The secret, scandal of the Victorian star Margaret Clunie and a very bold Duchess

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Before tomorrow’s special, Victoria actress MARGARET CLUNIE revealed what confused her on-screen lover and why she was placed in boarding school how she estimated Prince Albert and his queen affected today’s young royal family

I can scarcely recognize her little son. I am looking at actress Margaret Clunie, who portrayed in the famous ITV episode “Victoria”, a real woman, the Duchess of Sutherland, Harriet ).

When 30-year-old Margaret was showing her “Spaniel Hair” (her words, not mine), she replied sadly: “The dreadlocks were caught in the middle and they tried my hardest in the first series The hair curls directly in the second series They say: “We give up – this year, the clip. ”

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Duchess playing can be a love of labor. Wearing a cheap wholesale corsets is terrible. They are so limited. Now I see why women were described as “hysterical” at the time: it was because they could not breathe or eat!

But Margaret, a graduate of the University of Oxford School of Theater, came from Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, where he met the challenge. She is a brunet girl who will brunette, and she has a fierce gaze – she has taken full advantage of the dull Duchess identity – but it’s easy and it’s a tendency to explode.cheap wholesale corsets

She likes to play the role of Harriet, Harriet will be tomorrow’s much-anticipated Christmas special debut. The drama was a warm welcome, attracting about five million viewers, the first episode overtaking the BBC’s Poldark over the coveted Sunday night.

Writer / producer Daisy Goodwin’s work occurred in the 1840s – early in the reign of Queen Victoria – and chronicles the personal and political aspects of the young queen, her husband, Prince Albert, and her courtroom Tribulation, Margaret’s character is an integral part.

As the queen’s robe mistress – “roughly translates as the person who picks her jewelery and is responsible for waiting for her ladies like the 19th-century Google Calendar version -” Harriet “basically” her right-hander ” .cheap wholesale corsets

Margaret acknowledged there was an “unsure grasp” of this period of history. “I think I learned these things in school at the age of eleven.

She already knows her knowledge. “I had hoped to be a Victorian era – living at a slower pace, and the lack of social media would be happier, and I love writing.

Moreover, the high charisma of this era: everything is an occasion where people really work hard; now, if you’re going out, just wear jeans and the words say you’re ten minutes late.

She especially likes to “study” the Duchess’s personality – “the natural power and lifelong friend of a super-charismatic queen; she approaches [Prime Minister] Gladstone, runs a diplomat and lives in a beautiful home.

Harriet was enthusiastically sought after by the audience. Her screen appeal was the romantic imprisonment “a bad boy with a golden heart” between her and Prince Albert’s brother Ernest.cheap wholesale corsets

In my opinion, this gloomy relationship made the play so tight. Marguerite can see the naughty Ernest attraction, and the more serious Prince Albert it? ‘complete! I’ll go find that bad boy every time – they’re the most exciting, “she said with a smile.” I think if you’re a charming person, you’re going far.

The relationship between Harriet and Ernest stayed behind at the end of the second series: she escaped from the courtroom, eschewed an attractive passion and returned to the Duchess of Sutherland as a widow – on horseback The accident killed.

Ernest plans to propose to her until he finds he finds the already recovered syphilis (containing mercury vapor) has come back, so he dumped her.

Margaret said: “I really feel Harriet.” “Her marriage was not satisfactory, but she had to stick with it (though her appeal to Ernest was enough for Albert Prince and others noticed).cheap wholesale corsets

She dared to pursue happiness, which is a shameless concept of a woman in Queen Victoria. It’s hard not to think before the duke dies, “just divorce him.” We’re so lucky to live in an era that allows you to change.

This tangled romance will unfold on the special Christmas center stage, and the plot continues for six months from where we left. Marguerite Be careful not to reveal too much.

She said: “From the Victorian Christmas you will get everything: skating, many children and the most beautiful trees, eight huge, all decorated with fine handmade ornaments; there is an amazing scene where they made a big reveal”.

(This is the only option because Victoria and Albert are considered to be popularizing the Christmas tree tradition as well as other holiday styles.)

However, there are some things that tell me that this episode will not be all fun. Marguerite nodded. “There was a little bit of joy and sadness, poor Harriet had a pretty Christmas, and she was ashamed, heartbroken and annoyed at Ernest, it was full, and they were a bit funny, but even then, It is also important for the physical aspects of a relationship – and he has syphilis, so it will be difficult.

Margaret acknowledged that this love story may only loosely based on historical facts. “I’m not sure exactly what happened and how many times they met.” But she thinks Goodwin’s storyline is genius.

“Every show needs the romance of a scandal. The slow, forbidden love is very interesting for the movie. Everything is self-evident. There are so many subtle lines of yummy. People used to communicate that they can not touch Wrist to express feelings.Now, everything is so low-key, everything is playing on social media.There is such a seductive thing, when it was under the surface of it.My favorite scene is Ha Li Ya Te is practicing archery, and Ernest to come, she delicately moved her hips, is said to be to help her.This is too sexy.

