actively promoting its strength in cosmetic surgery – as many as one-third of young women have been criticized – their cosmetic brands are coveted around the world, industry The value is about $12.5, according to Euromonitor, (£9.7 billion).

‘Intimate Apparel’ provides intimate performances in private spaces

CEDAR RAPIDS – “Intimate Apparel” is being carried out in a private space – it is better to see the intricate details of the corset throughout the production process.

Although the script requires six actors, the title reveals another major role.

“This is definitely a show of ‘clothing as a character’,” said 46-year-old Kathryn Huang. She was walking into the spotlight from behind her sewing machine and became the costume designer for the 1905 New York City exhibition.

It is also great for intimate presentations, so it will be open on Friday (October 26th) and will continue until November 11th at the Grande Studio in Theatre Cedar Rapids. The lower-level Black Box Theatre, which accommodates only 90 people, will allow viewers to take a close look at the handcrafts of Huang and her five costume building volunteers.

This is the story of Esther, an Afrese acquaintance, Esther (Joanna Jordan plays) living a lonely life, eager for her dreams, and intimate relationships. The African-American female tailor was trained to produce “these very fancy lingerie,” Huang said, from wealthy white women to prostitutes, attracting customers across a range of possible financial situations and lifestyles.

“For an African-American tailor who wants to be a seamstress very much, this is a moment,” Huang said, adding that Esther knows her position in society, so when a wealthy client takes her When viewed as a friend, this relationship is one-sided.

“There is a lot of confusion about her position because it is intimate,” Huang said. “We are talking about getting someone into underwear, so it’s very close. You have to look at the parts of the body that you shouldn’t see in this era. …you are very cautious.”

The corset is Huang’s specialty, so when she saw the champion in the TCR’s 2018-19 season, she contacted the staff to provide her as a contract designer. The owner of the Yellow Golden Duck Sewing Studio is located near downtown Cedar Rapids. Yellow has produced other special features for TCR, including Belle’s “Dance Beauty and the Beast” final prom dress, Denard’s “Les Miserables” dress and ash The girl’s dress “enters Woods.” Next is the “Shakespeare in Love” worn by Queen Elizabeth. She also produced “Sunday in the Park and George” for the Revival Theatre company at the Coe Academy in Cedar Rapids from November 15th to 17th.
But since late September, her focus has been on corsets, smoking jackets, wedding dresses, hats and foundations that bring life to the Edwardian world. During her vacation in London and Paris in early September, she purchased fabrics and her wheels began to turn before.

The script – Lynn Nottage, which won the Pulitzer Prize twice, includes very specific costume changes and color descriptions.

One of the details is the pink silk lace bodice with peach blossoms that Mrs. Dickson (Kierra Young Bey) is wearing. Coincidentally, this description of the corset was portrayed in a lingerie exhibition in London, worn by Mrs. Dixon. “It’s possible (Nottage) to see this and use it as a starting point,” Huang meditates, adding that she is recreating the work “within reason”.

She said that each corset takes about 18 hours to complete and uses 28 to 36 pieces of steel to create the shape and posture of the wearer. “The goal is to have a very small waist, but there is a pigeon pose,” she said. Players need to rehearse the corset to figure out how they sit and move during the game.

Finished products are their own artwork, with vibrant colors and intricate lace trims, beading and front hook or back straps. This also makes rapid changes difficult.

“The real problem with this kind of production is that Esther rarely leaves the stage. In fact, when watching the show, she even changes her corset on the stage,” Huang said. This also means that the corset must be moderate.

“So this is a question of how far we want to go,” she said. “We decided to go to the middle. I don’t want everyone to really cover up, but I don’t want to risk any provocation. I still want the corset to be a character, not to show something there. It’s a subtle Balance, trying to find something between these two things, these things are beautiful things, or something that is actually functional and can be used to stimulate.

Kylie Jenner revealed her post-baby body to Kim Kardashian

Does Kylie Jenner reconnect with Kardashians? Since she was pregnant, Kylie has gotten a little MIA from the reality show that shot this family. She has been here and there, but she did not say too much. In the trailer for Episode 11 of Season 15, it shows the complete scene of Kylie and most of the sister Kim Kardashian.

Kim stopped at Kylie’s place, perhaps the first time the KUWTK camera had been in her house since the birth of Stormi, and she was cleaning her closet. Kim is a reformed wardrobe hoarder that made her old habits come out and questioned why Kylie got rid of her clothes and even said she could find some gems in Kylie’s Haute Couture.
“Just like anything in my closet is not for me,” Kylie said to Kim.

“You look really thin,” Kim comforted her younger sister.
Although it looks very thin, Kelly is still steadfast, and there are only a few things in her closet that will never suit her after Stormi.

“I am getting rid of things that I feel will never suit me. I just knew that I will not adapt to 25 jeans any more,” said the new mother. “After the filming, I feel a little unsafe. I think my hips have just spread,” Kelly said, using her hands to indicate the width of her hips.

