The proper care and storage of your corset is essential to getting the best possible results. Just like any other purchase you make, a corset is an investment.

If not properly cared for, your corset can suffer the effects of becoming misshapen, or even rust. These are two things that will render your corset unwearable, so ensuring you are following these instructions to care for your corset will be key to protecting your investment, as well as your waist!

Cleaning Your Corset

Firstly, taking steps to limit the frequency of cleaning will also help extend the life of your corset. Wearing your corset over a thin layer of clothing to limit contact with body oils, and allowing it to breathe hung on the back of a chair overnight will also help decrease “wear and tear”.

When it is time for cleaning, approaching it as gently and naturally as possible is always the way to go!

Once you have removed your corset for the day, spraying the inside with a light mist of a vodka/water (1:1 ratio) mixture will help cleanse the interior, and dries odorless as well. Simply do this before you hang out your corset for the night and it will be dry by morning.

If you have a stain on the exterior of your corset, or for some reason need to completely clean the outside, you have 2 options:

  • Invest in having it professionally dry cleaned at a dry cleaner that has experience, and you can trust!
  • Spot clean using lukewarm water and a gentle detergent on an un-dyed washcloth.

Storing Your Corset

There are 3 main ways you can properly store your corset when not in use. This will ensure your corset maintains its shape, while still resting in a position that will allow it to breath.

  • Laced (leaving no gap) and laying flat in a drawer.
  • Hung by the laces from a hanger.
  • Rolled gently, and stored in a drawer or basket.

Remember, your corset will only provide you with the results and lifespan equal to the care you provide back. When in doubt, contact the designer or distributor for best practices, so you can get the most from your corset!

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