Margaret also admitted: “We had a fake piano, pressed the keys but no sound came out, thank God, because I never went one step further.

Outside the screen, Margaret has a close friendship with the actor David Oakes, who plays Ernest. “He’s cute, and three years ago we worked together with Endeavor, a detective drama and the prequel to the popular Mauser Rangers series.” When I got a part of Ernest I got out, He called to tell me that I was very excited.

A very pleasant atmosphere between actors, shooting six months a year in Yorkshire. “We lived in a lovely hotel in Harrogate and had a hangar nearby. It was like the boarding school hotel lobby was our communal lounge.” (Margaret attended an independent girls’ school and she ended up Boarded this school in a year.)

“I love it, and now I’ve experienced this experience again. We have good restaurants and Turkish baths, and we go in free time, although most of the time we just sit by and drink endless tea and coffee.

Jenna Coleman, who plays Victoria, is “cute,” always with delicious snacks, which makes her very popular in restaurants. She is petite – and I’m tall – so we made a funny couple. My dad first saw me in the show, and he asked me why I stood in a box. I’m not – I just stand next to Jenna.

She insisted that acting as Prince Albert’s actor Tom Hughes is Jenna’s real-life boyfriend, which has nothing to do with his self-change on the screen. “Albert is serious and intense, but Tom is bustling.” She praised Rufus Sewell, Sir Melbourne. “By observing him, you learned a lot – he can portray the mood by twitching the corner of his mouth.

And Diana Rigg (Duchess of Buccleuch) is “brilliant.” She recited random poetry, told us everything, and then said: “You’re welcome, my dear.” Nel Hudson, a Skater who plays Victoria’s dresser, is already a “good friend” for theater schools. “We talk to each other constantly when we do not make movies – we have a very active WhatsApp team.

The episode is also full of pranks; in a noteworthy episode where the Victoriaians dealt with the plague, 25 live mice were set aside, and one clown started to rumor that only 24 were finally caught. “For days, I was dreaming of their terrible nightmare and I was thankful that this was a big lie and some people thought it was interesting.

Like Victoria and Albert, Marguerite was happily married, and in December last year she married her nine-year-old musician Tom Bull. This is a Christmas-themed London wedding. She wore a shining thread to wear on her shoulder, tailored to her by fashion brand Eponine.

“I’m totally concerned about how Victoria and Albert are in love,” she rushed out. “Nobody tells you what pleasure you got when you returned home from your honeymoon, but when Victoria was not able to leave Albert, Margaret had not found a timetable for her filming, a problem. As a creative talent , Tom “got it,” and most of the weekend she returned to home in southern London.

FaceTime is the key. We very much support each other. Neither of us have done nine or five times, so this is our norm. If Tom’s band had a show on Saturday night, I would think, “Great, I can go out and play with the girls.”

When they are together, they “go to create something interesting,” such as going to the theater and theater to cook together. “I’m working through the River Cafe Cook Book and my next goal is to make homemade pasta.”

On her recent 30th birthday, Tom treated her at Cliveden, the famous country house hotel the famous Duchess of Sutherland lived in. “We lived in Sutherland Suites and they made us fuss over it and it was so devastating that the restaurant had a fine Harriet painting.

Marguerite has a happy, direct upbringing. She has an elder sister Alex, who works in the art world – “she made stunning lighting fixtures” – though neither of her parents was creative. “I do not know where our passion for art and drama comes from, and I can not say they are encouraging, though they are very proud. My father retired – he was an adviser and his mother was a medical secretary.” As a kid, Margaret was always In all school plays and choirs “.

After graduating from Newcastle University, she applied for the Academy of Drama, the rest of the history – though not easy. “I have so much work – waiters, retailers … I will receive a small portion of the TV and think I did it, and then pass in a year.

Then Victoria came. “It was a major breakthrough for me and I’m really lucky to have been in both series.” Marguerite also wanted to turn her hand into a comedy again, one of her earliest jobs being in “The Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories, “in the revolutionary Russia with Daniel Radcliffe and Crazy Man John Hamm” I was completely overwhelmed by both of them, but they were very kind, Helpful.

She dreamed of performing Shakespeare on the stage. However, now Victoria’s third series is at the top of her list of wishes (viewers will also take root).

As a man who plays her name in the royal drama, what does she think of our current royal family members?

“Can I really like them?” She asked shyly. “I think they’re sad.You can not say a bad word to the Queen – a country where a 90-year-old woman devoted her life to her – I also have a lot of respect for the new generation of young royals and the way they choose them. Partners such as Prince Harry and Megan Markel I know it was a long time ago, but I wonder if this kind of conversion of mind started with the marriage of Victoria and Albert as well as their famous love – who should get married Who can make you happy

It remains to be seen whether the Duchess of Sutherland at Christmas will be happy this year, but I have no doubt that, as Margaret had left with a perfect straight hair figure, the lady who played her Also have rich experience.

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