Kim simply nodded and agreed because she had already had two children, so it was all clear. “I know that the curve is hard,” she told her sister who was not naturally bent.
“I don’t think some people don’t understand,” Kelly continued. “Some people are like shame.”
Kim told the young mother that the pressure to recover quickly was real and it took her six to eight months to make her born body look like her prenatal body again. But before that, she suggested wearing two or three pairs of corsets when leaving home.

Kim was notorious for her Spanish double, but she wore three pairs. Sister, you may wish to wear a corset instead of breathing. To her fear, Kelly told her that she “never cares about those things” because now she “gets it.” Maybe a child is not all cute Instagrams and diamond chains.

But in addition to endless exercise, dieting and suffocating spandex, Kim said confidence is the key. Kelly nodded and told Kim that she gave her hope.

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What Hong Kong people can learn from Ghana pop star Noella Wiyaala,redefining the beauty of the #MeToo era

Korean sports ‘Escape Corset’ aims to get rid of the ideals of women’s beauty in society
For self-timer generation, the correct look can be everything, but why not embrace personality
In South Korea, more and more women have joined the “Escape Corset” campaign, the latest move in a series of feminist initiatives in the country since the #MeToo event.

The campaign aims to exclude many harmful ideals from society, which means feminine and beautiful. It encourages women to escape the traditional bodice of standard beauty, but to accept and be proud of who they are.

On the other side of the world, in Ghana, a West African country, a special woman does exactly that.
Ghana pop star Noella Wiyaala, who calls herself the “African lioness”, was rejected three times by the TV show. the reason? These executives said she was not “feminine” for their show. Despite this, she has repeatedly refused to follow their traditional ideas about what makes women beautiful.
Instead of turning herself into another Beyoncé or Rihanna, she retained her short hair and muscular body.

Wiyaala said she “does not care” about the idea of ​​executives, and prefers herself, and wears her short hair because she “feels cool”.

In her fourth attempt, she won the show and was proud to sing in her native Sissala language, and spring took it to the stage and entered the world stage.

Naomi Wu created a corset that glows the breast implant

Naomi Wu–SexyCyborg, Shenzhen, China Science and Technology Center – created a corset with a head turned and brightened her breasts with flashing red light.

In one of her latest YouTube videos, technology and DIY enthusiasts showed how she developed the garment, which uses a special flashlight connected to two fiber-optic cables.
Wu struggled with identity accusations last year and has since advocated women’s participation in STEM, superhumanism and body modification.

She said that an American performer wearing a similar thing motivated her to create a corset.
Mr. Wu initially placed a headlight directly under her breast, but when it became “warm”, it quickly moved away.

“It’s bright enough, but over time it burns me, so I have to think about something else,” she said.
Wu eventually turned her attention to the fiber optic cable, and she had to connect to a larger flashlight.
She managed to 3D print a circular connector and connect the flashlight to the cable bound by the metal clip.
However, Wu’s connectors are custom made of metal and therefore can withstand the heat of the flashlight.
After installing the port on the bodice, Wu’s last problem was to mount the flashlight on her back.
To do this, she used a screw to attach the end of the flashlight to the camera holster.
Paired with killer black boots, wraparound glasses and futuristic wristbands, the stunning overall has quickly won the favor of onlookers.
Undoubtedly, this special bodice provides a great entrance for the nightclub.

Corsets live in the course

At 3:30 pm on weekdays at Orchard Corset, Peggy and Ralph Bergstein have sold nearly 20 corsets, ranging from black matte satin to brown trimmed yellow cotton. They can sell 10 before the closing time.

These corsets are real deals. Although whales are no longer used, they have steel deboning and top to bottom ties and can be pulled four to five inches at the waist. Women of all shapes and sizes (rather than a few men) will come in, leaving behind a Victorian silhouette.

All these people are still buying corsets in 2015?

“Everyone wears them,” Ms. Bergstein said, working with her husband to run the Lower East Side store. “You don’t know. Just most people won’t tell you. They want you to think it’s natural. But when you see that shape on the street, when the waist is small, I tell you that it’s a corset. They It is now more popular than Spanx.”
This may be an exaggeration, but any rumor about the death of a corset is also true. In the past few years, the corset has received some high attention. Kim and Khloé Kardashian are voice advocates for waist training – that is, wearing corsets for hours each day in an attempt to reshape a person’s body, and the photos of these sisters spurred dozens of articles about modern corsets. . After Jessica Alba gave birth to a child, she had already worn it for a few months, claiming that this was the reason why she recovered her body. Designers often evoke bodice in their designs, no one is more prominent than Jean Paul Gaultier, and his show is full of such references.
“There must be an aesthetic of corsets today,” said Nancy Deere, a fashion historian at New York University. “We have a lot of celebrities to show off their hourglass numbers, and the corset is really a complement to this number.”
“There must be an aesthetic of corsets today,” said Nancy Deere, a fashion historian at New York University. “We have a lot of celebrities to show off their hourglass numbers, and the corset is really a complement to this number.”…

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